File Title
1 Coronavirus Patient Zero? Man in US Not Infected in January, Antibody Tests Suggest
2 Seizures and Strokes: The Different Ways Coronavirus Attacks the Brain
3 Lungs of Chinese Jogger Collapsed When Running Wearing a Face Mask
4 Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine: FDA Approves Succeeding Phases After Promising Tests Results
5 Mysterious Lava on Mars Reveals New Interesting Detail About the Planet
6 32 Years After He Was Abducted, Facial Recognition Reunites a Man with His Family
7 Pillows of Presymptomatic COVID-19 Patients Will Infect Others with Coronavirus
8 Hamster Experiment Shows Effectiveness of Face Masks in Reducing Coronavirus Spread
9 Parallel Universe? NASA Scientists Found Evidence that May Prove a Realm that Runs in Reverse Exists
10 Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Twice as Large as Tallest Manmade Structure Approaches Near Earth Today
11 Ice-Covered Landmass of Antartica Turning Green Because of Climate Change
12 New Kind of Asteroid Seemingly Having an Identity Crisis, Discovered by Scientists
13 Shimmering Rainbow Chocolate: How is it Made?
14 Mysterious Lesions Appear on Wild Turtles, Alarming New Jersey Officials
15 NASA is Looking for Participants Who Will Spend 8 Months in Mars Simulation
16 New Hybrid? Scientists Create a Mouse Embryo that is 4% Human
17 Earth's Magnetic Field is Weakening, and Scientists are Trying to Understand Why
18 Bionic Transition: Humans Can Replace Entire Bodies, Upload Memories in Less than 50 Years
19 FACT CHECK: Will a Hand Sanitizer Explode Inside a Hot Car?
20 Men with Long Ring Fingers are Less Likely to Die to Coronavirus, Study Claims
21 Asteroid Hit that Killed Dinosaurs with Fatal Angle May Have Caused Climate Change on Earth
22 4,000 Year Old Squatting Skeleton Found by Archaeologists in German State
23 SpaceX Launches NASA Astronauts into Orbit, Marks a First for the Agency [Video]
24 Severed Body Parts of Chimpanzee in Germany Sparks Speculations, but Not Related to COVID-19 Research
25 SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Successfully Brings NASA Astronauts to the ISS
26 Coronavirus Weaker? Doctor Claims COVID-19 is Becoming Less Lethal
27 2,000-Pound Female Great White Shark Swam Hundreds of Miles to Avoid Mating
28 European Wasps Beheads Flies, Bullies Large Animals in Australia
29 At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits Available on the Market, Experts Question Accuracy
30 Scientists Speculate that Coronavirus Can Exploit 'Hidden Mutations,' Increases Its Chances to Kill the Host
31 $3 Trillion COVID Relief Bill Raises Question, "How is the US Economy Faring Amid the Pandemic?"
32 China Admits Destroying Important Early Coronavirus Samples Not as Cover Up but for Safety Concerns
33 China's "SARS Hero" Says Lack of Immunity Makes the Country Vulnerable to COVID-19 Second Wave
34 Study Says Human Host Gets the Blame for Bringing Coronavirus to Wuhan, Not Animals
35 Qatar Imposes Mandatory Wearing of Masks in Public, 3 Years Jail Time Awaits Violators
36 New Yorker Nabbed in Hawaii After Violating Quarantine, Posting Beach Photos on Social Media
37 COVID-19 Cure? Sorrento Discovers Antibody that 100% Blocks Viral Infection
38 Cuomo Gets Tested for COVID-19 in Live TV, Encourages New Yorkers to Push Through with Testing
39 Chinese Expansionist Ambitions Dangerous to America, Freedom Loving Countries
40 US Space Force X-37B Space Plane Embarks on Its Longest Mission Yet
41 New Pandemic on the Rise: Targets Rabbits, Not Humans
42 Bill Gates' at-Home Coronavirus Testing Program Suspended for Disclosing Results to Patients
43 Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine to Fight Coronavirus, India Agrees Despite Raging Criticism
44 Eight Schools in France Closed Down After Student Tests Positive for COVID-19
45 Smoker's Lungs More Susceptible to COVID-19, New Research Suggests
46 Amazon Workers Exposed to COVID-19, Crisis Amid the Booming Business
47 China Imposes 'Wuhan Style' Lockdown on Chinese Region, More than 108 Million Affected
48 Holy Shot!: Priest Goes Viral After Shooting Church Goers with Holy Water Using a Squirt Gun
49 Chinese Wildlife Farmers Offered Money to Halt Illegal Animal Trade
50 Coronavirus May Result to Depression or Even Increased Suicide Rate
