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1 Microorganisms in parched regions extract needed water from colonized rocks
2 New study reveals life's earliest evolution was more complicated than previously suspected
3 Scientists find microbes eating ethane spewing from deep-sea vents
4 Simulating early ocean vents shows life's building blocks form under pressure
5 Sellafield research uncovers microbial life in fuel ponds
6 Humans are not the first to repurpose CRISPR
7 Salmon parasite is world's first non-oxygen breathing animal
8 Random gene pulse patterns key to multicellular system development
9 Rules of life: From a pond to the beyond
10 To make amino acids, just add electricity
11 Did life emerge in the 'primordial soup' via DNA or RNA? Maybe both
12 Astronomers predict bombardment from asteroids and comets in another planetary system
13 SOFIA finds clues hidden in Pluto's haze
14 New evidence of watery plumes on Jupiter's moon Europa
15 Telescopes and spacecraft join forces to probe deep into Jupiter's atmosphere
16 Newly reprocessed images of Europa show 'chaos terrain' in crisp detail
17 Jupiter probe JUICE: Final integration in full swing
18 Jupiter's Great Red Spot shrinking in size, not thickness
19 Mysteries of Uranus' oddities explained by Japanese astronomers
20 New Horizons pushing the frontier ever deeper into the Kuiper Belt
21 Xplore to host Space for Humanity Payload on its first lunar mission
22 Dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck earth at 'deadliest possible' angle
23 Astronomers capture a pulsar 'powering up'
24 Zooming in on the origins of fast radio bursts
25 Making matter out of light: High-power laser simulations point the way
26 New test of dark energy and expansion from cosmic structures
27 Scientists detect crab nebula using innovative gamma-ray telescope
28 Beyond the Brim, Sombrero galaxy's halo suggests turbulent past
29 Astronomers find cosmic golden needle buried for two decades
30 Hubble makes surprising find in the early universe
31 World's most sensitive strain sensor can detect the weight of a feather
32 Finnish researchers have discovered a new type of matter inside neutron stars
33 Environmental noise changes evolutionary cooperation between cellular components, model shows
34 Lightning fast algorithms can lighten the load of 3D hologram generation
35 Virus DNA spread across surfaces in hospital ward over 10 hours
36 Jodrell Bank leads international effort which reveals 157 day cycle in unusual cosmic radio bursts
37 Climate change has degraded productivity of shelf sea food webs
38 Great white shark diet surprises scientists
39 Repetitive negative thinking linked to dementia risk
40 Pinker flamingos more aggressive
41 Sex differences in participation in large-scale genetic studies may affect results
42 Ultrathin nanosheets separate harmful ions from water
43 Recycling old genes to get new traits--How social behavior evolves in bees
44 Researchers advance fuel cell technology
45 JNCCN: Many hospitalized people with advanced cancer struggle with important daily tasks
46 Artificial brains may need sleep too
47 Zero rates preferable to negative rates for investors' risk-taking--Ben-Gurion U study
48 Potential biomarker identified to screen quality of donor's stem cells before harvesting
49 Preventing pancreatic cancer metastasis by keeping cells 'sheltered in place'
50 Advances in the production of minor ginsenosides using microorganisms and their enzymes
51 Protected areas worldwide at risk of invasive species
52 Preventing pancreatic cancer metastasis by keeping cells 'sheltered in place'
53 Advances in the production of minor ginsenosides using microorganisms and their enzymes
54 Protected areas worldwide at risk of invasive species
55 Newly identified gene reduces pollen number of plants
56 Ground-breaking research makes childhood vaccines safe in all temperatures
57 Impressive result for mental health therapy
58 Engaging in family meals starts with healthy family communication
59 Why the Victoria Plate in Africa rotates
60 Ancient asteroid impacts created the ingredients of life on Earth and Mars
61 Educational video may assist with decision to pursue hospice at the end of life for cancer patients
62 Researchers develop 3D-printable material that mimics biological tissues
63 Blood pressure medications help even the frailest elderly people live longer
64 New research shows how complex chemistry may be relevant to origins of life on Earth
65 Undisclosed financial conflicts of interest in Canadian clinical guidelines on medications
66 Why Clinical Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Diagnosis
67 Private Companies Are Spreading Their Wings. Who Will Take Americans Back to the Moon?
68 Digital Tech and Education is Intricately Connected Now: What Do You Need to Pursue Your MBA Online?
69 Why Statistical Skills Are Essential for Business Owners
70 Why a Vegan Food Certification May be More Important than Ever
71 NLP, NLU, and NLG: Does AI Really Understand Human Language?
72 The Future of Electric Vehicles: Battery Innovation & Infrastructure
73 Can Satellite Imagery Predict Stock Prices and Business Profits?
74 How the Real Estate Market Has Adapted During COVID-19
75 5 Best College Programs for Students Interested in Space
76 Seven Ways to Stay Safe When You're out in Nature Alone
77 How Animals Understand Numbers Influences their Chance of Survival
78 Ecosystem Services are Not Constrained by Borders
79 Innovative Sensor May Detect Brain Degeneration Early
80 4 Steps You Can Take to Prevent Coronavirus Infection in Your Home or Building
81 How Suparatana Bencharongkul is Influencing Technological Revolution in Agriculture through Social Media
82 Research Shows Human Cells Assembling into Fractal-Like Clusters
83 Rice Chemists Show It's Hip to Be Square
84 Rice Lab Produces Simple Fluorescent Surfactants
85 What Sunglasses Fit My Face?
86 3 Ways to Develop the Essential Skills for a Criminal Justice Career
87 Adam Ferrari, Founder of Ferrari Energy, Explains Why Your Evening Routine is Critical
88 Metal 3D Printing for Fast Prototyping
89 What is AI and How Is It Changing Life as We Know It?
90 Digital PCR: An Assay of Choice for Various Applications
91 Catch the Total Package for Health: Supplement with Fish Oil for Omega
92 Coronavirus and Banknotes: Low Risk of Contamination, Say Experts
93 Yoga for Depression and Anxiety--7 Effective Tips to Follow
94 Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
95 4 Tips for Scaling Up Enterprise Cyber Security Efforts
96 New Technology Is Coming in Optometry
97 This Week's Top stories About Python Programming
98 How Blockchain Can Win the Supply Chain War Amidst COVID-19 Disruptions
99 How to Stay Fit: Stick to the Plan and Take Your Rest!
100 Why Are Neck and Back Strength So Important?
101 Understanding High Blood Pressure
102 16 Essential Qualities Every Family Nurse Practitioner Needs to Be Successful
103 Six Facts About Monoclonal Antibody Unfolding and Aggregation
104 Changing Attitudes Towards Meeting the Wildfire Challenge Daniel B. Botkin and Lisa Micheli
105 United Car Care Reviews Four Car Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself
106 Subsidies No Longer Required to Harness Offshore Wind Power
107 Rice Irrigation Worsened Landslides in Deadliest Earthquake of 2018 Finds NTU Study
108 7 Emerging Environmental Technologies that Bring Hope for 2020
109 How Climate Change is Gradually Hitting Us Hard
110 Asian Longhorned Beetle Larvae Eat Plant Tissues that Their Parents Cannot