File Title
1 Ancient asteroids helped synthesize life's molecular building blocks, study finds
2 Most protected areas are vulnerable to invasive species
3 Scientists find gene that reduces a plant's pollen count
4 Archaeologists map complete Roman city without lifting a shovel
5 Flame retardants easily migrate to people's hands, cellphones
6 'Oumuamua was an iceberg of molecular hydrogen, scientists claim
7 Monkeys prefer to interact with a more realistic avatar
8 Airborne dust makes faraway planets more habitable
9 SpaceX, Amazon, OneWeb seek communications dominance in space
10 Chimpanzees have a rare bone in their hearts
11 Deep reefs could offer refuge to vulnerable marine life as oceans warm
12 13,500-year-old bird figurine is oldest evidence of East Asian 3D art
13 Archaeologists may have uncovered London's earliest theater
14 Plant pathogens can adapt to a variety of climates, hosts
15 NASA chooses Astrobotic to send VIPER rover to the moon
16 Ancient footprints in South Korea made by crocodiles that walked on two legs
17 Measuring speed of solar storms arriving at Earth can help predict severity
18 Terrestrial extinctions during Great Dying altered chemistry of oceans
19 Low-carbon ships not enough to erase shipping industry's carbon footprint
20 SpaceX prepares early Saturday launch of Starlink, SkySats
21 Scientists trigger hibernation in mice, astronauts could be next
22 Earliest bow-and-arrow technology outside Africa discovered in Sri Lanka
23 Crustal forces, not weathering and erosion, control the height of mountains
24 Rocket Lab launches Boston University's magnetosphere experiment
25 SpaceX launches 58 Starlink, 3 SkySat satellites from Florida
26 Long-term birth control use nearly 3 times higher in states that expanded Medicaid
27 Depression, anxiety up 3-fold since start of COVID-19 pandemic
28 Kids break fewer bones during pandemic, but fractures at home rise
29 20% of ER visits are for people older than 60, CDC analysis finds
30 Authors retract journal studies on hydroxychloroquine use for COVID-19
31 Poor sleep may increase risk for heart disease, atherosclerosis, study finds
32 Wristband 'zapper' might help calm Tourette syndrome
33 Do-it-yourself COVID-19 tests found to be effective, more comfortable
34 Heartburn drug Pepcid may ease COVID-19 symptoms
35 E-cigarettes may help adults quit smoking, but boost teen risk for starting
36 Physical activity can predict heart disease risk in elderly, study shows
37 Teens may need iron supplements after donating blood
38 High blood pressure might raise COVID-19 death risk
39 Health experts: COVID-19 fears shouldn't shut down protests
40 British researchers find no benefit for hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19
41 Combo therapy, nanoparticle delivery system show promise for pancreatic cancer
42 Experts worried by drop in suicide-related ER visits during COVID-19
43 Blood pressure drugs extend life in elderly, even the most frail, study shows
44 At least 7 coronavirus strains circulating in Northern California, study finds
45 Research is mixed on using medical marijuana in Parkinson's disease care
46 Cats can catch COVID-19 from humans, CDC reports
47 Contraceptives can cause weight gain, study shows
48 Experts surprised by high rate of opioid prescriptions after childbirth
49 Every day use of AI for health diagnoses still years away
50 Lab experiments show how masks could protect against COVID-19
51 Steroid-sparing therapies reduce fistula risk by 60% in kids with Crohn's
52 Analysis: COVID-19 might have started in Wuhan in August, not November
53 New guidelines discourage use of probiotics for digestive woes
54 Migraine with aura tied to increased risk for heart disease in women
55 Heart patients may benefit from tai chi
56 Women still left out of much medical research
57 Black melanoma patients face treatment delays, study says
58 Elevated systolic blood pressure increases heart disease risk, study finds
59 COVID-19 pandemic likely to change visits to doctor
