File Title
1 Association between outdoor light at night & breast cancer risk among postmenopausal women
2 Certain personality traits may affect risk of 'pre-dementia'
3 Age affects decisions related to breast cancer surgery
4 What are the risks and benefits of low-dose aspirin?
5 Osteoporosis treatment may also protect against pneumonia
6 Wearable sensor may help to assess stress in healthcare workers
7 High workload for ICU nurses may increase risk of organ failure for patients
8 Preliminary Criterion scores do not help counteract racial gap in NIH grant awards
9 Solving the mysteries of water and air underground
10 New laser system provides 3D reconstructions of living deep-sea animals and mucus filters
11 Largest, oldest Maya monument suggests importance of communal work
12 New method predicts spin dynamics of materials for quantum computing
13 CNIC researchers discover a system essential for limb formation during embryonic development
14 Cholesterol levels dropping in Western nations--but rising in Asia
15 Early treatment linked to reduced joint damage in young adults with severe hemophilia A
16 Super water-repellent materials are now durable enough for the real world
17 'Excretion of sugar into stool'? New action of anti-diabetic drug discovered
18 Get excited by neural networks
19 People try to do right by each other, no matter the motivation, study finds
20 Study finds PFAS exposure may cause early menopause in women
21 How bacteria fertilize soya
22 Living near oil and gas wells tied to low birth weights in infants
23 Engineered T cells for type 1 diabetes move closer to clinic
24 Princeton team develops 'poisoned arrow' to defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria
25 Double-sided solar panels that follow the sun prove most cost effective
26 Data gaps hamper monitoring of heavy metals that threaten arctic communities
27 Pinpointing the origins of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
28 Social status, not size, determines reproductive success for female mountain gorillas
29 Experts debate saturated fat consumption guidelines for Americans
30 Gut research delves deeper into obesity problems
31 Inherited mutation linked to higher prostate cancer risk in African American families
32 Largest ever study of radiosurgery for brain metastases from small cell lung cancer
33 Strategic redundancy can prevent collapse of supply chains during global crises
34 Study shows diamonds aren't forever
35 Women are not more likely to die of cirrhosis than men, despite fewer liver transplants
36 Self-assembling, biomimetic composites possess unusual electrical properties
37 Low ratings of workplace safety climate by hospital nurses linked to higher risk of injury
38 Scientists made a single-cell-resolution map of brain genes in humans and other primates
39 3D facial scans could speed diagnoses for children with rare genetic diseases
40 Opioid addiction treatment is more widely available, but only for adults
41 Cannabis in Michigan: New report documents trends before recreational legalization
42 Ancient DNA provides new insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean
43 Mangroves at risk if carbon emissions not reduced by 2050, international scientists predict
44 New technique retains nipple color in men after breast reduction
45 New image of a cancer-related enzyme in action helps explain gene regulation
46 Uncuffing nitric oxide production: Beta-arrestin2 complexes regulate NO levels
47 New study reveals areas of brain where recognition and identification occur
48 Researchers study alternative training tools designed to improve Soldier performance
49 BIOCAD presents results of clinical trial proving efficacy of netakimab at EULAR 2020
50 Silicon 'neurons' may add a new dimension to computer processors
51 New discovery may lead to effective and natural treatment for Parkinson's disease
52 IU researchers grow hairy skin from human stem cells
53 New material, modeling methods promise advances in energy storage
54 Universal preoperative COVID-19 screening improves pediatric patient safety
55 Environmental damage from fog reduction is observable from outer space, find hydrologists
56 New clues on how lipid emulsions prevent liver disease in preterm babies
57 UCF's butterfly-inspired nanotech makes natural-looking pictures on digital screens
58 Some types of prostate cancer may not be as aggressive as originally thought
59 HPV vaccines that work in US women may miss the target in women from other countries
60 'Artificial chemist' combines AI, robotics to conduct autonomous R&D
61 Study links malaria risk in deforestation hotspots to demand for agricultural commodities
62 Discovery unlocks 'hot' electrons for more efficient energy use
63 Growth factors and Parkinson's disease--Where next?
64 Deadly bacterial infection in pigs deciphered
65 DNA-barcoded microbial spores can trace origin of objects, agricultural products
66 Atherosclerosis--How a microRNA protects vascular integrity
67 Molecular landscape of the hematopoietic stem cell cradle
68 Childhood trauma affects the timing of motherhood
69 Largest study to date of electronic dental records reviews understudied populations
70 Why we should trust registered clinical trials
71 With faster cell modeling towards the vaccine and cure for COVID-19
72 Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce
73 Two vital buffers against climate change are just offshore
74 New studies show how DNA crossovers can drive healthy, abnormal sperm, egg cell division
75 Research tackles hidden 'tablet overload' as COVID isolation fears grow
76 RedHUMAN: Deciphering links between genes and metabolism
77 Study shows some infants can identify differences in musical tones at six months
78 Biochemical alterations revealed in patients with Lesch-Nyhan disease
79 New study reveals cracks beneath giant, methane gushing craters
80 New antibody technology for monitoring MS patients may have potential in COVID-19 testing
81 How can you sleep during a solo sailing race?
82 Insight into protein misfolding could open up new approaches to treat Parkinson's disease
83 No smoke, but still hazardous
84 Temperament affects children's eating habits
85 Fluorescence bioimaging
86 New role assigned to a human protein in transcription and genome stability
87 Psoriasis patients' mental health is more than skin-deep
88 Use loss of taste and smell as key screening tool for COVID-19, researchers urge
89 Construction of new learning spaces calls for interaction between stakeholders and development of school's operational culture
90 International study approaches new therapeutic strategies for lung cancer
91 New alcohol genes uncovered
92 Not children, but 'super-happy families' the aim of assisted reproduction
93 The most viewed videos in Spain about COVID-19 on YouTube
94 Scientists aim gene-targeting breakthrough against COVID-19
95 Australia's ancient geology controls the pathways of modern earthquakes
96 Alien frog invasion wreaks havoc on natural habitat
97 Small see-through container improves plant micrografting
98 Coronavirus linked to stroke in otherwise healthy young people
99 Immune from chronic stress? Limit inflammatory signaling to specific brain circuits
100 Discovery of a novel gene involved in DNA damage repair and male fertility
101 Paper-based technology advances earlier cancer detection
102 How cells solve their identity crisis
103 Wording of vaccination messages influences behavior
104 Technology for cloud efficiency for databases during data-intensive COVID-19 pandemic
105 Asian tiger mosquito gains ground in Illinois
106 Showtime for photosynthesis
107 Scientists discover that nicotine promotes spread of lung cancer to the brain
108 Applying symptom tracking to COVID-19 outpatient care using famotidine
109 Intranasal delivery of MSCs provides hope for treating Alzheimer's disease
110 High blood pressure linked to increased risk of dying from COVID-19