File Title
1 Chemotherapy and cancer gang up to cause a neurological side effect, study says
2 To understand COVID-19, researchers review aging, immune response to viral infections
3 Racial, gender disparities observed in heart transplant recipients with COVID-19 infection
4 Ischemic stroke admissions, life-saving thrombectomy procedures decrease during COVID-19 pandemic
5 How effective are language learning apps?
6 Oregon timber harvests don't appear to affect rare salamander, study finds
7 Developing better fabrication techniques for pH-responsive microcapsules
8 Nature's 'slow lanes' offer hope for species feeling heat of climate change
9 Strahl lab decodes another piece of the histone code puzzle
10 National survey shows different bacteria on cell phones and shoes
11 Biohybrid model uses organic lungs, synthetic muscles to re-create respiration mechanics
12 Lung development may explain why some non-smokers get COPD and some heavy smokers do not
13 Artificial intelligence enhances brain tumour diagnosis
14 Kidneys deteriorate with age, regardless of health
15 Scientists warn against 'greenwashing' of global coastal developments
16 Presence of airborne dust could signify increased habitability of distant planets
17 Mexican immigrant obesity rates climb with deportation fears
18 Scientists lament 'Humpty Dumpty' effect on world's spectacular, rare wildlife
19 AGA does not recommend the use of probiotics for most digestive conditions
20 Study finds another reason to wash hands: Flame retardants
21 Serious complication of Crohn's disease may be preventable in young people
22 Human eggs prefer some men's sperm over others, research shows
23 New method to identify genes that can drive development of brain tumors
24 Mysterious Australian Night Parrots may not see in the dead of night
25 American Cancer Society updates diet and physical activity guideline for cancer prevention
26 NAFLD in pregnancy increases risks for mother and baby
27 Paper-based device provides low-power, long-term method for analyzing sweat
28 Targeting SARS-CoV-2 enzyme with inhibitors
29 Eye scanner detects molecular aging in humans
30 Cryoablation comparable to surgery for treating early-stage kidney cancer
31 First all-human mouse model of inherited prion disease
32 Predicting cancer behavior requires better understanding of tumor cells
33 23 years of water quality data from crop-livestock systems
34 Survival of coronavirus in different cities, on different surfaces
35 Obesity patients report health challenges during shelter in place
36 Transforming spleen to liver brings new hope for organ regeneration
37 One silver-lining amid the pandemic: College students are sleeping better
38 Study finds older physicians and those of asian ancestry are at highest risk of suicide
39 Texas A&M researchers light cells using nanosheets for cancer treatment
40 New study of endangered pacific pocket mice provides valuable genetic insights
41 New study finds surface disturbance can limit mule deer migration
42 After a century of searching, scientists find new liquid phase
43 Study suggests Baboon model could aide in Alzheimer's disease interventions
44 Government health, safety regulations backfire with conservatives, study shows
45 First impressions can sway financial professionals' forecasts of firms for up to 6 years
46 New protocol on breast cancer and breastfeeding
47 Pre-term deliveries due to COVID-19 could be avoided by studying EHRs
48 Researchers identify new genetic defect linked to ALS
49 Researchers uncover novel approach for treating eczema
50 Reprogramming of immune system cures child with often-fatal fungal infection
51 How stimulus dollars are spent will affect emissions for decades
52 Look to precision public health to address the perfect storm fueling COVID-19 mortality
53 Newly synthesized fungal compound can switch on a self-destruct button for cancer
54 Roadkill study identifies animals most at risk in Europe
55 Late-life depression may be linked to gender expression
56 'Building wealth and health network' reduces food insecurity without providing food
57 Cannabis poisonings in children linked with drinking and illicit drug use
58 A method has been developed to study the 'traces' of coronal mass ejections at the Sun.
59 Bedrock type under forests greatly affects tree growth, species, carbon storage
60 Gaps in data on marijuana use limit public health response
61 Oncotarget: Exploring the role of survivin in neuroendocrine neoplasms
62 Skoltech researchers use machine learning to aid oil production
63 Physics principle explains order and disorder of swarms
64 Three research groups, two kinds of electronic properties, one material
65 Oncotarget: The role of EGFR mutations in predicting recurrence in lung adenocarcinoma
66 Oncotarget: Adoptive cell therapy in combination with checkpoint inhibitors
67 COVID-19 mouse model will speed search for drugs, vaccines
68 Marijuana concentrates spike THC levels but don't boost impairment
69 Mozart may reduce seizure frequency in people with epilepsy
70 Acoustics put a fresh spin on electron transitions
71 Oncotarget: Hyperprogression to immune blockade followed by a response with cabozantinib
72 Decisions made for incapacitated patients often not what families want
73 Climate change: Warm springtime's unwelcome legacy
74 Oncotarget: miR-151a enhances Slug dependent angiogenesis
75 Population ecology: Origins of genetic variability in seals
76 New recommendations on genetic testing for prostate cancer
77 Experts outline research methods to study puberty suppression impacts on brains of transgender youth
78 New procedure 'rewires' the heart to prevent recurrent fainting spells
79 Potent tetrahydroquinolone can eliminate parasites that cause toxoplasmosis and malaria
80 Kissing bugs also find suitable climatic conditions in Europe
81 Responding to challenges of older adults with COVID-19
82 National Autism Indicators Report: the connection between autism and financial hardship
83 COVID-19 antibody tests: How reliable are they?
84 Considering health when switching to cleaner electricity
85 Flu vaccine coverage linked to reduced antibiotic prescribing
86 What makes a giant jellyfish's sting deadly
87 Levels of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in sewage rose with COVID-19 cases in Dutch cities
88 Extinct camelids reveal insights about North America's ancient savannas
89 Sounds of sickness: Perceptions of coughs, sneezes not diagnosed accurately
90 People make irrational trust decisions precisely
91 What can maritime shipping learn from brain network science?
92 Secondary school admissions system is still a work in progress
93 ASTRO issues first clinical guideline on radiation therapy for cervical cancer
94 Self-healing bone cement
95 Immunodominant epitopes identified for designing peptide-based vaccine against SARS-CoV-2
96 Ebola transmission risks would be taken more seriously with ground-up interventions
97 Noise disturbs the brain's compass
98 How COVID-19 has altered sleep in the United States and Europe
99 Microplastic background pollution in the Curonian Spit beach
100 Scientists reveal regional coupled C-N-H2O cycle processes and associated driving mechanisms
101 First confirmation of new theory by metamaterial
102 New 'sun clock' quantifies extreme space weather switch on/off
103 Cellular stress causes cancer cell chemoresistance
104 Simulations on biologically relevant time scales
105 Fewer complications after organ transplantation
106 Potential high-risk clones identified among S. maltophilia strains in European hospitals
107 Surprisingly strong and deformable silicon
108 Scientists present new method for remote sensing of atmospheric dynamics
109 Beavers are diverse forest landscapers
110 Will lockdown loneliness make us loners?