File Title
1 The next pandemic is coming -- and sooner than we think, thanks to changes to the environment
2 Animal Crossing and beyond: Why people are falling in love with 'wholesome' video games
3 More jobs in renewable-led COVID-19 economic recovery, EY report finds
4 Citizen science projects you can get involved in right now
5 June sky guide: A rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn and a duo of crescents
6 Citizen science shows creeks hit by bushfires in Upper Murray slowly recovering
7 Migraines strike women three times more than men, and we're finally starting to understand why
8 WHO expert cites 'misunderstanding' after saying asymptomatic transmission 'very rare'
9 Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate's use of term 'shrink' draws caution from mental health experts
10 Astronomers find 'missing matter,' solving decades-long mystery of outer space
11 Former NASA astronaut Kathy Sullivan becomes first person to travel to space and ocean's deepest point
12 Radar reveals map of ancient Roman city Falerii Novi
13 'They shut down half their brain': Images showing how whales sleep underwater win $172k photography prize
14 South Australian photographer snaps rare black galah with genetic mutation on the Eyre Peninsula
15 A medical mystery was killing women who'd just given birth. Soap solved it
16 Big coastal carpet python 'really good sign' of changing community attitudes, snake catcher says
17 Turtle researcher by chance recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours List
18 Mudgeeraba Lion and emergency care nurse among those recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours List
19 How Australia's 'panic and neglect' funding cycle has left us vulnerable to pandemics like coronavirus
20 Victorian fishers say catch has dropped by 80 percent since the start of seismic surveying
21 Safflower oil hailed by scientists as possible recyclable, biodegradable replacement for petroleum
22 Last-ditch bid to secure Aurora Australis for 'floating museum'
23 Black Lives Matter protests are happening at the same time as social distancing. What does this mean for protesters' health?
24 Endangered Ormeau Bottle Tree finds new home at Gold Coast school
25 Eastern Curlew's 10-day flight to China stuns bird enthusiasts calling for greater habitat protections
26 Birds of prey to fly again after feathers melted by bushfires are repaired
27 Eyre Peninsula ancient megafauna revealed through skeletal fossils of giant wombats, short-faced kangaroos, marsupial lions
28 Hands-free, solar-powered robotic dairy changes life for a NSW dairying family
29 As pumice stone rafts float across the ocean, they pick up and drop off life along the way
30 Supernova 1994D: The image that captures the beauty of a powerful moment in time
31 What is a false positive coronavirus test? How is it possible?
32 US researchers discover how cassowary got its gloss
33 Virtual fencing aims to reduce roadkill and help protect endangered wildlife
34 Stolen Generations survivor Aunty Lorraine has been healing her mob for 20 years
35 Dogs more vulnerable to snakebite than cats, owing to fast-clotting blood, research finds
36 SpaceX's Dragon capsule delivers two astronauts to the ISS with automatic docking
37 Native green plums from Arnhem Land found to have significant health benefits, commercial appeal
38 Indigenous people take the lead in healing the trauma of the Stolen Generations
39 Wedge-tailed eagles wear trackers for research into safer flights
40 Huntsman are your friendly neighbourhood spider and cooler weather is bringing them out to feast
41 Unique Australian seaweed factory opens on NSW South Coast, manufacturing food, beauty and medicinal products
42 The malleefowl and the fox--an unusual relationship caught on camera
43 Allosaurus dinosaurs resorted to cannibalism when food dried up, according to US palaeontologists
44 Donald Trump threatens Twitter after fact-checks on claims about mail-in ballots
45 Historical bombs and rockets being restored at outback Woomera Missile Park
46 Want to lose weight, get healthy and help the planet? The Zombie Apocalypse Diet could be for you
47 Prickly pear potential use for health products explored as research looks at its benefits
48 Kenilworth funds own high-tech surveillance system, despite concerns over 'being watched'
49 Mother says nine-year-old son was barred from visiting after brain surgery at Calvary Hospital
50 Charities Commissioner responds to concerns on spending in bushfire communities
51 Scott Morrison says Australia won't respond to Chinese 'coercion' over warning about universities
52 Black Lives Matter protester among eight new coronavirus infections in Victoria
53 NSW Police go to court to attempt to block refugee rights protest in Sydney
54 Black Lives Matter protests 'completely unacceptable,' Scott Morrison says in call for demonstrators to be charged
