File Title
1 Hubble watches comet ATLAS disintegrate into more than 2 dozen pieces
2 Hubble captures breakup of comet ATLAS
3 Study reveals important flowering plants for city-dwelling honey bees
4 New study finds biases against physically dirty people take root as early as age 5
5 BU researchers: Race and income shape COVID-19 risk
6 Spinal cord gives bio-bots walking rhythm
7 Harnessing psyllid peptides to fight citrus greening disease
8 Scientists explore the power of radio waves to help control fusion reactions
9 Ayurveda and yoga for COVID-19 prevention
10 Glacier detachments: A new hazard in a warming world?
11 Agricultural pickers in US to see unsafely hot workdays double by 2050
12 Study shows immunotherapy prior to surgery may help destroy high-risk breast cancer
13 Understanding how fluids heat or cool surfaces
14 How the heart affects our perception
15 Study reveals pharmacy-level barriers to treatment for opioid use disorder in Appalachian Kentucky
16 Making transitions from nursing home to hospital safer during COVID-19 outbreak
17 How mistakes help us recognize things
18 New drug formulation could treat Candida infections
19 Surgeons help create new process for disinfecting and reusing N95 masks
20 Scientists recreate DNA damage caused by toxins from smoking
21 Immune-regulating drug improves gum disease in mice
22 Red-flagging misinformation could slow the spread of fake news on social media
23 Synthetic antibodies built with bacterial superglue could help fight emerging viruses
24 Study from Chinese city of Shenzhen, outside hong kong in southern China, provides key insights on how coronavirus spreads
25 Scientists studied the growth rate effect of gut bacteria on degradation of dietary fibers
26 Surveying the lipid landscape
27 Understanding deer damage is crucial when planting new forests
28 Arctic wildlife uses extreme method to save energy
29 Plastic pollution reaching the Antarctic
30 How animals 'dial up' the pain they experience from certain stimuli
31 Shrinking instead of growing: how shrews survive the winter
32 How animals 'dial up' the pain they experience from certain stimuli
33 X-ray analysis sheds light on construction and conservation of artifacts from Henry VIII's warship
34 Initial motivation, a key factor for learning in massive open online courses
35 MA3Bi2I9 single-crystal enables X-ray detection down to nanograys per second
36 Key progress on the MRI compatible DBS electrodes and simultaneous DBS-fMRI
37 HKUST researchers unlock genomic secrets of scaly-foot snail
38 Hierarchically porous TiO2/rGO with exposed (001) facets for lithium storage capacity
39 Gene defects linked to eczema, wheeze and nasal disease among babies
40 Fused-ring electron acceptor with 3D exciton and charge transport
41 Ribosome biogenesis gene DEF/UTP25 is essential for liver homeostasis and regeneration
42 Success in specific detection of molecules using deformation of a single atomic sheet
43 Childhood obesity and high blood pressure warn of future heart disease
44 Crops sown in a uniform spatial pattern produce higher yields and reduce environmental impact
45 The truth lies in the soil: How human activity leaves a chemical footprint in soils
46 New HKBU-led study unveils COVID-19 transmission patterns and reopening plans
47 A molecular pressure cooker tenderizes tough pieces of protein and helps to bite off
48 TAMA300 blazes trail for improved gravitational wave astronomy
49 A leap in using silicon for battery anodes
50 Finding the genes to build a better cancer treatment
51 Mobile telehealth system in China facilitates clinical communication during COVID-19
52 Visual-spatial learning disorder is more common than thought, finds study
53 Alcoholics Anonymous method can mesh well with other treatments for alcohol misuse
54 New device simulates feel of walls, solid objects in virtual reality
55 A great new way to paint 3D-printed objects
56 Study of nearly 10,000 women explores feasibility and safety of multi-cancer blood test
57 1 in 7 Americans would avoid care for suspected COVID-19 fearing cost of treatment
