File Title
1 Discovering the prehistoric monuments of Arabia
2 Stroke bleeds in the brain not decreasing, Framingham study finds
3 Sharing of tacit knowledge is most important aspect of mentorship, study finds
4 BAME women account for over half of pregnant women in UK hospitals with COVID-19
5 Countries must work together on CO2 removal to avoid dangerous climate change
6 Tai chi lifts spirits of people with heart disease
7 Using multiomics in an agricultural field, scientists discover that organic nitrogen plays a key role
8 Early childhood intervention programs may reap benefits across generations
9 International Consortium of Scientists Propose New Naming System for Uncultivated Bacteria and Archaea
10 How to gently caress atoms
11 Genetic risk score can predict timing of fractures in elderly people and aid prevention
12 Johns Hopkins 'philosophy lab test' finds objective vision impossible
13 3-D shape of human genome essential for robust inflammatory response
14 Entire Roman city revealed without any digging
15 University of Cincinnati research points to potential new treatment for pancreatic cancer
16 NHGRI researchers uncover genes linked to common recurrent fever in children
17 High-risk mothers missing out on mental health checks
18 New technique pinpoints locations of individual molecules in their cellular neighborhoods
19 WPSI recommends screening for anxiety in women and adolescent girls [plus additional topic]
20 Monkeys appreciate lifelike animation
21 Study finds path for addressing Alzheimer's blood-brain barrier impairment
22 Lizard legacy sheds new light on web of life
23 Putting COVID-19 diagnostic tests to the 'test'--how do they hold up?
24 Women generate lower travel-related greenhouse gas emissions, NZ study finds
25 Signatures of fractional electronic charge observed in topological insulators
26 Nuclear medicine and COVID-19: New content from the Journal of Nuclear Medicine
27 Twitter fight: Birds use social networks to pick opponents wisely
28 Virginia Tech research provides new explanation for neutrino anomalies in Antarctica
29 Microneedling therapeutic stem cells into damaged tissues
30 New study finds drinking fruit juice in early years can have long term dietary benefits
31 Ancient micrometeoroids carried specks of stardust, water to asteroid 4 Vesta
32 Clocking in with malaria parasites
33 Use of emergency departments plummets during COVID-19
34 Late blight research pairs spectroscopy with classic plant pathology diagnostics
35 Living near oil and gas wells may increase preterm birth risk
36 Accounting for nature in economies
37 Women's communication shapes division of labor in household
38 Unexpected uncertainty can breed paranoia, researchers find
39 Volcanic activity and changes in Earth's mantle were key to rise of atmospheric oxygen
40 BU researcher: Screening for drug use can be reasonable, but not evidence-based
41 Majority of first-wave COVID-19 clinical trials have significant design shortcomings, study finds
42 Infected insects may warn of impending citrus disease a year in advance
43 Birmingham scientists 're-train' immune system to prevent attack of healthy cells
44 Lab makes 4D printing more practical
45 Biomedical sciences researchers provide methods to inactivate and safely study SARS-CoV-2
46 Simple way of 'listening' to chicks could dramatically improve welfare
47 Undersized airways may explain why nonsmokers get COPD
48 Study shows cannabis temporarily relieves PTSD symptoms
49 Study by NUI Galway researchers into DNA biology could impact future anti-cancer therapies
50 How magnetic fields and 3D printers will create the pills of tomorrow
51 Study on shorebirds suggests that when conserving species, not all land is equal
52 Improved MRI scans could aid in development of arthritis treatments
53 Water vapor in the atmosphere may be prime renewable energy source
54 Fecal transplants show promise as treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
55 Black hole's heart still beating
56 Computer modelling predicts where vaccines are needed most
57 The neurobiology of social distance
58 Pitt researchers' new material allows for unprecedented imaging deeper in tissues
59 Widespread facemask use could shrink the 'R' number and prevent a second COVID-19 wave
60 Study identifies network of genes that directs trachea and oesophagus development
61 Armor on butterfly wings protects against heavy rain
62 Study tracks decades of life cycle changes in nonwoody plants
63 Predicting unpredictable reactions
64 Botox is an effective treatment for some common sports injuries, new research suggests
65 Antihistamines and similar drugs could slow down Huntington's disease
66 Scientists identify ancient origin for key hormone system
67 High-salt diet impacts health of gut microbiome
68 Study: National calorie menu labeling law will add years of healthy living, save billions
69 Novel DNA analysis will help to identify food origin and counterfeit food in the future
70 New nanodevice could use solar energy to produce hydrogen
71 Alzheimer research: Noise-inducing neurons shut down memories
72 EULAR advocates deployment of health care professionals--study confirms effectiveness
73 Use of cystatin C for precise assessment of kidney function and cardiovascular risk
74 Predictors of 5-year mortality in young dialysis patients
75 Heat and humidity battle sunshine for influence over the spread of COVID-19, research
76 Health services should learn long-term lessons of earlier coronavirus outbreaks
77 Renewable fuel from carbon dioxide with the aid of solar energy
78 Parasitic fungi keep harmful blue-green algae in check
79 Study reveals birth defects caused by flame retardant
80 Scientists use machine learning to predict major clinical forms of drug cardiotoxicity
81 Down to the bone: Understanding how bone-dissolving cells are generated
82 Phenothiazine derivatives may find use in photodynamic therapy
83 COVID-19 loneliness linked to elevated psychiatric symptoms in older adults
84 Invasive rushes spreading in upland farm fields
85 Does sarcoponic obesity link to metabolic syndrome? An issue that needs clarification
86 New pathway to attack tumor cells identified
87 Study proves that magma chambers can be totally molten
88 Snapshot of exploding oxygen
89 Orthotics breakthrough helps children with Cerebral Palsy walk and play
90 Researchers have found a molecular explanation to a longstanding enigma in viral oncology
91 NUS and Stanford researchers uncover a new mindset that predicts success
92 An alternative route for studying the intrinsic properties of solid-state materials
93 An unusual cobalt compound
94 Immune cell discovery could improve the fight against hepatitis B
95 Essential components of dietary restriction revealed
96 Machine learning predicts nanoparticles' structure and dynamics
97 New antivirals for influenza and Zika
98 New hints of volcanism under the heart of northern Europe
99 Human presence weakens social relationships of giraffes
100 Researchers put a price tag on alcohol use
101 Research reveals insights into bioprinted skeletal muscle tissue models
102 Ways to disrupt protein synthesis in Staphylococcus aureus found
103 A new mechanism improves the efficiency of antibacterial surfaces
104 Re-trafficking proteins to fight Salmonella infections
105 Feeding habits differ by age and sex in Asian black bears: Data may help wildlife experts better manage bears' habitats
106 Magnesium ductility improvement elucidated thru first principles and molecular dynamics simulation
107 Holders of negative opinions towards GM food likely to be against other novel food tech
108 Female athletes at risk for nutritional deficiencies
109 Telemedicine effective for monitoring patients in large pediatric neurology network
110 Happiness might protect you from gastrointestinal distress