File Title
1 First space tourists will face big risks, as private companies gear up for paid suborbital flights
2 Airbnb sees 'bounce' in travel, aims to promote local tourism
3 Commercial Soyuz Flight to International Space Station Planned for 2022-2023
4 Space tourists will celebrate New Year 2022 in orbit for first time
5 Oita Partners with Virgin Orbit to establish first horizontal spaceport in Asia
6 Visitors vanish from Asia's most visited sites
7 No going back: Bali's Chinese tourists fear virus-hit homeland
8 ISRO's Gaganyaan to facilitate space tourism
9 Beyond Benidorm: Spain tourism moves inland
10 In Seychelles, nature is prized above mass tourism
11 Rocket Lab launches Boston University's magnetosphere experiment
12 SpaceX launches 58 Starlink, 3 SkySat satellites from Florida
13 York Space Systems and LatConnect 60 to deploy a small satellite constellation
14 Kathy Lueders Selected to Lead NASA's Human Spaceflight Office
15 Arianespace Vega mission to perform Small Spacecraft Mission Service Proof of Concept flight
16 Launches from Kourou to resume in June
17 MESSENGER Shows How a Spacecraft Could End Neutron Lifetime Stalemate
18 Earth flyby opens new science opportunities for BepiColombo
19 Top Five Mercury mysteries that BepiColombo will solve
20 BepiColombo takes last snaps of Earth en route to Mercury
21 Innovative model provides insight into the black hole at the center of our galaxy
22 Black hole's heart still beating
23 Large simulation finds new origin of supermassive black holes
24 Under pressure, black holes feast
25 Why clouds form near black holes
26 ESO instrument finds closest black hole to Earth
27 New Method to Study Barred Spiral Galaxies
28 Astronomers find elusive target hiding behind dust
29 Astronomers capture a pulsar 'powering up'
30 Mergers between galaxies trigger activity in their core
31 Two More Rare, Explosive Events Captured as 'Cow' mystery strikes back
32 ALMA discovers massive rotating disk in early universe
33 NASA's TESS enables breakthrough study of perplexing stellar pulsations
34 Bending the bridge between two galaxy clusters
35 Age of NGC 6652 globular cluster specified
36 Beyond the Brim, Sombrero galaxy's halo suggests turbulent past
37 Citizen scientists discover rare cosmic pairing via Backyard Worlds project
38 Astronomers discover unusual monster galaxy in the very early universe
39 ALMA catches beautiful outcome of stellar fight
40 Scientists complete ELM Survey, discover 98 double white dwarfs
41 Measuring speed of solar storms arriving at Earth can help predict severity
42 Warwick researchers create 'sun clock' using 200 years of sunspot observations
43 NASA's IBEX Charts 11 Years of Change at Boundary to Interstellar Space
44 Parker Solar Probe teams up with space observatories for 4th solar encounter
45 Ingredients for Life Appear in Stellar Nurseries Long Before Stars are Born
46 Progress on cruise motors, future wing sets stage for all-electric X-57 ground tests
47 China de-escalates airline spat with US
48 China becomes large shareholder in Norwegian Air Shuttle
49 Lockheed awarded $904.8 million to make MH-60Rs for U.S., India
50 US bombers, Danish, Polish fighters join for task force mission over Warsaw
51 Japan receives its first V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft
52 US approves helicopters to Egypt but says rights concerns remain
53 B1-B bombers deployed to Guam
54 Learning from fish and flags to inform new propulsion strategies
55 Lockheed expects slowed production due to COVID-19, F-35 to be hit hardest
56 Germany opts for US-European solution to replace fighter jet fleet
57 NASA Successfully Tests Telemetry Signal on Agency's First All-Electric X-plane
58 Boeing completes first flight of F-15QA for Qatar
59 GE awarded $51.5 million to provide Super Hornet engines
60 Boeing shutters Philadelphia-area facilities after employees test positive for COVID-19
61 Class of 2020 graduation date moved up
62 State Dept. approves $194 million upgrade deal for South Korea's F-16s
