File Title
1 Some fish do better when the shoal is in disorder
2 Astronomers find hot stars peppered with massive magnetic spots
3 Pangolin, bat role in coronavirus path to humans remains unclear
4 Scientists find gene that causes Mexican cave fish to lose eyesight
5 Neuroscientists find possible physical traces of short-term memories
6 Grooming bees help boost colony immunity
7 Evidence of armored dinosaur's last meal found in fossilized stomach
8 Rivers ensure one-third of carbon from fires is stored in the ocean
9 Ultra-bright X-ray source awakens amidst Magellanic Clouds
10 Neanderthals, Denisovans, humans genetically closer than polar bears, brown bears
11 Ancient burial site in Belize reveals when people started eating maize
12 SpaceX launch boosts Starlink network to 480 satellites
13 World's most sensitive strain sensor can detect the weight of a feather
14 Some infants can identify major, minor musical tones at 6 months
15 Without carbon emissions reductions by 2050, mangroves unlikely to survive
16 U.S. ranks 24th in newly released 2020 Environmental Performance Index
17 ULA on track to launch new Vulcan rocket in early 2021
18 Astronomers measure solar corona's magnetic field
19 Genomic researchers detail the peopling of the Caribbean
20 Young Earth-like planets are more plentiful than astronomers thought
21 DNA helps researchers understand interactions between Stone Age cultures
22 Positive attitude linked to lower blood pressure after stroke
23 Controlling heart disease may also protect brain health
24 Intense blood pressure control may reduce A-fib risk
25 African-American, white women share genetic mutations linked to breast cancer
26 Online therapy may ease COVID-19 fears for people with hypochondria
27 Controlling blood pressure may reduce dementia risk by 7%
28 Nearly 40% of critically ill COVID-19 patients in New York City died, study finds
29 COVID-19 antibodies may tame Kawasaki-like condition in kids
30 Umbilical cord blood may help ease autism
31 Obesity increases odds for lung clots with COVID-19
32 U.S. birth rate declines to 35-year low
33 Asthma increases ventilator needs for younger adults with COVID-19
34 Mobile app effective for 60% of people with depression, anxiety
35 States start to expand COVID-19 testing as country reopens
36 Taking hops for menopause won't interfere with other drugs, study shows
37 Primary care doctor visits down 60% since start of COVID-19 pandemic
38 Blood pressure spikes during exercise could be sign of heart disease
39 Experimental COVID-19 vaccine shown to be effective in monkeys
40 Multiple sclerosis increases risk for heart trouble, stroke
41 Heart attack cases fall by half at ERs since start of COVID-19 outbreak
42 Remdesivir combos may boost fighting power against COVID-19
43 Studies show significant risks to health workers during pandemic
44 Study: Keto diet's changes to microbiome good for immune system
45 Increasing opioid doses doesn't reduce pain, study shows
46 Overweight patients more likely to report joint pain
47 Testing, quarantining can prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in senior facilities, study finds
48 Social isolation increases risk for COVID-19, other health problems, studies say
49 Yoga may improve mental health during social distancing
50 Blood test may predict worsening MS
51 Vaccine for COVID-19 safe, effective in first human clinical trial, study says
52 16% of recovered patients test positive for COVID-19 weeks after discharge: study
53 New urine-based kidney stone test delivers results in 30 minutes
54 Risk for MS 30% higher for those living in cities, study finds
55 Physical jobs linked to more sick leave, earlier retirement
56 LGBTQ teens 5 times more likely to be bullied before suicide, study finds
57 Dementia gene might increase risk for serious COVID-19, study says
58 For many kids, picky eating isn't just a phase, study finds
59 Workplace wellness programs don't improve overall staff health, study finds
60 Hormone may contribute to high blood pressure, study suggests
61 Nursing homes, assisted living COVID-19 outbreak centers in U.S.
62 Chances for second IVF baby good, study shows
63 Bike-sharing services get commuters to drive less
64 Use of high-THC cannabis doubles risk for anxiety disorders
65 Few in U.S. with private insurance receive opioid overdose follow-up treatment
66 Clotting linked to COVID-19 may harm placenta
67 Scientists find more genes linked to problem drinking
68 Mindfulness may ease the emotional burden of MS
69 Four-pill drug combo may protect patients with heart failure
70 Poverty, lower education levels may double heart attack risk
71 40% of COVID-19 patients may be asymptomatic as disease progresses
72 Vaping may increase risk for gum disease
73 As national wealth grows, so do obesity rates, study says
74 High diabetes rates put Native Americans at greater risk for heart disease, AHA says
75 Pollen fragments linger after rain, making allergies worse
76 Half of Italian healthcare workers experienced PTSD during COVID-19 outbreak
77 Ring might help detect COVID-19 outbreaks in healthcare workers, public
78 Injected electrode could offer pain relief without medications
79 Great Plains Indian reservations report 17% spike in COVID-19 cases
80 More patients turning to medical marijuana for arthritis pain
81 Many with autism missing out on key genetic tests
82 Bacterial colonies of tumors could guide cancer care
83 Leukemia drug nilotinib safe, shows promise against Alzheimer's disease
84 Emergency health transport can carry surprise big bills
85 Hydroxychloroquine worsens odds for cancer patients with COVID-19
86 1 in 10 hospitalized COVID-19 patients with diabetes dies
87 33% of drug errors missed by electronic health records systems
88 Prescriptions for anti-malarial drugs rose 2,000% after Trump support
89 High number of patients with severe COVID-19 develop deep vein thrombosis
90 Quest for COVID-19 vaccines: Where they stand
91 Very early stage breast cancer ups risk for invasive tumors, study shows
92 New prostate cancer pill may work better than injections, researchers say
93 Undergoing surgery with COVID-19 can lead to serious lung complications
94 Researchers unsure about COVID-19 reinfection
95 Coronavirus was already spreading in U.S. in January: Study
96 Kids spend more time on smartphones, tablets than parents realize
97 Surgeries delayed for COVID-19 expected to strain hospitals
98 Pod-based vaping products more addictive than other e-cigarettes
99 Insulin co-pays nearly flat as prices rise over last decade
100 Gaming leads to less exercise, poor eating among college men, study finds
101 COVID-19 'immunity passports' pose range of issues
102 Sugary drinks biggest source of empty calories for kids
103 Fewer pregnant women have COVID-19 than previously thought
104 Stay-at-home orders could mean more obese children, study says
105 At least 3 feet of social distancing likely reduces COVID-19 spread, study confirms
106 Health warning labels could cut soda sales
107 Risk for drug abuse higher in older lesbian, gay, bisexual adults, study finds
108 Biggest hurdle for young burn survivors is acceptance
109 COVID-19 cases drop slightly in warm weather
110 Education tool fails to influence expectant mothers' choice for C-section
111 Type 1 diabetes costs $2,500 a year with insurance
112 Aggressive testing, social distancing limits COVID-19 at U.S. military base
113 Food allergies underdiagnosed in poor families
114 Survey: COVID-19 pandemic spurring mental health crisis
115 Living near oil, gas wells during pregnancy tied to low birth weight
116 Obese children 3 times more likely to need a ventilator with COVID-19, study finds
117 Cancer risk for non-daily smokers 4 times higher than non-smokers
118 COVID-19 pandemic causes 42% drop in ER visits nationwide
119 At-home gene test for breast, ovarian cancers looks effective
120 Domestic violence may have risen under stay-at-home rules
121 Valium, Xanax linked to higher risk for ectopic pregnancy
122 Plasma helps recovery of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, study shows
123 Study finds no evidence marijuana use increases stroke risk