File Title
1 Stellar Snowflakes: Stars in Globular Cluster 13,000 Light-Years Away Sparkle Peacefully
2 Terahertz Radiation Can Disrupt Proteins in Living Cells--Contradicting Conventional Belief
3 New Mathematical Formula May Help 5G Wireless Networks Efficiently Share Communications Frequencies
4 Killing COVID-19 Coronavirus with a Handheld UV Light Device
5 Classical Novae--a Class of Stellar Explosions--Discovered to Be Galactic Producers of Lithium
6 Brian May (Lead Guitarist of Rock Band Queen) Works to Probe Origin of Asteroids
7 AI System--Using Neural Networks with Deep Learning--Beats Stock Market in Simulation
8 Solar Ring Mission Proposal: A New Concept of Space Exploration
9 Reflecting Sunlight to Cool the Planet--MIT Investigates Solar Geoengineering Proposals
10 Mini Human Livers Grown in Lab Successfully Transplanted into Rats
11 ITER Fusion Reactor Tokamak Assembly Begins--World's Largest International Scientific Collaboration
12 COVID-19 Could Be a Seasonal Illness--Recurring in Periods of Lower Humidity
13 Researchers Dig into Case of Geologic Amnesia--In Search of a Billion Years Missing from the Geologic Record
14 New High Precision Chip-Based Laser Gyroscope Can Measure Earth's Rotation
15 Scientists Discover What a 2900 Pound Armored Dinosaur Ate for Its Last Meal 110 Million Years Ago
16 Mathematicians Resolve Complex Geometry Question First Asked 60 Years Ago
17 Effective SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Found--Major Milestone in the Fight Against COVID-19
18 Rivers Transport Carbon from Fires into Oceans, Locking It in Storage for Thousands of Years
19 How Some Crops Replenish Their Own Fertilizer Through Bacteria in Their Roots--a Surprisingly Complex Interaction
20 NASA SpaceX Crew Dragon Astronauts Get Used to Space Station
21 Cleanest Air on Earth Identified by Atmospheric Scientists in First-of-Its-Kind Study
22 Gas Far Outside of Our Galaxy Illuminated by Enormous Burst of Energy Unleashed by Milky Way's Black Hole
23 Biomedical Scientists Create a New Tool for Developing COVID-19 Treatments & Vaccines
24 Easing COVID-19 Lockdowns Slowly May Be Better for Global Economy
25 One-in-a-Million "Shellebrity" Garden Snail: Global Campaign Finds Two Lefties Make a Right
26 Expect the Unexpected: Solar Orbiter to Pass Through the Tails of Comet ATLAS
27 Developmental Map of Inner Ear Sound Sensor in Mice Charted for Stem Cell Therapies for Hearing Loss
28 Dual-Mechanism "Poisoned Arrow" Developed to Defeat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
29 First Optical Measurements of Milky Way's Mysterious Fermi Bubbles
30 Clean Energy Breakthrough: Scientists Improve Light-Driven Water-Splitting to Produce Hydrogen
31 Scientists Create Synthetic Red Blood Cells that Mimic Natural Ones, Plus Have New Abilities
32 Unparalleled Discovery of Ancient Skeletons Reveals First Use of Maize in MesoAmerica
33 Scientists Have Found a Way to Shuffle Atoms to Dramatically Improve Drugs' Effectiveness and Safety
34 Unlocking Clues to the Origins of the Stars and Planets with Artificial Intelligence
35 Physics of Blobs: Surprise Link Found to Edge Turbulence in Plasma Fusion Reactors
36 New Exotic Type of Matter Discovered Inside Neutron Stars
37 High-Speed Atomic Video: Single Molecules Captured at a Staggering 1,600 Frames per Second
38 Meningococci Bacteria Use a Small Protein with Big Pathogenic Impact
39 Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flash Electromagnetic Pulses Monitored Above Earth from Space Station
40 Physicists Have Created the Most Sensitive Strain Sensor Ever Made
41 Astronomers Say Mysterious Interstellar Visitor Was Probably 'Dark Hydrogen Iceberg,' Not Aliens
42 Forests Are Thinning Around the Globe Due to Changing Environmental Conditions
43 Continued Nicotine Use May Promote Brain Tumors in Lung Cancer Patients
44 OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Swoops Over Asteroid Sample Site Osprey
45 Problematic Spread of Disease-Transmitting Asian Tiger Mosquitoes in American Heartland
46 Large-Scale Experiment Shows People Want to Help Each Other, Even When It Costs Them Something
47 Mortality Rate of Adults with Critical Illness from COVID-19 Is Less than Previously Reported
48 New Discovery May Lead to Effective Natural Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
49 ASTERIA--a Tiny CubeSat Spacecraft--Detected a Planet Outside Our Solar System
50 Most Cost Effective Solar Power Systems: Double-Sided Panels that Follow the Sun
51 Century-Old Scientific Debate Settled: Anesthesia's Effect on Consciousness Solved
52 Famotidine (Pepcid AC) May Curb COVID-19 Symptoms--Effects Felt Within 1-2 Days
53 A Rising Tide of Marine Disease? How Parasites Respond to Global Warming
54 Scientists Set Fire Inside the NASA Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft
55 To Think like a Dinosaur: Paleontologists Created the Most Detailed 3D-Model of Ankylosaur Brain
56 Ultrastable Catalyst Could Lead to More Efficient and Cheaper Production of Propylene from Propane
