File Title
1 Long-term use of synthetic corticosteroid drugs increases adrenal gland inflammation
2 Three years of monitoring of Oregon's gray whales shows changes in health
3 Engineers develop precision injection system for plants
4 The cause of the red coloration in stalagmites
5 Disappearance of animal species takes mental, cultural and material toll on humans
6 For ME/CFS patients, viral immunities come at a devastating, lifelong cost
7 Investigating the causes of the ozone levels in the Valderejo Nature Reserve
8 Antibiotic exposure can 'prime' single-resistant bacteria to become multidrug-resistant
9 Beta cells from stem cells
10 'Elegant' solution reveals how the universe got its structure
11 Coupled magnetic materials show interesting properties for quantum applications
12 Superconductivity: It's hydrogen's fault
13 European countries face a costly 23% increase in fragility fractures by 2030
14 A promising new treatment for recurrent pediatric brain cancer
15 HudsonAlpha scientists collaborate to uncover a gene that doubles the risk of developing several neurodegenerative diseases
16 Light-based deep brain stimulation relieves symptoms of Parkinson's disease
17 How do epidemics spread and persist before and after introduction of a vaccine?
18 Early high school start times adversely affect attendance
19 Researchers' method holds promise for brain study, better tests for viruses
20 COVID-19 could spell the end of an egalitarian National Health Service
21 Eye pupil an indicator of effective decision making, study finds
22 New metasurface laser produces world's first super-chiral light
23 'We urgently need a renewed public debate about new breeding technologies'
24 Erosion process studies in the Volga Region assist in land use planning
25 Open access hardware & 3D printing can help tackle demand for health supplies
26 Parkinson's disease may start in the gut
27 Breastfeeding moms' exposure to nicotine linked to infant skull defect
28 University of the Witwatersrand publishes first clinical data on COVID-19 in South Africa
29 Rapid evolution in fish: genomic changes within a generation
30 Virtual and augmented reality: warnings about the ethical dangers
31 Researchers identify key mechanisms involved in pulmonary fibrosis development
32 New breakthrough could help us understand how rare childhood brain disorders develop
33 Scientists develop stable luminescent composite material based on perovskite nanocrystals
34 How to include human connection with nature in biodiversity goals
35 New understanding of asthma medicines could improve future treatment
36 The North Atlantic right whale population is in poor condition
37 Proteasome phase separation for destruction
38 New species of moths discovered in the Alps named after three famous alpinists
39 Scientists unveil how general anesthesia works
40 Salmonid fishes use different mechanism to defend against parasite infections
41 Using cloud-precipitation relationship to estimate cloud water path of mature tropical cyclones
42 New findings suggest laws of nature not as constant as previously thought
43 Unique Namibian trial finds smart interventions reduce malaria transmission by 75%
44 NUS-led team develops artificial intelligence platform to combat infectious diseases
45 Honey bees could help monitor fertility loss in insects due to climate change
46 Soil in wounds can help stem deadly bleeding
47 Stress in parents of children with autism: Pets may help
48 Clinicians treating COVID-19 say don't rush to try novel therapies
49 Immune system changes occur early in development of multiple myeloma, study finds
50 Continuous dosing improves progression-free survival for melanoma patients with common mutations
51 Study analyzes contamination in drug manufacturing plants
52 They remember: Communities of microbes found to have working memory
53 Cancer care model could help us cope with COVID-19, says nanomedicine expert
54 What comes after COVID-19? Special issue in the journal Population and Economics
55 Scientists double understanding of genetic risk of melanoma
56 Scientists identify a potential treatment candidate for early type 2 diabetic retinopathy
57 Study finds no overall survival benefit, but improved quality of life with talazoparib in advanced BRCA-mutated breast cancer
58 MD Anderson and Ipsen advance new therapy with potential benefit for underserved patients with lung and ovarian cancers