60 'Lab-on-a-chip' blood test could spot breast cancer early
61 Concussion may lead to vision, balance problems in young kids
62 Racial disparities in deaths among premature babies narrowing
63 Muscular disorder treatment might provide basis for COVID-19 vaccine
64 Stroke treatment gap between men, women narrows
65 Younger people vulnerable to loneliness, despite increased connectedness
66 Climate might help predict COVID-19 spread, study says
67 Loving partners key to breast cancer survivor health
68 COVID-19 may spread through feces of those infected, analysis finds
69 Marijuana concentrates raise THC levels, but not the 'high,' analysis finds
70 Study examines why eating before bedtime might pack on the pounds
71 Milk chocolate, dairy and fatty foods tied to acne in adults
72 HIV can travel from the brain, study with animals shows
73 COVID-19 infection risk low for people who perform CPR
74 U.S. adults having less sex, study shows
75 Study participants unable to detect pathogens based on sound of cough or sneeze
76 Vast number of Americans support COVID-19 precautions, CDC says
77 COVID-19 test can detect virus in saliva, blood, urine in 45 minutes
78 Older, more anxious people likely to stockpile toilet paper during pandemic
79 Therapy dogs help some kids with autism more than others
80 Most asymptomatic COVID-19 cases stay that way, small study says
81 EMPA-REG OUTCOME: Empagliflozin Cuts Insulin Need in Type 2 Diabetes
82 SGLT2 Inhibitors vs. GLP-1 Agonists for Diabetes in Real-World Study
83 FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitor Reduces Hospitalizations in Diabetes
84 New Global Registry Investigates COVID-19 and New-Onset Diabetes
85 Automated Insulin Delivery System 'Getting Better and Better'
86 'Biosimilar' Insulin Glargine, Semglee, Approved for Diabetes in US
87 Public Health Officials Face Wave of Threats, Pressure Amid Coronavirus Response
88 CDC Emphasizes Pandemic Not Over, Need to Avoid Large Gatherings
89 COVID-19 Update: Lung Transplant, Antibody Cocktail Trial
90 Noninvasive Ventilation May Beat Standard Oxygen for AHRF, Study Shows
91 Disparities Shape COVID-19 Caseload in Georgia
92 Chronic PTSD Linked to Altered REM Sleep Without Atonia
93 Italians Embrace Coronavirus Tracing App as Privacy Fears Ease
94 COVID-19 Patients Learn to Walk Again at Barcelona Hospital
95 Summer Might Slow Coronavirus but Is Unlikely to Stop It
96 EU Wants to Buy COVID-19 Vaccines Up Front, Unless They're Made in America
97 Low-Dose Capsaicin Nasal Spray Effective for Idiopathic Rhinitis
98 South Korean Doctors Describe Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 Cases
99 How Rich Investors, Not Doctors, Profit from Marking Up ER Bills
100 Pandemic Accelerating in Africa, Test Kits Needed, WHO Says
101 In Paraguay's Coronavirus War, Isolation Centers Exact a Heavy Toll
102 Nitrogen-Containing Bisphosphonates Linked to Lower Pneumonia Risk After Hip Fracture
103 Adding Sleeve to Auto-Injection Device Improves Ease of Use for RA Patients
104 Recurrent Positivity for SARS-CoV-2 Uncommon After Three Negative Results
105 People with Rheumatic Diseases Should Pay Extra Attention to Self-Care During COVID-19: Experts
106 Racism Joins COVID-19 as Key Concern for Primary Care Physicians
107 Meet the Young Doctor Leading Nepal's COVID-19 Testing Program
108 J.K. Rowling Reveals Past Abuse and Defends Right to Speak on Trans Issues
109 Europeans Want (Others) to Cycle More to Keep Air Clean
110 Scientists to Study Sleep, or Lack of It, During COVID-19 Pandemic
111 In Post-Lockdown China, Student Mental Health in Focus Amid Reported Jump in Suicides
112 White House Works to Move Stalled Airline Contact Tracing Plan: Sources
113 Regeneron Begins Human Testing of COVID-19 Antibody Cocktail
114 US States Accuse 26 Drugmakers of Generic Drug Price Fixing in Sweeping Lawsuit
115 Pandemic Exposes Systemic Staffing Problems at US Nursing Homes
116 Retracted COVID-19 Studies Expose Holes in Vetting of Data Firms
117 Metformin May Boost Glucose Excretion in Stool