File Title
1 Playing Hard to Get Really Works--Here's the Science
2 New Generation of Lightweight, Flexible Solar Cells and Display Screens Using Transparent Graphene Electrodes
3 Astronomers Acting on a Hunch Solve a Galactic Mystery
4 Mysterious Australian Night Parrots May Not Be Much Better at Seeing in the Dark
5 MIT Engineers Design Nanoparticles that Stimulate the Immune System to Attack Cancer Tumors
6 A Glimpse into the Future of Diverse Tropical Forests
7 Three Stunning New Views of Mars' Moon Phobos Captured by NASA's Odyssey Orbiter
8 New Research Using ESA's Hypergravity-Generating Large Diameter Centrifuge
9 AGA Finds Lack of Evidence to Support Use of Probiotics to Treat Digestive Diseases
10 Astronomers Discover Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts from Outer Space Are Organized in a Regular Pattern
11 Discovery of Complex Nanometric Geometric Shapes on Dragonfly Wings Improves the Efficiency of Antibacterial Surfaces
12 Critical Climate Component--Airborne Dust--Could Significantly Increase Chance of Life on Distant Planets
13 Incredible High-Speed Video Shows How Armor on Butterfly Wings Protects Against Heavy Rain
14 Battle for Influence Over the Spread of COVID-19: Heat and Humidity vs. Sunshine
15 Parking in a Pandemic: Where Are All the Airplanes and Cruise Ships During COVID-19?
16 New Killing Mechanism Discovered in Potent Natural Antibiotic--Hailed a "Game Changer"
17 Cosmic Bell Bottoms: Quasars Embrace 1970s Fashion Trend
19 Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Now Complete, Poised to Begin Its Search
20 Carbon Nanotube Transistor Advance Paves the Way for 3D Microprocessors
21 Artificial Brains Need Sleep Too--Desperate AI Researchers Discover Way to Stabilize Neuromorphic Processors
22 Potential Treatment for Obesity Discovered: Drug Prevents Weight Gain and Reduces Blood Sugar
23 A Tale of Two Iguanas: New Species Found Hiding in Plain Sight
24 First Confirmed Heartbeat of a Supermassive Black Hole Is Still Beating
25 Scientists Surprised When They Examine Stomach Contents of Great White Sharks and Find Out What They Really Eat
26 Scientists Find Speed Key to Protecting Astronauts and Satellites from Space Storms
27 During COVID-19 Pandemic Healthcare Professional Revenue Fell Nearly 50% Across Nation
28 Princeton Researchers Catalog the Gut Microbiome's Impact on Medications
29 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Extends Deployable Tower Assembly
30 Islands Might Not Actually "Drown" as Sea Levels Rise--Here's Why
31 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Discovers Sunlight Cracking Rocks on Asteroid Bennu
32 Weird Science: Media Stereotypes Thwart Kids' Science Ambitions
33 Does Proper PPE and Training Prevent COVID-19 Infection in Healthcare Workers?--Here's the Data
34 Finding Neverland's Parameters: Astronomers Discover How Long-Lived Peter Pan Disks Evolve
35 Scientists Find Genes to Save Ash Trees from Deadly Beetle that Is Expected to Kill Billions of Trees Worldwide
36 First Global Map of Rockfalls on the Moon Shows Billions of Years Old Landscapes Are Still Changing
37 New Study Shows Regular Volunteer Work Provides Demonstrable Benefits for Health and Well-Being
38 New MIT Research Suggests Coal Could Be Used to Make a Variety of Useful Devices
39 Manipulating the Flow of Light in Extreme Ways Using "Magic Angle" Twistronics
40 Fast, Colorful 3D Printing by Mimicking Chameleons at the Nanoscale
41 How Hackers Could Shut Down Satellites--Or Turn Them into Weapons
42 Elusive New Liquid Phase Found by Scientists After a Century of Searching
43 Scientists Discover a Prime Renewable Energy Source: Water Vapor in the Atmosphere
44 Chicken Whisperer: Simple Way of "Listening" to Chicks Could Dramatically Improve Welfare
45 America Must Prepare for COVID-19 Related Drug Shortages
46 Study Finds Elite Gamers Share Mental Toughness with Olympic Athletes
47 Researchers Stunned to Discover Ancient Crocodiles that Walked on Two Legs
48 Astrobotic Selected by NASA to Fly VIPER Rover to the Moon [Video]
49 NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer Charts 11 Years of Change to Heliosphere
50 Call for Expanded Fentanyl Testing by Hospitals After Drug Tops Fatal Overdose List
51 Each Year More than 1000 Tons of Plastic Rains on Western US Protected Lands
52 New Scientific Study Shows Fish Oil May Help Treat Depression
53 Volcanic Gases May Explain Long-Standing Puzzle About Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen on Earth
54 237+ Million Medication Errors Made Every Year in England--Costing Over 98 Million pounds and 1700+ Lives
55 Unexpected Widespread Structures Detected Near Earth's Core--"A Totally New Perspective"
56 New MIT Study Shows State-Level R&D Tax Credits Spur Growth of New Businesses
57 More Dynamic, Scalable DNA Data Storage System Developed
58 New Rideshare Service for Light Satellites to Launch on Vega Rocket--Transporting More than 50 Satellites into Orbit at Once