55 Sydney news: $22 million of cannabis found on remote property, elderly Sydney couple saved from house fire
56 Coronavirus super exemptions see Indigenous Australians disproportionately accessing money
57 Ruby Princess coronavirus review slammed as spin despite NSW Health's claim it was an 'honest account'
58 UK coronavirus deaths could have been cut by half if lockdown came earlier, top epidemiologist says
59 Coronavirus update: Brazil reopens shops despite spike in COVID-19 deaths, no 'grand splendour' for 2021 Olympics
60 Ruby Princess passengers disembarked before coronavirus test results to get flights, inquiry hears
61 WHO expert cites 'misunderstanding' after saying asymptomatic transmission 'very rare'
62 No coronavirus cases from community transmission in two weeks, NSW Health confirm
63 Universities reject China's claim that Australia is not safe for international students
64 COVID-19: Experts Warn of Psychological Trauma from 'Air Hunger'
65 80% of US Counties Have No ID Specialists
66 COVID-19 Update: Persistent Positive PCR, Dire Need for ID Docs
67 USMLE Abandons Plan for Shorter Tests After Backlash
68 HHS Slates $15 Billion for Clinicians with Patients in CHIP, Medicaid
69 Handgrip Strength Could Be a Simple Way to Predict Fall Risk
70 New Long-term Data for Antipsychotic in Pediatric Bipolar Depression
71 Dialysis Regret Common Among Patients with Kidney Disease
72 TNF Inhibitor Plus Methotrexate Surpassed Monotherapy in PsA
73 By the Numbers: Asthma-COPD Overlap Deaths
74 WHO Clarifies Comments on Asymptomatic Transmission of SARS-CoV-2
75 Weekly Cisplatin New Standard in Postop Head and Neck Cancer
76 Fauci Warns that Pandemic 'Isn't Over Yet'
77 Ontario Testing Migrant Farm Workers After Coronavirus Deaths, Severe Cases
78 WHO Recommends Pakistan Reimpose Intermittent Lockdowns as COVID-19 Cases Rise Sharply
79 D.C. National Guard Responding to Protests Test Positive for Coronavirus
80 Corning Wins US Funding to Boost Vial Output for COVID-19 Vaccines
81 China, Scientists Dismiss Harvard Study Suggesting COVID-19 Was Spreading in Wuhan in August
82 Half of Singapore's New COVID-19 Cases Are Symptomless: Taskforce Head
83 WHO Americas Director Concerned About Pandemic Surging in New Latin America Regions
84 Billions in COVID Relief Go to Biggest Hospital Chains as Smaller Rivals Await Aid
85 Seattle Study Hints at Low COVID-19 Risk from Bystander CPR
86 COVID Testing FAQ, from Reinfection to Persistent Positives
87 19 States Report Increase in COVID-19 Cases
88 Up-Front Stereotactic Radiosurgery an Option for SCLC Brain Mets Largest Study of Its Kind
89 Arizona Hospitals Told to Activate Emergency Plans
90 Few COVID-19 Studies Include Pregnant Women, Prompting Outcry
91 Dapagliflozin Benefits Low-EF Heart Failure Regardless of Diuretic Dose: DAPA-HF
92 COVID-19 Update: Fauci's Stark Warning, WHO Backtracks
93 Scientists Make Human Mini-Liver from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
94 Gilead's Remdesivir Shows Promise in COVID-19 Study on Monkeys
95 Dysanapsis Linked to COPD in Older Adults
96 Watchful Waiting Appropriate for Some Kids with Mild OSA
97 Oral Fluconazole in First Trimester Tied to Musculoskeletal Malformations in Babies
98 Hot, Dry Conditions May Decrease Survival Time of SARS-CoV-2 on Surfaces
99 ICH Rates Rising in the Elderly
100 COVID-19 Vaccine: Latest Updates
101 COVID-19, Racism Are Dual Crises for Black Americans
102 Good Survival Rates After Percutaneous Cryoablation for Early Renal Cell Carcinoma
103 COVID Deepens the Other Opioid Crisis: A Shortage of Hospital Painkillers
104 COVID-19 Vaccine: Latest Updates
105 Good Survival Rates After Percutaneous Cryoablation for Early Renal Cell Carcinoma
106 'Hospital at Home' Cuts ED Visits and Costs for Cancer Patients
107 BTK Inhibitor Acalabrutinib Shows Early Promise for COVID-19
108 For Experts Who Study Coronaviruses, a Grim Vindication
109 Tear Gas Is Way More Dangerous than Police Let On--Especially During the Coronavirus Pandemic
110 Over Half of People Tested in Italian City of Bergamo Have COVID-19 Antibodies
111 Brazil 'Driving in the Dark' on COVID-19 as Contradictory Data Deepens Confusion
112 US Navy Test Shows 60 Percent of Carrier Crew Have Coronavirus Antibodies
113 WHO Head Urges World Not to Drop Guard as Pandemic Still Growing
114 New National Guidance on Screening for Illicit Drug Use
115 At Least Half of Mystery Deaths in Nigeria's Kano Due to COVID-19: Minister
116 Lockdowns Saved Many Lives and Easing Them Is Risky, Say Scientists
117 EU Watchdog Aims for Speedy Approval of Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment
118 China to Strengthen Global Cooperation in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials
119 Doctors Wonder What to Do When Recovered COVID-19 Patients Still Test Positive
120 Europe Wants to Make Its Own Drugs, but It Needs American Blood Plasma