File Title
1 Exercise offers 'profound' benefits for Friedreich's ataxia, research suggests
2 Wearable patch may provide new treatment option for skin cancer
3 Persistent DNA damage in the placenta affects pregnancy outcomes
4 How does our brain trigger different sighs? New findings could provide answers
5 Turning faces into thermostats: Autonomous HVAC system could provide more comfort with less energy
6 Yale scientists propose explanation for baffling form of childhood OCD
7 Shining like a diamond: A new species of diamond frog from northern Madagascar
8 Traits associated with increased risk of gun use among high-risk adolescents
9 Antibodies against sugars, internal radiation: Powerful package against cervical cancer
10 Determining effective magnetic moment of multicore nanoparticles
11 Repeated coughing seriously degrades face mask efficiency
12 Could the cure for IBD be inside your mouth?
13 Report finds that unionist and nationalist identities in NI became stronger in the run-up to Brexit
14 Australian fossil reveals new plant species
15 Working in the sun--heating of the head may markedly affect safety and performance
16 Effect of high-deductible insurance use in bipolar disorder
17 Comforting, monitoring 7,600 COVID patients at home
18 Adding lean beef to a healthy diet does not adversely affect heart health or diabetes risk
19 High antibiotic prescription rates in low- and middle-income countries may indicate misuse
20 Tobacco industry discounting linked to higher cigarette consumption in Europe
21 Switching from general to regional anaesthesia may cut greenhouse gas emissions
22 Teens who say their parents are overcontrolling struggle with relationships, educational goals as adults
23 Hunting in savanna-like landscapes may have poured jet fuel on brain evolution
24 Wildfires cause bird songs to change
25 Cancer patients less likely to be prescribed cardioprotective medications
26 Classes set by ability are hitting children's self-confidence, study finds
27 Flushing toilets create clouds of virus-containing particles
28 Refugee camps vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks
29 Efficient indium oxide catalysts designed for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
30 Not smoking and being socially active keys to longevity
31 Virtual demolition
32 An excessive amount of propionic acid (PPA) in food preservatives may hinder brain development
33 Vitamin D could help mitigate chemotherapy side effects
34 African lion counts miss the mark, but new method shows promise
35 Study finds Oregon's gender-affirming health care good on paper; still lacking in practice
36 Homeless likelier to go on ventilators for respiratory infections than the non-homeless
37 Engineers develop new fuel cells with twice the operating voltage as hydrogen
38 Managing pain after sports medicine surgery
39 Seeing corneal degeneration in a new light
40 Adhesive film turns smartwatch into biochemical health monitoring system
41 FSU researchers uncover new insights into Alzheimer's disease
42 AI goes underground: root crop growth predicted with drone imagery
43 Evidence lacking for drug treatment of multiple sclerosis-related cognitive impairment
44 Without intervention, a 70% reduction in strokes or death in patients with brain AVMs
45 NASA's IBEX charts 11 years of change at boundary to interstellar space
46 CUNY SPH weekly COVID-19 survey update week 12--Vaccines
47 New techniques improve quantum communication, entangle phonons
48 Research finds deployment affects mental health of veterans differently
49 SFU researchers working to improve quality of life for seniors in long-term care
50 Scientists gain detailed images of how a protein that calms brain activity works
51 Research brief: New discovery allows 3D printing of sensors directly on expanding organs
52 A step forward in solving the reactor-neutrino flux problem
53 To make a good impression, leave cell phone alone during work meetings
54 Air quality impacts early brain development
55 Women commuting during rush hour are exposed to higher levels of pollutants
56 Geoscientists create deeper look at processes below Earth's surface with 3D images
57 Centenarian study suggests living environment may be key to longevity
58 A proven method for stabilizing efforts to bring fusion power to Earth
59 Order from disorder
60 Non-invasive fetal oxygen monitor could make for safer deliveries
61 Study finds 82 percent of avocado oil rancid or mixed with other oils
62 Arctic Ocean acidification worse than previously expected
63 Researchers develop microscopy technique for noninvasive evaluation of wound healing
64 For babies born with a rare immune deficiency, a unique new test to better target care
65 Quantum-inspired approach dramatically lowers light power needed for OCT
66 Light-activated 'CRISPR' triggers precision gene editing and super-fast DNA repair
67 Real estate control policies in China can partially constrain real estate risks to banks
68 New family of enzymes reveals the Achilles' heel of fungal pathogens
69 Gut bacteria may modify behavior in worms, influencing eating habits
70 National tick surveillance survey identifies gaps to be filled
71 'Remarkably high' rate of suicide among elderly patients after hip fracture
72 Envy divides society
73 A Neandertal from Chagyrskaya Cave
74 Microbes might manage your cholesterol
75 4,000th comet discovered by ESA and NASA Solar Observatory
76 10 percent of patients continue to use opioids three to six months after heart surgery
77 Uncovering hidden flow patterns in coastal waters likely leads to faster disaster response
78 NJIT researchers develop easier and faster way to quantify, explore therapeutic proteins
79 How Toxoplasma parasites glide so swiftly (video)
80 Weed's wily ways explained in Illinois research
81 Self-powered 'paper chips' could help sound an early alarm for forest fires
82 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Study from Chinese city of Guangzhou provides key insights on how COVID-19 spreads in households
83 UConn researchers overcome a vexing problem in vaccine research
84 Latest findings on bitter substances in coffee
85 Detecting antibodies with glowing proteins, thread and a smartphone
86 A new study on rare 'split brain' patients sheds light on feature of human sleep
87 Why do so many of us feel guilty about taking a lunch break?
88 Poor sleep significantly linked with teenage depression
89 Better than cyclodextrins
90 How the giant sequoia protects itself
91 EULAR: Early and intensive treatment of rheumatoid arthritis reduces fatigue
92 Study calls for reallocation of subsidies for biocontrols to fight fall armyworm
93 Call for caution for using a CAR-T immunotherapy against acute myeloid leukemia
94 Using tiny electrodes to measure electrical activity in bacteria
95 Permo-Triassic biodiversity patterns could offer a window into our climate future
96 Antarctic sea ice loss explained in new study
97 What it means when animals have beliefs
98 RNA structures by the thousands
99 Wind farms on the Black Sea coast could endanger bat populations in Eastern Europe
100 Data Security in Website Tracking
101 Nanofiber masks can be sterilized multiple times without filter performance deterioration
102 New nanoparticle drug combination for atherosclerosis
103 Using a Gaussian mathematical model to define eruptive stages of young volcanic rocks
104 Chinese scientists construct high-quality graph-based soybean genome
105 High performance sodium-ion capacitors based on Nb2O5 nanotubes@carbon cloth
106 Energy storage using oxygen to boost battery performance
107 Liver perfusion could save 7 in 10 rejected donor livers
108 Quantum physics: Physicists develop a new theory for Bose-Einstein condensates
109 A fair reward ensures a good memory
110 Brainsourcing automatically identifies human preferences