59 Sustainable light achieved in living plants
60 Study traces spread of early dairy farming across Western Europe
61 Poor Amazonians go hungry despite living in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth
62 Herpes virus decoded
63 New staining technique visualizes whole organs and bodies
64 Artificial intelligence could serve as backup to radiologists' eyes
65 Biochemists unveil molecular mechanism for motor protein regulation
66 Fracking and earthquake risk
67 New model of the GI tract could speed drug development
68 Say no to vaping: Blood pressure, heart rate rises in healthy, young nonsmokers
69 High-fat diet consequences include mental fatigue, researchers say
70 Scientists uncover how Zika virus can spread through sexual contact
71 Can vaping scar your lungs? New insights and a possible remedy
72 'Dirty' mice could help make a more effective flu vaccine
73 New findings on hepatitis C in infants can lead to improved treatments
74 Blood test offers early warning of chemotherapy-related heart problems
75 Scientists trace path from PTSD to heart disease
76 Breathing during exercise is harder for women than men
77 Earbud-like nerve stimulator shows promise for relieving indigestion
78 What's the best way to identify male hemp seedlings?
79 KIST develops high-performance ceramic fuel cell that operates on butane gas
80 Scientists use bacteria to help plants grow in salty soil
81 New type of immune cell discovered in breast ducts
82 New study reveals life's earliest evolution was more complicated than previously suspected
83 Tube worm slime displays long-lasting, self-powered glow
84 Insights into why loud noise is bad for your health
85 Less addictive form of buprenorphine may help curb cocaine relapse
86 Researchers identify drugs that could halt preterm labor
87 CBD shows promise for fighting aggressive brain cancer
88 Light helps arthritis treatments target joints
89 Reducing early brain inflammation could slow Alzheimer's progression
90 Is it safe to vape while breastfeeding?
91 3D tissue models provide unprecedented insight into human brain function and disease
92 Researchers weave human tissue into new blood vessels
93 'Ethnic spaces' make minority students feel at home on campus
94 Immunotherapy before surgery could advance care of an aggressive form of skin cancer
95 Crabeater seal data used to predict changes in Antarctic krill distribution
96 Antibiotics may increase risk for opioid abuse
97 Gut microbes influence how rat brains react to opioids
98 Abundant element to power small devices
99 Electronics for high-altitude use can get smaller and sturdier with new nanomaterials
100 Analysis of pottery fragments shows dairy farming common in Neolithic Europe
101 COVID-19 does not spread through sex, study suggests
102 Rising prices push up drug costs for arthritis patients on Medicare
103 Venus' Atmosphere Rotates Far Faster than Its Surface Because of Thermal Tides
104 8 Pitfalls that Must Be Addressed to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic
105 A Review of the Most Promising Strategies for Defeating Coronavirus: Vaccines, Antivirals, Gene Therapies
106 Decades of Knowledge of Marine Protected Areas Ruined by Climate Change
107 Ultra-Fast Adaptation Solution to 'Link Discovery' Problem for Terahertz Data Networks
108 Nanometer-Thick Electromagentic Shielding Film Developed Using MXene
109 Hubble Observes Aftermath of Massive Collision--"Blueprint for How Planets Destroy Each Other"
110 MIT Team Races to Fill COVID-19 Ventilator Shortage with Low-Cost, Open-Source Alternative
111 Best Materials for Homemade Coronavirus Face Masks--Performance Close to N95
112 Pulsed Optically Pumped Atomic Clock Design Achieves State-of-the-Art Frequency Stability
113 Only 0.23% of the Mediterranean Basin--a Global Biodiversity Hotspot--Has Effective Levels of Conservation Protection
114 Are Bats to Blame for the Coronavirus Crisis? Q&A with Wildlife Biologist
115 NASA Engineers Develop COVID-19 Prototype Ventilator in Just 37 Days
116 Hubble Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with a Turbulent Tapestry of Blazing Starbirth [Video]
117 Fast, Flexible, Powerful Bioelectronic Devices Are Two Steps Closer with Columbia's Soft Transistors
118 Results Just in from Randomized Clinical Trial that Evaluated Chloroquine Diphosphate for COVID-19
119 Stunning Satellite Images Show Air Pollution Drop in India Following Coronavirus Lockdown
120 Tracking a Lethal Menace: Novel Coronavirus Detected, Monitored in Wastewater
121 Star Captured by Supermassive Black Hole's Gravity--And Survives!
122 Researchers Identify Specific Cells in Body Likely Targeted by COVID-19 Virus
123 Hubble Hunts the Cold Sky for Dead Stars
124 Groundbreaking Development in Rapid Large-Scale COVID-19 Testing
125 Radio and Gravitational Wave Signatures of Double Neutron Stars--Accurate Clocks to Test Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
126 Unique Physical, Chemical Properties of Cicada Wings Revealed by Material Scientists
127 How to Live in Isolation--9 Tips from Astronaut Support Engineer that Spent 520 Days Locked in Mockup Spacecraft