File Title
1 Summer observation campaigns to study pollution in the Asian tropopause layer
2 Later bedtimes fine for pre-schoolers if they get enough sleep
3 A salt solution toward better bioelectronics
4 A clique away from more efficient networks
5 Advanced MRI scans may improve treatment of tremor, Parkinson's disease
6 Circular reasoning: Spiraling circuits for more efficient AI
7 Maternal depression: seeking help sooner is better for mums and kids
8 A new family of nanocars ready for the next nano Grand Prix
9 Two new, powerful small molecules may be able to kill cancers that other therapies can't
10 Study finds depression associated with greater risk of cardiovascular disease
11 Susceptibility to carcinogens varies due to genetics
12 Otago researchers discover the origins of the beloved guinea pig
13 Most people accessing USC COVID-19 patient self-assessment tool report mild symptoms
14 Coffee, cocoa and vanilla: an opportunity for more trees in tropical agricultural landscapes
15 Mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy aids highly stressed people, study finds
16 Your brain shows if you are lonely or not
17 Red Sea plankton communities ebb and flow with the seasons
18 Calling for nursing support amid COVID-19 pandemic
19 Directly printing 3D tissues within the body
20 Taking a landslide's temperature to avert catastrophe
21 Accelerating biological systems design for sustainable biomanufacturing
22 Genetic rescue of SHANK3 is potential therapy in rare forms of autism spectrum disorder
23 A carbon sink shrinks in the arctic
24 First report of systemic delivery of micro-dystrophin gene therapy in children with DMD
25 New study reveals racial disparities in fear of police brutality
26 Multilevel interventions improve HPV vaccination rates of series initiation and completion
27 Disrupted circadian rhythms linked to later Parkinson's diagnoses
28 Barriers exist to using risk stratification tools to evaluate pulmonary embolism in the ED
29 New fossil discovery shows 50 million-year-old Canada-Australia connection
30 COVID-19 will affect the food and financial security of many for years to come
31 Ushering an antibody cocktail, designed to reduce antibody resistance, to trial as COVID-19 therapy
32 Rochester researchers unlock clues to a dramatic chapter of Earth's geological history
33 Even 'low-risk' drinking can be harmful
34 Molecules that reduce 'bad' gut bacteria reverse narrowing of arteries in animal study
35 COVID-19 pandemic could decimate outdoor environmental, science education programs
36 MIT, NIST create first room-temp 'magnon switch' with industrially useful properties
37 Cell wall research reveals possibility of simple and sustainable method to protect crops
38 Use of unproven COVID-19 therapies by African American patients poses risks
39 Survey: In Vermont, pandemic's impact falling disproportionately on lower income groups
40 Neurons can shift how they process information about motion
41 NIST develops benchmark for detecting large genetic mutations linked to major diseases
42 Researchers uncover drivers of healthy gut maintenance
43 Higher parental stress linked to low screen-time enforcement, research finds
44 BU study: Alcohol taxes have never been lower
45 Study examines the prevalence of COVID-19 infections in pregnant women
46 As food insecurity continues to plague New Yorkers, impact on children is worrisome
47 The many lifetimes of plastics
48 New analysis of human portraits reveals shift in culture, cognition
49 COVID-19 hospitalizations could mean significant out-of-pocket medical costs for many Americans
50 Romosozumab in osteoporosis: Considerable added benefit for women after menopause
51 Addressing the safety of high folate levels in the older population and implications for fortification in Ireland
52 Immune properties in ancient DNA found in isolated villages might benefit humanity today
53 New findings from groundbreaking study shows extended delay in onset of type 1 diabetes
54 New technical approach can enhance diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension
55 Why pulsars shine bright: A half-century-old mystery solved
56 Improved gut microbiota with cholesterol-lowering medication
57 Tuberculosis spread from animals to humans may be greater than previously thought
58 Electronic health information exchange improves public health disease reporting
59 Super-potent human antibodies protect against COVID-19 in animal tests
60 Using Jenga to explain lithium-ion batteries
61 Electrically charged dust storms drive Martian chlorine cycle
62 Combination drug treatments for COVID-19 show promise in cell culture tests
63 Research delves into causes of nightmares that shadow female survivors of sexual trauma
64 Atomic physics: Radiation pressure with recoil
65 Excitons form superfluid in certain 2D combos
66 Brothers in arms: The brain and its blood vessels
67 Ethnic minorities' employment prospects lag behind white majority
68 Researchers develop model to predict likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19, disease outcomes
69 Carbon emission from permafrost soils underestimated by 14%
70 Black and female principal candidates more likely to experience delayed and denied promotions
71 Superlens squeezes light into nanospace
72 Tuberculosis vaccine strengthens immune system
73 COVID-19 associated with dramatic decline in ED use by pediatric asthma patients
74 A raft that won't save you
75 Research reveals how material defects influence melting process
76 When board members get involved, corporate tax burden goes down
77 Diluting blood plasma rejuvenates tissue, reverses aging in mice
78 Drug with new approach on impeding DNA repair shows promise in first clinical trial
79 The Lancet Global Health: Estimates suggest one in five people worldwide have an underlying health condition that could increase their risk of severe COVID-19 if infected
80 Maternal transmission of COVID-19 to baby during pregnancy is uncommon, study finds
81 Multi-ethnic study suggests vitamin K may offer protective health benefits in older age
82 3D X-ray reveals secrets from inside bones
83 AI reduces 'communication gap' for nonverbal people by as much as half
84 GLP-1-based treatment of diabetes does not cause pancreatitis
85 A phase battery for quantum technologies
86 Vegetarians are slimmer and less extroverted than meat eaters
87 Researchers discover what's behind nature's perhaps largest erection--which is not that big
88 More and safer heart transplants could become possible with new heart box
89 Low physical function increase the risk for bone loss in older hip fracture patients
90 New indication of a link between Alzheimer's and diabetes
91 Intelligence is impacted if born small for gestational age
92 The first intuitive programming language for quantum computers
93 Scientists review the metallogenesis and challenges of porphyry copper systems above subduction zone
94 A continental-scale prediction on the functional diversity of stream microbes
95 Extra police powers during COVID-19 could affect relationship with public for good
96 Muscles support a strong immune system
97 Discovery of graphene switch
98 Scientists find key factors impacting sideswiping tropical cyclone precipitation
99 From clickbait to transparency: Reimagining the online world
100 The benefits of slowness
101 Elasticity key to plants and animals' ability to sting
102 Researchers flush out worrying trend of designer drug use
103 Diabetic mice improve with retrievable millimeter-thick cell-laden hydrogel fiber
104 Exposure to air pollution impairs cellular energy metabolism
105 Anaerobically disinfect soil to increase phosphorus using diluted ethanol
106 Wounded plants: How they coordinate their healing
107 Melting a crystal topologically
108 A blood sample can be used to assess the severity and prognosis of FTLD in the future
109 Scientists discover three-dimensional structure in smaller water droplet
110 Treatment plan helps keep young cancer patients home