File Title
1 A continuous simulation of Holocene effective moisture change in East and Central Asia
2 Scientists reveal relationship between Dek and Intron retention during muscle stem cells quiescence
3 HKUST scientists develop world's first spherical artificial eye with 3D retina
4 New control technique could improve accuracy of industrial robots
5 Review: A good vitamin D status can protect against cancer
6 Singapore team develops online atlas of human immunome for precision medicine
7 Study confirms the importance of informal learning in hospitals
8 We're not all equal in the face of the coronavirus
9 Liquid metals break down organic fuels into ultra-thin graphitic sheets
10 Glycolysis involved in immunosuppression by polyphenol; PCB2DG
11 A 'hole' lot of sponge! New technique to create super-sponges is a game changer
12 Bees? Please. These plants are putting ants to work
13 Engineers find neat way to turn waste carbon dioxide into useful material
14 SLC35B1 as a key modulator of a UDPGA transporter into the endoplasmic reticulum
15 Breast cancer treatment costs highest among young women with metastatic cancer
16 Flexible and recyclable optoelectronics move a step closer
17 Proposed seismic surveys in Arctic Refuge likely to cause lasting damage
18 Antarctic sea-ice models improve for the next IPCC report
19 Fluid mechanics mystery solved
20 18.2 million at increased risk of severe COVID-19 uninsured or underinsured: Harvard study
21 Healthcare professional revenue falls nearly 50% across nation during COVID-19 pandemic
22 NIH study links cigarette smoking to higher stroke risk in African Americans
23 Study discovers BAM15 as a potential treatment for obesity
24 Researchers mimic nature for fast, colorful 3D printing
25 COVID-19 false negative results if used too early
26 COVID-19: Society's response discriminates against ethnic minorities and migrants
27 NIH-funded study to evaluate drugs prescribed to children with COVID-19
28 Yale researchers find potential treatment for Rett Syndrome
29 How rod-shaped particles might distract an out-of-control COVID immune response
30 Different hormone therapies affect brain function differently
31 LGBTQIA+ health disparities: Documenting sexual orientation and gender identity is critical
32 Ancient enzymes can contribute to greener chemistry
33 Astronomers discover how long-lived Peter Pan discs evolve
34 How the brain controls our speech
35 Study underlines importance of adequate PPE and training to prevent covid-19 infection
36 Island 'drowning' is not inevitable as sea levels rise
37 Food industry 'shares the blame' for severity of COVID-19, argue experts
38 Speed of space storms key to protecting astronauts and satellites from radiation
39 C. diff captures blood cell cofactor to build defensive shield
40 A rare heart bone is discovered in chimpanzees
41 Intracellular biopsy technique for fast microRNAs profiling in living cells
42 An ISGlobal team achieves massive sexual conversion of the malaria parasite in a dish
43 Aerosol-printed graphene unveiled as low cost, faster food toxin sensor
44 Synthesized cell culture process sets stage for more efficient cancer research
45 Study investigates potential for gut microbiome to alter drug safety and efficacy
46 Falling clean energy costs can provide opportunity to boost climate action during COVID-19 recovery: UN
47 Reusing chicken litter shows benefits
48 Risk of stroke may more than double for African Americans who smoke
49 Treatment gap between men and women for stroke may have narrowed
50 Molecular twist makes one catalyst useful for three hydrogen applications
51 Passing challenging introductory chemistry course gives biggest boost to underrepresented students
52 Study identifies strategies states use to limit local government control
53 Scientists predict the best strategy for lifting COVID-19 lockdown
54 Discovery of the oldest Chinese work of art
55 Ancient bird figurine recovered from refuse heap the oldest instance of East Asian 3D art
56 Remixed mantle suggests early start of plate tectonics
57 Fuel walking and cycling with low carbon diets, researchers say
58 Half the earth relatively intact from global human influence
59 Which businesses should be open?
60 A creative way to expand the geriatrics workforce
61 Keep moving to prevent major mobility disability
62 Stiffer roadways could improve truck fuel efficiency
63 Regular physical activity can maintain or improve frailty
64 Retinitis pigmentosa research probes role of the enzyme DHDDS in this genetic disease
65 Place doesn't trump race as predictor of incarceration
66 Self-driving cars that recognize free space can better detect objects
67 UNC-Chapel Hill researchers create new type of COVID-19 antibody test
68 USC survey suggests the importance of clearly communicating coronavirus risk, behaviors
69 Slow down: Reduced speed limits save lives in busy cities
70 How to handle fraudulent reviews on online portals? Study gives tips to managers
71 Discovering how the brain works through computation
72 Type III interferons: Protective or harmful in COVID-19?
73 Scientists carry out first space-based measurement of neutron lifetime
74 Study examines emotional regulation, family history as risk factors for suicidal behavior
75 Putting 'super' in natural killer cells
76 Utah's arches continue to whisper their secrets
77 Promising path found for COVID-19 therapeutics
78 Three stages to COVID-19 brain damage identified by top neurologists in Journal of Alzheimer Disease paper
79 COVID-19 threatens the entire nervous system
80 People with diabetes are at greater risk of bone fractures
81 A novel mechanism that triggers a cellular immune response
82 Adult stem cell study shows fish oil may help with depression
83 Soil biology research can help create a more sustainable future
84 New study confirms superiority of open surgery for early-stage cervical cancer
85 Adding noise for completely secure communication
86 Researchers model human stem cells to identify degeneration in glaucoma
87 Health care workers at Rush invited to participate in national PCORnet study of hydroxychloroquine
88 Research reveals function of genetic pathway for reproductive fitness in flowering plants
89 Tiny pump builds polyrotaxanes with precision
90 Warburg effect: Sugar-tagging helps drug compounds to target human prostate cancer cells
91 Cost, distance from hospitals present barriers to surgical care
92 Rice lab turns fluorescent tags into cancer killers
93 Do you want a cheerleader or a critic? The Voice shows how we really choose our mentors.
94 A vitamin A analog may help treat diabetic retinopathy
95 Refugee children get better health, nutrition via e-vouchers
96 Neuroscientists discover neural circuits that control hibernation-like behaviors in mice
97 Rice engineers offer smart, timely ideas for AI bottlenecks
98 A breakthrough in developing multi-watt terahertz lasers
99 Treat early or wait? Experts ponder best way to manage milder forms of spinal muscular atrophy
100 News reports of education 'achievement gaps' may perpetuate stereotypes of Black Americans
101 Shift to online consultations helps patients with chronic pain receive support in lockdown
102 Aspirin reduces long-term colorectal cancer risk in genetically predisposed individuals
103 The disease pyramid: Environment, pathogen, individual and microbiome
104 COVID-19 triage decisions should 'ignore life-years saved,' writes bioethicist in Medical Care
105 Political 'oil spill': Polarization is growing stronger and getting stickier
106 Sound waves transport droplets for rewritable lab-on-a-chip devices
107 Army researchers find new ways to test swarming drones
108 Dopamine signaling allows neural circuits to generate coordinated behaviors
109 Thematic package: Corona and sustainability
110 Opposition to sexual- and gender-minority rights linked to support for Christian dominance