File Title
1 Icosapent Ethyl Cuts Revascularization: Latest from REDUCE-IT
2 Inflammation, Thrombosis Biomarkers Tied to COVID-19 Deaths
3 COVID-19 Daily: Critically Ill NYC Patients, Severe Disease in Kids
4 AHA Advice on Prehospital Acute Stroke Triage Amid COVID-19
5 Worse COVID-19 Outcomes in IBD Patients Taking Corticosteroids
6 Pandemic-Related Vaccination Drop Raises Concern About US Measles Outbreak
7 More than Two Thirds of US Infants Still Don't Meet Vitamin D Intake Guidelines
8 Celiac Disease in Young People Linked to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Exposure
9 Antibody Panel Accurately Detects Recent Plasmodium Vivax Infection
10 Speech May Spread More COVID-19 than Feces
11 Beware of COVID-19 Misinformation on YouTube
12 Doctors Say COVID-19 Risk Should Be Part of Surgical Informed Consent
13 Adult ICU Triage Tool Seeks 'Greatest Good for Greatest Number'
14 Initial Chest X-Ray in the ED Can Predict Hospitalization, Intubation of COVID-19 Patients
15 Coronavirus Puts UV in the Disinfectant Spotlight
16 Trump Says He Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine as Hedge Against Virus
17 US CDC Plans Sweeping COVID-19 Antibody Study in 25 Metropolitan Areas
18 'The Work Starts Now' Antibody Study to Guide Spain's COVID-19 Response
19 WHO Chief Promises Review of Coronavirus Response, China Defends Its Performance
20 US Probes PerkinElmer's Role in Massive Medicare Fraud: Sources
21 In Race to COVID-19 Drugs, EU May Fast Track Remdesivir Sale Before US
22 GSK's Long-Acting Injection Beats Truvada in HIV Prevention Trial
23 'Remarkable' Lack of Genetic Testing in Autism
24 Onc Daily: New Drug for GIST, PARPi for Prostate Cancer
25 World First: Saliva Test Detects Occult HPV Oral Cancer
26 WebMD Poll: Many Report Weight Gain During Shutdown
27 Gallbladder Polyps Not Associated with Long-Term Gallbladder Cancer Risk
28 A Silver Lining to the Pandemic as 'Tele-Diabetes' Here to Stay
29 Preexisting Liver Disease Tied to Higher COVID-19 Risks
30 Tracheotomy May Be Appropriate for Certain Ventilated Patients with COVID-19
31 Conjunctivitis Can Be Sole Covid-19 Symptom
32 Europe Sees Two Deaths, Multiple Cases of COVID-Linked Syndrome in Children
33 COVID-19 Severity in Pregnancy Appears Lower than H1N1
34 COVID-19 Daily: First Vaccine Data, Antibody Test Issues
35 First COVID-19 Vaccine Tested on Humans Shows Early Promise
36 Genetic Variant Might Contribute to Racial Disparity in COVID-19 Cardiac Mortality
37 Gilead to End Coronavirus Drug Trials, Adding to Access Worry: Researchers
38 Lower BMI Cutoff May Be Linked to Severe COVID-19 in Younger Asian Patients
39 Inhaled Nitric Oxide Eases COVID-19-Related Exacerbation of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
40 Misdiagnoses Common, with Permanent Disability, Death for Many
41 HRT Update Regarding Breast Cancer Risk Advised in EU
42 Review Contradicts Boris Johnson on Claims He Ordered Early Lockdown at UK Care Homes
43 US Employers Wary of Coronavirus 'Immunity' Tests as They Move to Reopen
44 US Issues First Coronavirus Workplace Guidance to Nursing Homes
45 The Fellows Behind the COVID-19 Literature Updates
46 Medicare for All vs. Single Payer: Do You Know the Difference?
47 FDA Approves Ripretinib for Advanced GISTs
48 Dogs Sniff Out COVID
49 Vitamin D: A Low-Hanging Fruit in COVID-19?
50 Hospitals Turn to Online Matchmakers to Swap Supplies
51 Children Hold Devices Too Close, Harming Eyesight
52 COVID-19 Daily: Negative Diagnostic Tests, Whistleblower Complaint
53 COVID-19 Test Results: Don't Discount Clinical Intuition
54 Coronavirus Social: Residents Help Out Graduating Med Students on Twitter
55 Asthma Patients Advised to Continue Therapy During Pandemic
56 COVID-19 Prevalence: John Ioannidis Responds to His Critics
57 ISOCOMS Telemedicine Platform Useful for Patient Care in a Biocontainment Unit
58 Worse COVID-19 Outcomes with Liver Injury at Presentation
59 US CDC Issues Guidelines on How to Reopen Schools, Transit and Workplaces
60 U.S. Accuses Chinese-born Researcher at Cleveland Clinic of Ties to Chinese Spying
61 EU Top Diplomat Wants Independent Probe into Coronavirus Origins
62 NIH to Study Malaria Drug Championed by President Trump Against COVID-19
