File Title
1 What has caused more extreme summer heat events over northeast Asia?
2 Surprising growth rates discovered in world's deepest photosynthetic corals
3 Candidates who use humor on Twitter may find the joke is on them
4 Magnetic guidance improves stem cells' ability to treat occupational lung disease
5 Following a variety of healthy eating patterns associated with lower heart disease risk
6 Research sheds new light on intelligent life existing across the galaxy
7 Who is at risk of heart rhythm disorders?
8 One minute simultaneous analysis of pungency components in kimchi
9 Novel treatment for mesothelioma shows promise for patients
10 House-call model tapping interventional radiology improves outcomes and access to care
11 Study demonstrates feasibility of hologram technology in liver tumor ablation
12 Minimally-invasive treatment for 'frozen shoulder' improves patients' pain and function
13 Stanford researchers develop artificial synapse that works with living cells
14 Spectacular bird's-eye view? Hummingbirds see diverse colors humans can only imagine
15 Firearm use and storage restrictions associated with reduction in firearm deaths
16 73% of LGBTQ youth bullied for reasons beyond their sexual identity
17 Study finds evidence that loneliness makes it harder to quit smoking
18 Blocking brain signals detected in the kidney could help unlock future treatments for kidney failure
19 60 minutes of endurance training is enough to shift body clock in mice
20 Scientists unravel the evolution and relationships for all European butterflies in a first
21 Disrupted circadian rhythms linked to later Parkinson's diagnoses
22 No single solution helps all students complete MOOCs
23 Delta opioid receptor identified as promising therapeutic target for inflammatory pain relief
24 Jitterbug: Roaches and robots shake it to transition between movements in tricky terrain
25 Study finds significant parental hesitancy about routine childhood and influenza vaccines
26 Parents twice as likely to be concerned about ticks than of mosquitoes
27 Unpacking the two layers of bacterial gene regulation during plant infection
28 Rifampin regimen found to be cheaper than isoniazid for latent tuberculosis [plus additional topic]
29 Loneliness alters your brain's social network
30 Reliable, High-speed MTJ Technology for 1X nm STT-MRAM and NV-Logic Has Wide Applications
31 Oral antibiotics work, shorten hospital stays for IV drug users with infections
32 Tracking Australia's gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs
33 A sugar hit to help destroy cancer cells
34 Study evaluates stress level of rehabilitated sea turtles during transport
35 How the beetle got its bang
36 Thinking small: New ideas in the search for dark matter
37 Off-the-shelf tool for making mouse models of COVID-19
38 Loss of lipid-regulating gene fuels prostate cancer spread
39 Fred Hutch and University of Washington experts: Treat COVID-19 earlier to save lives
40 Experts analyze options for treating multiple sclerosis-related cognitive impairment
41 Honeybee lives shortened after exposure to two widely used pesticides
42 Digital strategies to fight COVID-19
43 16 new papers describe discoveries at long-term deep-sea research site off California
44 Study in Philadelphia links growth in tree canopy to decrease in human mortality
45 Coal-burning in Siberia led to climate change 250 million years ago
46 Novel antisense drug shows promise in slowing fatty liver disease
47 Researchers identify potent antibody cocktail to treat COVID-19
48 Digitize your dog into a computer game
49 Continuous glucose monitoring reduces hypoglycemia in older adults with type 1 diabetes
50 Strangely ordinary strata
51 Graphics cards farm to help in search of new physics at LHCb
52 The rafts used by viruses
53 'Relaxed' T cells critical to immune response
54 Team led by Children's Hospital LA researcher generates developmental map of human T-cells
55 Cattle vs. hippopotamus: Dung in rivers of the Savannah
56 Agroforestry is 'win win' for bees and crops, study shows
57 The nexus between economic inequality and social welfare
58 Premature epigenomic aging acts like a 'sleeper cell' that is awaken by Western-style diet
59 What do 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' 'Macbeth,' and a list of Facebook friends all have in common?
60 Primitive stem cells point to new bone grafts for stubborn-to-heal fractures
61 TERAVOLT registry tracks outcomes among thoracic cancer patients sickened by COVID-19
62 Physicists document method to improve magnetoelectric response
63 Nanobiohybrids: A synergistic integration of bacteria and nanomaterials in cancer therapy
64 A coordinated COVID-19 response helped western Washington state "flatten the curve"
65 Hormone systems can still be adapted in adulthood
66 Researchers develop a compact 28 GHz transceiver supporting dual-polarized MIMO
67 Seafood helped prehistoric people migrate out of Africa, study reveals
68 Overlooked: The role of bacterial viruses in plant health
69 Multi-institutional study looks at brain MRI findings in COVID-19
70 Study shows how caring responsibilities affect health and restrict ability to work
71 The smallest motor in the world
72 IU study finds most people saw a decrease in their sexual behavior early in the pandemic
73 Hurricane season combined with COVID-19 pandemic could create perfect storm
74 Simulated sea slug gets addicted to drug
75 Endogenous insulin production is preserved in Type 1 diabetes with anti-TNF drug
76 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: UK modelling study finds case isolation and contact tracing vital to COVID-19 epidemic control
77 How COVID-19 affects pediatric patients
78 Brain research sheds light on the molecular mechanisms of depression
79 Virus co-opts immune protein to avoid antiviral defences
80 Shhhh, the whales are resting
81 Newly discovered plant gene could boost phosphorus intake
82 Scientists grow optical chips in a petri dish
83 TU Darmstadt: Pause button for light particles
84 Including patients in hospital discharge communication would improve outcomes of care
85 Mangroves at risk of collapse if emissions not reduced by 2050, international scientists predict
86 HKU scientists uncover new mechanism for balancing protein stability during neuronal development
87 Quantum material research facilitates discovery of better materials that benefit our society
88 Study settles the score on whether the modern world is less violent
89 Improved heat-resistant wheat varieties are identified
90 Summer favorite bitter gourd genome shows unusual domestication, insight into evolution
91 Support drives fate of protected gold nanoclusters as catalysts
92 Cholesterol levels dropping in Western nations but rising in Asia
93 Scientists discover a long-sought-after nitrogen allotrope in black phosphorus structure
94 New species extinction target proposed for global nature rescue plan
95 New mechanism underlying colorectal cancer reveals a crucial role for intestinal microbes
96 Researchers: Homes of North Zealand's elite are most likely to be preserved
97 Tomography studies of coins shed light on the history of Volga Bulgaria
98 As many as six billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, according to new estimates
99 Black hole's heart still beating
100 NUS researchers uncover mysterious tanaids
101 Carpet shell clams reveal high levels of pollution in several coastal lagoons in Tunisia
102 Borrowing from robotics, scientists automate mapping of quantum systems
103 All of the performance, none of the fuss: Nitrile hydrogenation done right
104 New discovery paves way for next generation malaria vaccine
105 Seaweed takes scientists on trip 'through time' in the waters of Monterey Bay
106 Irregular findings common in knees of young competitive alpine skiers
107 Previously undetected brain pulses may help circuits survive disuse, injury
108 Oncotarget: Preoperative geriatric nutritional risk index is a useful prognostic indicator
109 New technique may quickly and accurately predict effective therapies in solid tumors
110 Children with developmental disabilities more likely to develop asthma