51 Coronavirus Spreads More than Six Feet Social Distancing Requirement During Windy Weather
52 Astronomer Believes that Life in Universe Exists Other than Humans on Earth
53 Organ Donation in UK Now by Default, Inspired by a 9-Year-Old Who Save Another Kid's Life
54 New Coronavirus Symptoms Show Pernio-Like Lesions on Skin, Doctors Observed
55 Fact Check: Frontliners Reportedly Using Hydroxychloroquine to Protect Them from COVID-19
56 Titanic Telegraphic Machine Will Be Removed from Ship Wreck Soon
58 Johnson's Talc-Based Baby Powder Phased Out: Lawsuits Claim It Contains Cancerous Asbestos
59 New York Launches UV Light Program to Kill COVID-19
60 China's PLAN Provoking a Conflict with US Even During Pandemic, Pentagon Confirms
61 Secret Underground Hospital in Philippines Treats Chinese COVID-19 Patients
62 Woman Tests Positive for Coronavirus 8 Times, Currently on Her 10th Test
63 Watch: New Alien Planet is Born Amid Its Formation Process
64 Benefits of Drinking Tea and How It Might Help in a Crisis
65 COVID-19 Does Not Spread Easily from Contaminated Surfaces or Animals
66 Extended Use of Face Mask Dangerous? May Cause Hypercapnia and Hypoxia
67 Face Shields Could Be Better than Face Mask, Adds a Layer of Protection Against COVID-19
68 Brazil's Indigenous People are Dying from Coronavirus with Limited Access to Healthcare
69 Can Coronavirus Be Transmitted Through Makeup and Other Beauty Products?
70 Coronavirus: Unborn Babies in Danger as Virus May Attack the Mother's Placenta
71 Astronomers Discover Ancient Galaxy Believed to Be 1.5 Billion Years Old
72 Breakthrough Study in Singapore Says COVID-19 is No Longer Infectious After 11 Days
73 Japan Urges Public to Stay Alert as COVID-19 Emergency is Lifted
74 Brazilian City Mayor Says President Bolsonaro is "Co-Responsible" in Rising COVID-19 Death Toll
75 New Way of Transmission? Live Coronavirus Found on Feces of Deceased Patients
76 Dreaded Coronavirus Second Wave Prompts Production of More Flu Vaccine by Pharmas
77 Earth's Magnetic Field Splitting into Two Distinct Zone of Varying Weakness
78 See How Fast the Coronavirus Spreads in Mass Transit Without Social Distancing [Video]
79 France Bans Use of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Treatment Due to Safety Issues
80 Fauci Says Second Wave Can Be Avoided, Discusses Steps to Take in the Next Four Months
81 City in China Wants to Use a Smartphone App to Monitor the Health of Citizens
82 Cyprus to Cover Vacation Costs of Tourists Who Contracted COVID-19 During Stay in Country
83 COVID-19 Stimulus Funds End Up in Trash as They Arrive in Debit Cards that People Thought Were Scam
84 Bird Flu May Be Capable of Erasing the Human Race, Will Be Worse than Coronavirus?
85 Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square Massacre Vigil Banned Due to COVID-19 Restrictions
86 New Ebola Cases Resurfaced in Congo; Marks 11th Outbreak of the Virus
87 We Can't Breathe
88 CMS Releases Data on COVID-19 in Nursing Homes
89 Minneapolis Hospitals Brace for COVID-19 Surge Following Protests
90 Amputation Epidemic in Blacks; Cardiology Volume Recovery; DVT in Most COVID-19?
91 Early Palliation: Boon for AML Patients on Intensive Chemo
92 COVID Brain Invasion? Aging Without Dementia; Sneaking Past the Brain's Gates
93 Take It from a Patient with Multiple Risk Factors: Thank You for Telemedicine
94 University Leaders Are Failing
95 Blood Test May Help Predict Post-Concussion Recovery
96 COVID-19 Update: Inhalable Remdesivir; China's Footdragging; the Mask Traders
97 What We Know about this New Deadly Enemy
98 Can PCPs Survive COVID-19? Only if Fee-for-Service Goes
99 Med School to Students: Sign this COVID Waiver or Risk Graduation Delay
100 Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Post-Pandemic Prescription
101 Anxiety High Among Docs, PAs; Outpatient Clinics Revive
102 Early Palliation: Boon for AML Patients on Intensive Chemo
103 PTSD Symptoms Common in Stem Cell Recipients
104 Frailty Score Joins the COVID-19 Battle
105 Large Review Finds Good Evidence for Masks, Distancing in Stopping COVID-19
106 CV Procedure Trials: The Good and Bad of Industry Sponsorship
107 Financial Implications of COVID-19 for U.S. Physicians
108 Thyroid Screening in Pregnancy: Too Much of a Good Thing?
109 The New One-Eyed Babysitter
110 Can We Flatten the Second Wave Without Universal Masking?