63 Boeing CEO sees fresh demand in China for planes
64 Nikki Haley exits Boeing board, saying she opposes US bailout
65 X-59 QueSST more than the sum of its parts
66 NASA's Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge Advances with Agreement Signings
67 Sri Lanka offers tax cuts, subsidies to revive jinxed airport
68 India, U.S. ink $3 billion deal for helicopters
69 France, Germany sign agreement to build sixth-generation fighter plane
70 In Spain, thousands protest at Airbus plans to axe 630 jobs
71 US Senate Panel Approves More Funds for Missile Defense in 2021 NDAA Act
72 Loft Orbital awards launch contract to Exolaunch to deliver YAM-3 microsatellite into orbit on Falcon 9
73 Testing for Ireland's first satellite
74 JPL Mission breaks record for smallest satellite to detect an exoplanet
75 Preparations resume for Vega's upcoming mission with 53 small satellite passengers
76 Nanosatellite with global mission tested for space
77 SatRevolution and Momentus announce orbital deployment contract
78 Momentus and Alba Orbital sign contract for up to 10 PocketQubes
79 New Orbital Transports Small Satellite Catalog provides complete support for mission success
80 Satellites for NASA funded AERO-VISTA mission to be built by NanoAvionics
81 Looking up to the stars can reveal what's deep below
82 EagleView hits key milestone, processing 100m images so far this year
83 NASA's AIM Spots First Arctic Noctilucent Clouds of the Season
84 Space synergies for food security
85 ESAIL maritime satellite ready for launch
86 New International Ocean Satellite Completes Testing
87 Island 'drowning' is not inevitable as sea levels rise
88 New study reveals cracks beneath giant, methane gushing craters
89 Some fish do better when the shoal is in disorder
90 Search-and-rescue algorithm identifies hidden'traps' in ocean waters
91 Spiny lobsters make raspy noises that can be heard nearly 2 miles away
92 China plans to launch meteorological satellite to dawn-dusk orbit
93 NASA CubeSat Mission to Gather Vital Space Weather Data
94 'Gargantuan' hail in Argentina may have smashed world record
95 Ball Aerospace moves into full production of the Space Force's Weather System Follow-on satellite
96 Global warming influence on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated
97 Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells
98 January 2020 warmest on record: EU climate service
99 Aeolus winds now in daily weather forecasts
100 Climate signals detected in global weather
101 SubX shows promise for improved monthly weather forecasts
102 The Eurasian continent remembers and amplifies cold waves as the Arctic warms
103 Neuroscientists discover neural circuits that control hibernation-like behaviors in mice
104 Space-enabled mobile bio-lab to test key workers for COVID-19
105 Researchers eye tech wearables as virus early warning system
106 Surrey reveals its implantable biosensor that operates without batteries
107 Spontaneous formation of nanoscale hollow structures could boost battery storage
108 New material, modeling methods promise advances in energy storage
109 An unusual choice of material yields incredibly long-lasting batteries
110 Skoltech scientists show a promising solid electrolyte is 'hydrophobic'
111 Surrey unveils fast-charging super-capacitor technology
112 Supercapacitor promises storage, high power and fast charging
113 KIST develops high-performance ceramic fuel cell that operates on butane gas
114 New hybrid material improves the performance of silicon in Li-ion batteries
115 Stirling Convertor sets 14-year continuous operation milestone
116 Clean Power Alliance signs large-scale 100MW battery Energy Storage Agreement
117 An all-organic proton battery energized for sustainable energy storage
118 Mysterious interstellar visitor was probably a 'dark hydrogen iceberg,' not aliens
119 Chance of finding young Earth-like planets higher than previously thought
120 First Citizen Science Successes for Backyard Astronomy
121 New Horizons conducts the first interstellar parallax experiment