File Title
1 Low-Income, Black Neighborhoods Still Hit Hard by Air Pollution
2 Building a Bridge to the Quantum World
3 Physicists Create Stable, Strongly Magnetized Plasma Jet in Laboratory
4 Newly Discovered Hybrid Molecules Could Serve as a Novel Category of Anti-cancer Agent
5 Defying the laws of physics? Columbia engineers demonstrate bubbles of sand
6 How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide
7 Astronomers successfully obtain first ever image of a black hole
8 Engineers tap DNA to create 'lifelike' machines
9 New imaging technique reveals 'burst' of activity before cell death
10 Just add heat to open this tiny box
11 Your Brain and the Computer: A Comparison
12 How to Actually Help Someone Who is Grieving
13 Israel's Start-up Nation: The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs
14 Types of Acne. Which is Yours?
15 Black Holes Stunt Growth of Dwarf Galaxies
16 Milky Way Raids Intergalactic 'Bank Accounts,' Hubble Study Finds
17 New Research Sheds Light on the Ages of Lunar Ice Deposits
18 Study Suggests Ice on Lunar South Pole May Have More than 1 Source
19 Pressure Runs High at Edge of Solar System
20 Physicists Have Found A Way to 'Hear' Dark Matter
21 Liquifying A Rocky Exoplanet
22 Virtual 'Universe Machine' Sheds Light on Galaxy Evolution
23 NASA's MMS Finds First Interplanetary Shock
24 Study finds path for addressing Alzheimer's blood-brain barrier impairment
25 The state of China's climate in 2019: Warmer and wetter, but less loss
26 Spontaneous formation of nanoscale hollow structures could boost battery storage
27 What do electric vehicle drivers think of the charging network they use?
28 The mental health of fathers of babies born very prematurely
29 California's climate refugia: Mapping the stable places
30 Patterns in permafrost soils could help climate change models
31 Scientists identify targets for COVID-19 vaccine using cancer immunotherapy tools
32 'Playing hard to get' really works; here's why
33 Do COVID-19 apps protect your privacy?
34 Boys' poor reading skills might help explain higher education gender gap
35 Deadly superbug could get a vigorous foe in repurposed antibiotic
36 Kidney problems more prevalent in NYC COVID-19 patients
37 New tool helps nanorods stand out
38 Milkweed, only food source for monarch caterpillars, ubiquitously contaminated
39 Marine energy devices likely pose minimal impacts to marine life, report shows
40 You are what you eat is as important for fish as it is for people
41 Health disparities prove to be multidimensional
42 Researchers develop ultra-sensitive device for detecting magnetic fields
43 Physicists study mirror nuclei for precision theory test
44 Global oncology pharmacists face restricted access to essential PPE items
45 Research team builds better rock models
46 How much color do we really see?
47 Doing more with terahertz: Simplifying near-infrared spectroscopy systems
48 Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip
49 Researchers shed light on new enzymatic reaction
50 COVID-19: Are we handling this the right way?
51 Shock waves created in the lab mimic supernova particle accelerators
52 Kawasaki-like syndrome linked to COVID-19 in children is a new condition
53 Stanford-led study suggests a new approach to reducing spread of mosquito-borne diseases
54 Switching from aluminum to zinc alloys could improve sustainability of automotive parts
55 Crystalline 'nanobrush' clears way to advanced energy and information tech
56 Heart injury among hospitalized COVID-19 patients associated with higher risk of death
57 New smart parking software cuts congestion, emissions
58 Rice team makes tiny, magnetically powered neural stimulator
59 Better detection of a type of ovarian cancer could lead to better treatments
60 Opioid prescriptions after childbirth linked to increased risk of overdose, persistent use
61 Study shows opioid, sedative and antidepressant use pre-surgery leads to worse outcomes
62 Research team to study food resilience in the face of catastrophic global events
63 New algorithm helps select patients for urgent surgery or chemotherapy during pandemic
64 Drug researcher develops 'fat burning' molecule
65 Protection of seagrasses is key to building resilience to climate change and disasters
66 Temperate insects as vulnerable to climate change as tropical species
67 First global map of rockfalls on the Moon
68 New light for plants
69 Researchers developing quick and simple method of glyphosate detection
70 Army researchers enhance communications for multi-agent teaming
71 Case Western Reserve-led research uncovers connections between psoriasis and joint disease
72 Pregnancy complications in assisted reproduction linked to a specific process
73 Red tape may have a silver lining for micro businesses--new study
74 Radiocarbon dating pins date for construction of Uyghur complex to the year 777
75 Indirect effects of SARS-CoV-2 on the kidneys: beware of the genetic background
76 Giving GDP a needed ecological companion
77 Specific kidney proximal tubular injury caused by SARS-CoV-2
78 Acute kidney disease in critically ill COVID-19 patients
79 Many factors may contribute to steep, decades-long muskrat population drop
80 The impact of disclosure laws on prescription patterns from companies that pay them
81 Discovery of important molecular mechanism of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
82 Astronomers find elusive target hiding behind dust
83 Intestinal health: Dresden research team identifies enzyme essential for stem cell survival
84 Functional polymers to improve thermal stability of bioplastics
85 Bluetooth technology, the best ally to detect COVID-19 cases through smartphone contact tracing
86 Cosmic quasars embrace 1970s fashion trend
87 Scientists analyze spatio-temporal differentiation of spring phenology in China from 1979 to 2018
88 Forgot where you parked the car? Research suggests memory is a game of all or nothing
89 Infants have a basic knowledge of the role and limitations of language
90 Appetite can be increased by cells in the brain
91 Replacing GDP with Gross Ecosystem Product reveals value of nature
92 Viewing the topology of thermonuclear reaction in nuclear landscape from the network perspective
93 New study: Chemists at the University of Halle are able to induce uniform chirality
94 Single-cell yolk-shell capsules with high biological activity and stability
95 Physical activity in all of its forms may help maintain muscle mass in midlife
96 New treatment target verification for myelodysplastic syndrome
97 'Social distancing' saves frogs: New approach to identify individual frogs noninvasively
98 Threats to global food security from emerging fungal crop pathogens
99 A sharper view of flood risk
100 Unravelling complex brain networks with automated 3D neural mapping
101 Novel computer-assisted chemical synthesis method cuts research time and cost
102 Titanium oxide-based hybrid materials promising for detoxifying dyes
103 First systematic report on the tug-of-war between DNA damage and repair
104 Novel eco-friendly electrochemical reaction can synthesize useful semiconductor materials
105 Integrating nanomaterial with light-absorbing molecule powers hydrogen production from water and sun
106 Photodynamic therapy used to treat ovarian cancer
107 When cancer cells can't make their own fat, they eat more of it
108 Green cities roadmap touts COVID-19 recovery stimulus
109 Super-cooled metallic ammonia gives clues about electron behavior
110 Scientists engineer one protein to fight cancer and regenerate neurons