63 Cases of Children with Rare Inflammatory Syndrome Spike in Italy and France
64 Contraception for Young Adults Is 'Essential' Care During COVID-19
65 Few Older Women Discuss Urinary Incontinence with Health Care Providers
66 US Hospices Offering Less Palliative Chemotherapy and Radiation
67 Hundreds of Child Weddings Thwarted in Ethiopia as Coronavirus Locks Girls Out of Schools
68 Cases of Children with Rare Inflammatory Syndrome Spike in Italy and France
69 Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Found Protective in Small Monkey Study
70 Europe Pins Hopes on Antibody Tests to Avoid Second Virus Wave
71 Italy Launches Blood Tests to Investigate Who Has Had COVID-19
72 Vietnam Determined to Save British Pilot, Avoid Its First COVID-19 Death
73 COVID-19 Daily: FDA Test Warning, 'Warp Speed' Vaccine Project
74 Whistleblower Warns of 'Darkest Winter' if US Doesn't Plan Against Coronavirus
75 How Sewer Science Could Ease Testing Pressure and Track COVID-19
76 City at Center of Italy's COVID-19 Tragedy Works to Heal 'Deep Scar'
77 TWILIGHT Outcomes Hold Regardless of Stent Platform
78 Stay-at-Home Orders Correlated with Slower COVID-19 Spread
79 Trump Offers Details About 'Warp Speed' COVID-19 Vaccine Project
80 ED Docs Willing, but Not Ready, to Give Buprenorphine for OUD
81 Repeated Hits to the Head Tied to Early Death in NFL Players
82 Onc Daily: Olaparib in Ovarian Cancer, Smoking and Lung Cancer Survival
83 Chilblains a Common Finding During COVID-19 Pandemic
84 SGLT2 Inhibitor Therapy Could Curb Heart Failure Deaths
85 Tau PET Tracer Distinguishes Between Alzheimer, Non-Alzheimer Disorders
86 Frontal Lobe Glucose Abnormalities May Flag SUDEP Risk
87 Lower T-Cell Subset Counts Seen with More Severe COVID-19
88 N-95 Refit Essential When Used with Skin-Protecting Dressings
89 With Massive Reach, Telemedicine Transforms STEMI Care in Latin America
90 Lack of Reimbursement Hurts Uptake
91 BASICS: Endovascular Therapy Adds Little for BAO Stroke
92 Even with Mild COVID-19, Athletes Need Cardiac Testing Before Returning to Play
93 Quitting Smoking 2 Years Before Lung Cancer Diagnosis May Improve Survival
94 One Factor Contributing to Increase in US Liver Cancer Deaths?
95 Many Women Can Successfully Have a Second ART Pregnancy
96 Moscow Says It Ascribed Over 60% of Coronavirus Deaths in April to Other Causes
97 Prevention of COVID-19 Should Drive Nonurgent Radiology Practice During the Pandemic
98 One-Time Treatment for Elephantiasis Works for at Least 5 Years
99 Experimental Treatment Lowers Recurrence Risk of Bacterial Vaginosis in Phase 2 Test
100 Chinese Researchers Develop COVID-19 Risk Score to Predict Severe Disease
101 Fearing Shortages, EU May Deploy Emergency Funds in COVID-19 Vaccine Race
102 Spanish Antibody Study Suggests 5% of Population Affected by Coronavirus
103 EU Urges Voluntary Use of Virus-Tracing Apps to Speed Recovery from Pandemic
104 In Canada, Albertans Wary of 'Big Brother' with Use of COVID-19 Digital-Tracing App
105 Simulation Training Could Boost Interdisciplinary Staff Comfort with Prone Ventilation
106 'This Virus May Never Go Away,' WHO Says
107 Maternity Ward Massacre Shakes Afghanistan and Its Peace Process
108 US to Tell Doctors to Report Cases of COVID-19 Inflammatory Syndrome in Kids
109 Slowly but Steadily, China Strives to Make Widespread Virus Testing the New Normal
110 Locked Down Shoppers Turn to Vegetables, Shun Ready Meals
111 Polygenic Risk Score Helps Target AAA Screening
112 COVID-19 Daily: High-Risk Specialties, Flu Comparisons
113 The Unanticipated Consequences of Pandemic Care
114 Pediatric Cancer Patients May Be No More Vulnerable to COVID-19 than Healthy Kids
115 Which Specialties Are at Highest Risk for Contracting COVID-19?
116 UK Rejects Calls to Publish Detailed Data of Care-Home Deaths from COVID-19
117 A Tale of Two Japanese Drugs in Tests to Fight COVID-19
118 With Castro-Era Biotech, Cuba Seeks to Compete in Coronavirus Treatment Race
119 Russia Suspends Use of Ventilator Type Sent to US After Fatal Fires
120 Bladder Microbiomes Altered in Women with Urinary Incontinence
121 Onc Daily: Liver Cancer Breakthrough, Medicaid Expansion