58 Study indicates artificial intelligence could help stem tide of school violence
59 Hugs and kisses: Research connects affection, attachment style and marriage satisfaction
60 Thrive announces clinical data from study of blood test to detect multiple cancers
61 Correlations in COVID-19 growth point to universal strategies for slowing spread
62 Sexual risk behavior is reduced with involvement of parents and healthcare providers
63 Invasive lionfish likely to become permanent residents in the Mediterranean
64 Offspring may inherit legacy of their father's Toxoplasma infection
65 New study links severe sleep apnea to higher blood glucose levels in African-Americans
66 Rat spinal cords control neural function in biobots
67 AGA and joint task force on allergy-immunology practice parameters release EoE guidelines
68 Virus genomes help to explain why a major livestock disease has re-emerged in Europe
69 N/A
71 Simulating borehole ballooning helps ensure safe drilling of deep-water oil, gas
72 Two-person-together MRI scans on couples investigates how touching is perceived in the brain
73 People with brown fat may burn 15% more calories
74 A child's home environment can impact the risk of developing depression
75 How blood cells deform, recover when traveling through tiny channels
76 New DNA test will improve tracking of Salmonella food-poisoning outbreaks
77 Work-related stress linked to increased risk for peripheral artery disease
78 Higher economic status does not always translate to better heart health
79 Wide bandgap semiconductor devices based on silicon carbide may revolutionize electronics
80 Web of Psychological Cues--Why People Readily Divulge Private Information Online
81 Dutch Tulip Fields Come into Bloom in Stunning Satellite Images
82 Evolution in COVID-19 Spread Predicted by Mathematical Curves
83 Clinical Test Results Released for Antiviral Remdesivir Treatment of COVID-19
84 Stanford: Promising Signs for Past Martian Life at Jezero Crater, Mars
85 Revealed: Hubble Space Telescope's Jaw-Dropping 30th Anniversary Image [Video]
86 Scientists Discover Fundamental Physical Constants Govern How Runny a Liquid Can Be
87 Newly Developed Nanotechnology Biosensor Being Adapted for Rapid COVID-19 Testing
88 Crucial Weight-Balancing Test Performed on NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover
89 Most Dangerous Place in the History of Planet Earth Revealed by Paleontologists
90 More Questions than Answers as NASA Reveals Alien Composition of 2I/Borisov
91 New Insights into Extreme Matter from High-Energy-Density Physics Research
92 Icelandic DNA Jigsaw-Puzzle Puts Together New Image of Neanderthals
93 What Exactly Are Coronaviruses Anyway?
94 Turbulent Firestorm of Starbirth Captured in Awe-Inspiring Hubble 30th Anniversary Portrait
95 MIT Researchers Designed a Congestion-Control Scheme to Reduce Delays in Wireless Networks
96 Scientists Tame Electron Bunches to Generate Brighter X-Ray Beam with "Donut Laser"
97 Algorithm Developed to Predict the Evolution of Genetic Mutations
98 COVID-19: The Greater Threat to Society of Social Distancing
99 Paleontologists Reveal Jurassic Park in Eastern Morocco
100 New Dual-Action Coating Invented to Prevent Bacterial Cross-Contamination of Fresh Produce
101 Molecular & Isotopic Evidence of Milk, Meat & Plants in Prehistoric Food Systems
102 Spacecraft Reveals Venus' Super-Rotation Maintained by Atmospheric Tidal Waves
103 More Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Ethylene Production with New Catalyst
104 Genetic Analysis Shows Life's Earliest Evolution Was More Complicated than Previously Suspected
106 Precision Injection System Developed for Plants--Delivers Micronutrients, Hormones, or Genes
107 Population and Economics: What Comes After COVID-19?
108 Global Diversity Curves Are Misleading--Ocean Biodiversity Has Not Increased Substantially for Hundreds of Millions of Years
109 Clinicians Treating COVID-19 Warn: "Don't Rush to Try Novel Therapies"
110 The Incredible Story of "The Camera that Saved Hubble"