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1 Astronomers detect regular rhythm of radio waves, with origins unknown
2 Why the Mediterranean is a climate change hotspot
3 Observation of Excess Events in the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment
4 New test paves the way for tailored treatment of deadliest form of ovarian cancer
5 Bouillon fortified with a new iron compound could help reduce iron deficiency
6 CMU method makes more data available for training self-driving cars
7 Nanomaterial gives robots chameleon skin
8 Stocks of vulnerable carbon twice as high where permafrost subsidence is factored in
9 Cellular nanosponges could soak up SARS-CoV-2
10 Nanosponges could intercept coronavirus infection
11 NIH-funded study links endometriosis to DNA changes
12 Combination of healthy lifestyle traits may substantially reduce Alzheimer's disease risk
13 Earth's species have more in common than previously believed
14 Photonics: From custom-built to ready-made
15 UConn, Army Research lab collaborate on new portable, renewable energy technology
16 Red squirrels making comeback as return of pine marten spells bad news for invasive grey squirrel
17 Half of the world's population exposed to increasing air pollution, study shows
18 Physical activity prevents almost 4 million early deaths worldwide each year
19 Simple blood test could one day diagnose motor neurone disease
20 Fish evolution in action: Land fish forced to adapt after leap out of water
21 New structural 'map' solves mysteries of gigantic gene regulator
22 Young people with early psychosis may not require antipsychotic medications to recover
23 First egg from Antarctica is big and might belong to an extinct sea lizard
24 Combination biomarker predicts response to immune checkpoint therapy in patients with advanced bladder cancer
25 The DNA tricks that gave us 100 different kinds of tomatoes
26 Juicy genomics
27 Researchers map out intricate processes that activate key brain molecule
28 Knock-knock? Who's there? How coral let symbiotic algae in
29 This supernova in a lab mimics the cosmic blast's splendid aftermath
30 First dinosaur eggs were soft like a turtle's
31 Plants are marvelous chemists, as the gardenia's DNA shows
32 Multispecialty centers for pediatric dysphagia deliver better outcomes, reduced costs
33 Fighting fish synchronize their combat moves and their gene expression
34 CAR T cells beyond cancer: Targeting senescence-related diseases
35 Even without concussion, athletes in contact sports may have brain changes
36 Crop residue decisions affect soil life
37 First-degree incest: ancient genomes uncover Irish passage tomb dynastic elite
38 Tomato's hidden mutations revealed in study of 100 varieties
39 Quasar jets are particle accelerators thousands of light-years long
40 Mild thyroid dysfunction affects one in five women with a history of miscarriage or subfertility
41 A changing mating signal may initiate speciation in populations of Drosophila mojavensis
42 Custom-built to ready-made
43 Soap bubbles pollinated a pear orchard without damaging delicate flowers
44 How fish got onto land, and stayed there
45 Association between morbidity and poverty reversed during early US COVID-19 epidemic
46 Manipulating tiny skyrmions with small electric currents
47 Is Santa real? Examining children's beliefs in cultural figures and 'non-real' people
48 'Cooperative' and 'independent' dog breeds may not react differently to unfair outcomes
49 Tick surveillance and control lagging in US, study shows
50 Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through testing
51 UC Davis study details use of extreme risk protection orders in Calif. over first four years
52 Mayo finds convalescent plasma safe for diverse patients with COVID-19
53 The Parkinson's disease gut has an overabundance of opportunistic pathogens
54 Information recorded over time in medical records tells more about diseases
55 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
56 New research shows tiny, decoy 'sponges' attract coronavirus away from lung cells
57 Are planets with oceans common in the galaxy? It's likely, NASA scientists find
58 New study: Publicizing OSHA violations increases compliance
59 US cities with pro sports see more flu deaths
60 Hubble provides holistic view of stars gone haywire
61 Uncovering the genetic basis of hermaphroditism in grapes, the trait that allowed domestication
62 Study shows sedentary behavior independently predicts cancer mortality
63 Stunning new hubble images reveal stars gone haywire
64 Researchers discover unique material design for brain-like computations
65 Researchers create a photographic film of a molecular switch
66 Researchers make next-generation, high-toughness battery component
67 Boston partnership leverages local manufacturing to quickly produce reusable face shields
68 Researchers identify key steps in development of kidneys
69 Scientists unlock secrets of Ethiopia's superfood in race to save it from warming climate
70 New Argentine fossils uncover history of celebrated conifer group
71 How chandelier cells light up the brain
72 COVID-19 affects adolescent and young adults sexual and reproductive health
73 Crowded homes, poor neighborhoods linked to COVID-19
74 New research leads to Army drones changing shape mid-flight
75 UAlberta clinician-scientists identify pink eye as possible primary symptom of COVID-19
76 Anal cancer's first randomized trial for inoperable disease sets the treatment standard
77 Google's new light field video research showcases high-quality experience
78 Strenuous daily exercise may shorten, not prolong, longevity
79 Age discrimination laws don't protect older women as they do older men
80 Goodbye 'extinction,' hello 'evanescence'? Validating a new paradigm
81 First known case of a potentially deadly heart rhythm disturbance induced by chloroquine therapy for COVID-19 reported
82 Viruses can steal our genetic code to create new human-virus genes
83 Study: Urban density not linked to higher coronavirus infection rates--and is linked to lower COVID-19 death rates
84 Survey finds many are buying fireworks this year due to COVID-19 cancellations
85 URI researcher: Antioxidant-rich diet reduces stress response during bird migration
86 Hookworm trial offers new hope to MS patients
87 High-tech CT reveals ancient evolutionary adaptation of extinct crocodylomorphs
88 Lancet Neurology publishes results of AFFiRiS' Phase 1 trial with PD01A in Parkinson's
89 Fake news lowers trust in mainstream media across party lines, study finds
90 N/A
91 Study examines how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts quality of life in patients with cancer
92 Innovation by ancient farmers adds to biodiversity of the Amazon, study shows
93 Nanoparticle for overcoming leukemia treatment resistance
94 Bobwhites listen to each other when picking habitat
95 COVID-19 collaboration reduces infections in long-term care facilities
96 COVID-19 may have consequences for mental health
97 Homeless patients are more likely to be readmitted to a hospital within 30 days
98 The first model proposed to simulate the functioning of concept cells in the brain
99 Vapor fix lifts up perovskite crystal performance
100 KU Leuven researchers shed new light on solar flares
101 Five steps to stop the death of the most threatened birds of prey
102 Why and to what extent a large hip protects from type 2 diabetes and CVD
103 Laser technology: The Turbulence and the Comb
104 Graphene smart textiles developed for heat adaptive clothing
105 Exploring mass dependence in electron-hole clusters
106 Simple oral health steps help improve elite athletes' performance
107 Simulating cooperation in local communities
108 Decide now or wait for something better?
109 Protecting Earth from asteroid impact with a tethered diversion
110 Reducing the risk of space debris collision