File Title
1 Time-saving high-intensity workouts can benefit people with spinal cord injuries
2 Can your gut microbes tell you how old you really are?
3 Better reading proficiency linked to fewer youth homicides
4 Past stressful experiences do not create resilience to future trauma, new study finds
5 How Dashcams help and hinder forensics
6 Lightning in a (nano)bottle: new supercapacitor opens door to better wearable electronics
7 Novel noncovalent bond blocks repulsive odor of isocyanides
8 New distance measurements bolster challenge to basic model of universe
9 Plastic in the deep sea: Virtually unaltered after a quarter of a century
10 Camelina sativa oil and fatty fish have positive effects on lipid metabolism
11 Nickel-based catalysts tested at Boca de Jaruco oilfield in Cuba
12 Bacteria in Chinese pickles can prevent cavities--Ben-Gurion University study
13 Research with industry executives reveals impact of COVID-19 on air transport sector
14 Antihypotensive agent disrupts the immune system in sepsis
15 Female researchers majorly under-represented in COVID-19 research
16 Twisted microfiber's network responses to water vapor
17 A protein that helps to fight viruses can also block lung damage repair
18 RCSI researchers find potential new way to improve treatment for common bleeding disorder
19 Scientists propose data encoding method for the 6G standard
20 Only 1 in 3 COVID-19 research authors are women and even fewer are senior authors
21 CABI confirms presence of devastating date pest the red palm weevil on Socotra Island
22 Landmark study shows inflammation after meals varies dramatically among healthy adults
23 An aspirin a day keeps the bowel doctor away
24 Substandard hand sanitizers readily available on market, confirm pharmacists
25 ModGraProDep: Artificial intelligence and probabilistic modelling in clinical oncology
26 Matrix imaging: An innovation for improving ultrasound resolution
27 New insight into the Great Dying
28 From bacteria to you: The biological reactions that sustain our rhythms
29 Improving the operation and performance of Wi-Fi networks for the 5G/6G ecosystem
30 New insights into epigenetic modifications
31 Strength training benefits patients with cirrhosis
32 Tropical disease in medieval Europe revises the history of a pathogen related to syphilis
33 Mental disorders in the family affects the treatment of people with bipolar disorder
34 Freshly printed magnets
35 Researchers identify 'hot spots' for developing lymphatic vessels
36 A new character for Pokemon? Novel endemic dogfish shark species discovered from Japan
37 A post-pandemic world: will populations be on the move? Study shows contagions could be catalysts for mass migration
38 The brain uses minimum effort to look for key information in text
39 Angling for underwater WiFi
40 Protecting eels protects freshwater biodiversity
41 Clinical updates for diagnostic ultrasound during coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic
42 Elite gamers share mental toughness with top athletes, study finds
43 The mystery of visual stability
44 New findings help design highly efficient metal oxide catalyst for ozone removal
45 A compound unlike any other
46 New discovery of giant bipedal crocodile footprints in the cretaceous of Korea
47 Animal territorial behavior could play larger role in disease spread than formerly thought
48 Experts clarify subtypes of multiple sclerosis to improve care and clinical trials
49 Fentanyl tops list of drugs found in Baltimore overdose patients
50 How targeting killer T cells in the lungs could lead to immunity against respiratory viruses
51 Coal-tar-sealant major source of PAH contamination in Great Lakes tributaries
52 Nation must prepare for COVID-19 related drug shortages
53 Chemotherapy/immunotherapy combo shows promise for first-line treatment of mesothelioma
54 Many children in intensive care may not be getting rehabilitation therapy, study shows
55 Ultra-thin camera lenses of the future could see the light of day
56 Hallucinations in people with seizures may point to suicide risk
57 NIH scientists develop blood test to help improve liver cancer screening
58 Solving a Parkinson's disease puzzle through protein design
59 New efficient ships won't be enough to curb shipping sector's environmental damage
60 Clues to aging come to light in vivid snapshots of brain cell links
61 Siblings of infants who have died suddenly and unexpectedly at 10-fold risk of same death
62 237+ million medication errors made every year in England
63 Applying 'magic angle' twistronics to manipulate the flow of light
64 Ancient crocodiles walked on two legs like dinosaurs
65 E-health resource improves men's health behaviours with or without fitness facilities
66 Viewing dopamine receptors in their native habitat
67 Cascade sets the stage for superconductivity in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
68 An essential sustainable farming practice faces one big limitation: Land to produce seeds
69 Recovery of sea otter populations yields more benefits than costs
70 Looking up to the stars can reveal what's deep below
71 An ion channel senses cell swelling and helps cells to choose a response
72 'Matador' guppies trick predators
73 Lack of mitochondria causes severe disease in children
74 Simple explanation suffices for conduction in nickelates
75 Scientists rescue mini retinas from eye disease via new gene therapy approach
76 Nature provides roadmap to potential breakthroughs in solar energy technology
77 Crop pathogens 'remarkably adaptable'
78 Denisovan DNA influences immune system of modern day Oceanian populations
79 High doses of ketamine can temporarily switch off the brain, say researchers
80 Human embryo-like model created from human stem cells
81 Overactive enzyme causes hereditary hypertension
82 Could we run out of sand? Scientists adjust how grains are measured
83 Doing good does you good
84 People who eat a late dinner may gain weight
85 Smallest cavity for light realized by graphene plasmons
86 More than 1000 tons of plastic rains into western US protected lands annually
87 Brain cells can harbor and spread HIV virus to the body
88 Palaeontology: Ancient footprints may belong to two-legged crocodile, not giant pterosaur
89 Scientists detect unexpected widespread structures near Earth's core
90 Breastfeeding helps counteracts BMI gain in children at high risk for obesity
91 Which factors control the height of mountains?
92 Scientists apply 'twistronics' to light propagation and make a breakthrough discovery
93 Simulations reveal interplay between scent marking and disease spread
94 Effects of potassium fertilization in pear trees
95 UCI researchers uncover cancer cell vulnerabilities; may lead to better cancer therapies
96 Face masks critical in preventing spread of COVID-19
97 Parasites and the microbiome
98 New algorithm uses artificial intelligence to help manage type 1 diabetes
99 Protecting bays from ocean acidification
100 State-level R&D tax credits spur growth of new businesses
101 Up to 45 percent of SARS-CoV-2 infections may be asymptomatic
102 A* model [Milky Way's black hole]
103 Case series: Teriflunomide therapy in COVID-19 patients with MS
104 Pitt study shows optical fields can modify electrons in metal
105 As rare animals disappear, scientist faces 'ecological grief'
106 Self-swabbing tests for COVID-19 accurate and safe, Stanford study reports
107 COVID-19 may trigger new diabetes, experts warn
108 Elastomeric masks provide a more durable, less costly option for health care workers
109 Pandemics and the environment: China's COVID-19 interventions reduced nitrogen dioxide levels
110 Research links personality traits to toilet paper stockpiling