57 New Report Documents Most COVID-19 Deaths Occurred in Nursing Homes--Up to 81% in Some States
58 Hubble Deep Space Quest Makes Surprising Find in the Early Universe
59 Continuous Pathway to Building Blocks of Life on Earth Revealed
60 State of Emergency Declared After Massive Diesel Oil Leak Within the Arctic Circle
61 Higher Chance of Finding Young Earth-Like Planets than Previously Thought
62 Infrared Dark Clouds Cataloged Across the Cosmos
63 International Death Counts Show Peaks of the Coronavirus Pandemic
64 Promising Advances to Lower Cost and Durable Smart Window Technology
65 Something in the Water: Environmental Pollutant May Be Much More Hazardous than Previously Thought
66 FDA Approved Drug May Help Calm Cytokine Storm in COVID-19
67 May 2020 Had the Highest Monthly Atmospheric CO2 Reading Ever Recorded
68 Discovery Unlocks 'Hot' Electrons for More Efficient Solar Panels
69 New Genetic Identification of COVID-19 Susceptibility Will Aid Treatment
70 Mangroves--Valuable Coastal Ecosystems--Won't Survive Sea-Level Rise by 2050 if Emissions Aren't Cut
71 Impact Crater Left a Steaming Cauldron Following the Dinosaurs' Demise
72 Scientists Apply Revolutionary 30 Year-Old Principle and Find Black Holes Could Be like Holograms
73 Beneath the Ocean's Surface, a Virus Is Hijacking the Most Abundant Organism on Earth
74 Alien Carnivorous Frog Invasion Wreaks Havoc on Natural Habitat
75 Stellar Glitter in a Field of Black--But All Is Not What It Seems
76 NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory Watches Comet ATLAS as Solar Orbiter Crosses Its Tail
77 Superworms Digest Plastic: Superpower Made Possible by Bacterial Sidekicks
78 Near a Galaxy Not So Far Away...An Ultra-Bright X-Ray Source Awakens
79 Some Precious Metals--Such as Gold and Silver--Lose Their Conductive Property, if They Are Thin Enough
80 New Antimatter Experiment at Large Hadron Collider Will Help with the Search for Dark Matter
81 New Fiber Optic Seismic Array in Pasadena Precisely Tracked the Rose Parade
82 Evolution of Pandemic Coronavirus Outlines Path from Animals to Humans--Highlights Future Danger
83 Tissue Clearing Technique Offers Incredible View Deep Inside Animals
84 Black Nitrogen--Scientists Solve a Puzzle of the Periodic Table
85 The Quantum Gate Hack--Applying Ideas from Gaming Hacks to Quantum Computing
86 Design that Makes a Difference: Fusing Art, Science, and Product Design at MIT
87 PAC-MAN: Scientists Aim Gene-Targeting Breakthrough Against COVID-19
88 Earth from Space: Colorful Queensland, Australia
89 Westerlund 2 Revealed: In Planet Formation, It's Location, Location, Location
90 Revolutionary 'Green' Bricks Made from Recycled Plastic and Organic Waste
91 Transformational Challenge Nuclear Reactor: Microreactor Built Using 3D Printing
92 How Many People Actually Have COVID-19? Significant Global Differences in Undetected Cases
93 Ice Melt Accelerating, Causing Depletion of Freshwater Resources
94 AMS Detector Data from Space Station Challenges Conventional Theories on Cosmic-Rays
95 Scientists Use Physics to Understand the Mystery of Consciousness
96 Mirror Image of the Earth and Sun Discovered 3000 Light-Years Away
97 Progressing Electronics Beyond Moore's Law with Graphene and 2D Materials
98 Multifunctional Smart E-Glasses Monitor Health, Protect Eyes, Control Video Games
99 Scientists Create Tiniest Semiconductor Laser--3,000 Times Smaller than a Millimeter
100 Did Life Emerge in the "Primordial Soup" via DNA or RNA? Surprising Answer from New Research
101 'Whispering Gallery' Effect Allows Light to Be Stored and Controls Electron Beams
102 Hydrologists Find Environmental Damage from Fog Reduction Is Observable from Outer Space
103 Experiment Reveals Ancient Asteroid Impacts Created the Ingredients of Life on Earth and Mars
104 Making a Global Impact Through Chemical Engineering at MIT
105 Hubble Space Telescope Spots One Stunning Galaxy Among Millions
106 Physicists Find No Evidence of Dark Matter Influence on the Force Between Nuclei
107 Wake-Up Call: Measles Outbreak in NYC Fueled by Low Vaccination Rates and "Measles Parties"
108 New 3D-Printable Material Developed that Mimics Biological Tissues
109 Space for the Oceans: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources
110 Canine Science Study: Yes, Your Dog Wants to Rescue You
111 Magnetic Fields May Help Solve Mysteries at the Center of Our Galaxy that We Can't Explain with Gravity
112 3D Shape of the Human Genome Has Surprising Roles in Various Fundamental Processes in Life
113 World Oceans Day: Safeguarding Our Oceans
114 NASA's Surprising Discovery: Saturn's Planet-Sized Moon Titan Drifting Away 100X Faster than Thought
115 Monkeys Experience the Uncanny Valley Effect, Just like Humans
116 Using a Single Oxygen Atom as a Sensor to Study Surfaces as Gently as Possible on an Atomic Scale
117 Microfiber Forensics: How to Reduce Microfiber Loss from Washing Clothes
118 DNA Increases Our Understanding of Stone Age Cultures and Battle Axe Cultural Influences
119 Citizen Scientists Discover Closest Young Brown Dwarf Disk Ever--Just 102 Parsecs Away