59 Neuroscientists Find Possible Anti-Aging Alzheimer's Treatment to Repair Aging Neurons' DNA Damage
60 Cornerstone of Einstein's Theory of Relativity Confirmed by Astrophysicists Using the Pulsar in a Triple Star System
61 Solved: Fluid Mechanics Mystery that's Been Puzzling Scientists for Decades
62 Ancient Micrometeoroids Carried Specks of Stardust, Water to Asteroid 4 Vesta--What About Earth?
63 Snapshot of Exploding Oxygen Using Experimental "X-Ray" of Individual Molecules
64 Artificial Intelligence Turns Blurry Pixelated Photos into Hyper-Realistic Portraits--Try It Yourself
65 Researchers Discover How to Turn on the Heat in Energy-Burning Fat Cells
66 NASA Astronauts Gear Up for Spacewalks to Replace Space Station Batteries
67 First Space-Based Measurement of Neutron Lifetime Completed Using NASA Spacecraft
68 What Kind of People Stockpiled Toilet Paper for COVID-19? Researchers Link Personality Traits
69 New Explanation for Strange Neutrino Anomalies in Antarctica that Perplexed Physicists
70 Scientists Predict the Best Strategy for Lifting COVID-19 Lockdown
71 Standard Model of Universe Wrong? New Precision Distance Measurements Inconsistent with Theory
72 Marijuana Concentrates Boost THC Levels but Not Impairment--Mobile Lab Offers First Glimpse of Real-World Use
73 One Giant Leap for Quantum Science: Exotic Fifth State of Matter Created on Space Station
74 When Cancer Cells Can't Make Their Own Fat, They Eat What's Around Them
75 Unfathomable Miniaturization: Smallest Cavity for Light Realized by Graphene Plasmons
76 Paleontologist Trackers Discover Giant Crocodile that Walked on Two Legs
77 Investigating the Fate of Massive Stars: Bright Explosions or Quiet Collapses into Black Holes?
78 Physics Problem Deepens: Astrophysicists Puzzled for Decades Rule Out All Proposed Explanations
79 Melting Glaciers Cool the Southern Ocean--Might Explain the Recent Antarctic Cooling and Sea Ice Expansion
80 Goldilocks Ion--UCLA Physicists Develop World's Best Quantum Bits
81 Scientists Explore Digital Saliva Testing for COVID-19
82 Precision Spray Coating Could Enable Solar Cells with Better Stability and Performance
83 MIT Chemical Engineers Develop Technique to Enable Cheaper Fertilizer Production
84 NASA Gravity Assist: Puffy Planets and Powerful Telescopes
85 Using Machine Learning to Accurately Predict Rock Thermal Conductivity for Enhanced Oil Production
86 Year 777: Radiocarbon Dating Pinpoints Date for Construction of Mysterious Por-Bajin Complex
87 Light, Fantastic: The Path Ahead for Faster, Nanoscale Photonic Computer Processors
88 Half the Earth Relatively Intact from Global Human Influence--Clear Opportunities to Conserve What Remains
89 New "Sun Clock" Quantifies Cycle of Extreme Space Weather with Astonishing Precision
90 Scientists Create Human Embryo-Like Model from Human Stem Cells
91 First Interstellar Parallax Experiment Ever Conducted by NASA's New Horizons
92 MIT Startup Wraps Food in Edible, Imperceptible Silk Coating for Better Shelf Life
93 Revolutionary Archaeology: Entire Roman City Revealed Without Any Digging
94 MIT CSAIL: If Transistors Can't Get Smaller, then Coders Have to Get Smarter
95 Lock Up Your Pet Cat, It's a Killing Machine
96 New Integrated 3D-Circuit Architecture with Spiraling Memory for More Efficient AI
97 ATTN: NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Drivers Need Your Help
98 Tiny Sand Grains Trigger Massive Glacial Surges--Suddenly Spilling Over the Land at 10 to 100 Times Their Normal Speed
99 Physicists May Have Solved Long-Standing Mystery of Matter and Antimatter
100 How Stimulus Dollars Are Spent Will Affect Emissions for Decades
101 Biochemical Quantitative Phase Imaging Delivers Unprecedented 3D Images of Live Cells Plus Details of Molecules Inside
102 Mysteries of Sun's Corona Illuminated by Eclipse Data
103 Hollow-Core Fiber Raises Prospects for Next-Generation Scientific Instruments
104 Aqua-Fi: Underwater WiFi with Aquatic Internet that Sends Data Through Beams of Light
105 Even 'Low-Risk' Alcohol Drinking Can Result in Hospitalization and Death
106 New Research on Intelligent Life Within Our Own Galaxy--30 Active Communicating Civilizations in Milky Way?
107 Doctors Warn: COVID-19 Threatens the Entire Nervous System
108 What Is Tear Gas? Does It Work? Can It Cause Permanent Harm?
109 Starburst Galaxy: A Bright Find Predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
110 New Research Shows Candidates Who Use Humor on Twitter May Find the Joke Is on Them
111 Solar Orbiter Made First Close Approach to the Sun Today [Video]
112 Quantum Programming Breakthrough: First Intuitive Language for Quantum Computers
113 Artificial Synapse that Works with Living Cells Developed at Stanford
114 Unique Green Glow Spotted on Mars--First Time Around a Planet Other than Earth
115 Scientists Surprised by Growth Rates in World's Deepest Photosynthetic Corals
116 50-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Solved: Why Pulsars Shine Bright
117 Feeling Disconnected? Loneliness Alters Your Brain's Social Network
118 Hummingbirds See Spectacular Colors Humans Can Only Imagine--Comparatively, We're Color-Blind
119 Copernicus Sentinel-6: Testing Complete for New International Ocean Satellite
120 Loneliness May Make It Harder to Quit Smoking
121 MIT Explores New Ways to Make Nuclear Energy Cost-Competitive
122 Timing of Exercise During the Day May Rewind or Fast Forward Our Body Clocks