File Title
1 Do privacy controls lead to more trust in Alexa? Not necessarily, research finds
2 Anxious about public speaking? Your smart speaker could help
3 Privacy worries prevent use of social media account for signing up for apps
4 Web of psychological cues may tempt people to reveal more online
5 Groundbreaking development in rapid large-scale testing of COVID-19
6 Higher levels of NETs in blood associated with more severe COVID-19
7 FSU researchers discover new structure for promising class of materials
8 New study finds connection between fault roughness and the magnitude of earthquakes
9 Researchers develop breakthrough antibody test for COVID-19 virus
10 Traffic officer protein governs speed of sugar/fat conversion pathway
11 Highly concentrated aqueous electrolytes could replace solvents used in batteries
12 Climate change may push some species to higher elevations--and out of harm's way
13 With a heavy heart: How men and women develop heart disease differently
14 Could suicide risk be predicted from a patient's records?
15 Substituting the next-best protein
16 Dramatic loss of food plants for insects
17 Holistic approach best for tackling nonmedical drug use, study finds
18 COVID-19: The downside of social distancing
19 Maryland engineers open door to big new library of tiny nanoparticles
20 Conservative and social media usage associated with misinformation about COVID-19
21 Bose-Einstein condensate: Magnetic particles behave repulsively
22 A 'corset' for the enzyme structure
23 An eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar discovered by FAST
24 Fueling the world sustainably: Synthesizing ammonia using less energy
25 Environment-friendly compound shows promise for solar cell use
26 Diverse livelihoods helped resilient Levanluhta people survive a climate disaster
27 New active ingredient against allergic asthma
28 Nursing homes prepared for pandemics, but COVID-19 reveals gaps
29 Sanfilippo C syndrome: New brain cell models to evaluate therapies
30 Hubble celebrates its 30th anniversary with a tapestry of blazing starbirth
31 Hubble marks 30 years in space with tapestry of blazing starbirth
32 Achievement requires passion and grit
33 Summary of preliminary data about obesity and severity of COVID-19
34 Organic heterostructures composed of one- and two-dimensional polymorph
35 Brain insulin sensitivity determines body weight and fat distribution
36 Assessing El Nino's impact on fisheries and aquaculture around the world
37 Paleontologists reveal 'the most dangerous place in the history of planet Earth'
38 Training instance segmentation neural network with synthetic datasets for seed phenotyping
39 How the immune system reacts to hepatitis C viruses
40 Water molecules dance in three
41 Colliding solitons in optical microresonators
42 After a heart attack, physical activity makes you feel better
43 Syphilis eludes immune attack by altering a single gene
44 Feeling the pressure: How blood vessels sense their environment
45 Big data reveals we're running out of time to save environment and ourselves
46 New high-energy-density physics research provides insights about the universe
47 Researchers solve 'link discovery' problem for terahertz data networks
48 Artificial intelligence can categorize cancer risk of lung nodules
49 The best material for homemade face masks may be a combination of two fabrics
50 Learn from past to protect oceans
51 Adsorbent material developed with PET bottles for the removal of antibiotics from water
52 Two steps closer to flexible, powerful, fast bioelectronic devices
53 Scientists discover just how runny a liquid can be
54 Warming climate undoes decades of knowledge of marine protected areas
55 Catalyst opens door to more efficient, environmentally friendly ethylene production
56 The most promising strategies for defeating coronavirus: A review study
57 Apollo 13 splashdown 50 years ago underscored NASA's ingenuity
58 Astronauts return from months in space to Earth changed by pandemic
59 Climate change to blame for megadrought emerging across Western U.S.
60 Machine learning helps scientists distinguish ancient human, dog poop
61 NASA sets May 27 date for historic first SpaceX launch with crew aboard
62 For most of the world, it's impossible to 'eat local'
63 Fog harp can harvest water from even the lightest of fogs
64 New electronics mimic brain's low-power computing abilities
65 Declining snowmelt threatens farmers in the western U.S.
66 ALMA observations reveal unusual composition of intestellar comet 2I/Borisov
67 Cable bacteria dramatically curb methane emissions from rice cultivation
68 Scientists find microbes eating ethane spewing from deep-sea vents
69 Americans spend more on wasted food than gas, clothes, taxes
70 Bundle of diamond threads can store and release energy
71 New bat species are close relatives of the one that carries COVID-19
72 Hunter-gatherers developed culturally distinct cuisines 7,000 years ago
73 Elon Musk's SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
74 Tectonic plates began shifting much earlier than geologists thought
75 As CO2 levels continue to rise, it will get harder to think clearly
76 Map of tectonic stresses in North America could help assess tremor risk
77 Study: Permian Basin has highest U.S. oil, gas methane emissions ever
78 Genomes suggest parallel societies persisted through end of Neolithic
79 Once dinosaurs were gone, some birds evolved big brains
80 Researchers trace elusive Spanish fort to Florida's Mound Key
81 Global warming is undoing decades of progress in marine reserves
82 Predator-packed Sahara was most dangerous place on Earth 100M years ago
83 Best homemade mask combines cotton, natural silk, chiffon
84 Poison control calls for cleansers, disinfectants up 20% during pandemic
85 New York ramps up COVID-19 antibody tests to gauge scope of outbreak, immunity
86 Breast milk may help shield infants from catching viruses
87 Nearly half the U.S. population breathes polluted air
88 64% of FDA-approved meds pass through streamlined processes
89 COVID-19 infections in LA up to 55 times higher than reported
90 FDA approves at-home COVID-19 test
91 Active older veterans more likely to fall, less likely to get hurt
92 CDC to implement contact tracing to bolster COVID-19 response
93 Young adults often delay getting help for eating disorders
94 Transplanted skin stem cells help blind mice see light
95 Coronavirus concerns keep asthma, emphysema patients from ER
96 Number of Americans with high cholesterol declines by 30%, CDC reports
97 Rural women at higher risk for early death from heart disease
98 Young people at lower risk for COVID-19, can still transmit the virus
99 Suicide attempts, deaths up sharply over last decade
100 Oregon researchers go door-to-door to track COVID-19 spread
101 Too many processed meats, starches may increase dementia risk
102 Most COVID-19 patients placed on ventilators die, New York study shows
103 Study links bacterial blood infections, higher colon cancer risk
104 Health programs boost abstinence, condom use among black teens
105 Multiple drugs in testing for COVID-19, little evidence they work
106 33% of cancer survivors, partners trapped in jobs for health insurance
107 Filtered coffee linked to better heart health
108 Remdesivir doesn't help COVID-19 patients, leaked study suggests
109 New research confirms safety, efficacy of children's vaccines
110 Homeless shelters are 'tinderboxes' for coronavirus, studies show
111 COVID-19 count revisions in China suggest it's more contagious than thought
112 Nearly half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, CDC says
113 Pneumonia more deadly than hip fracture for hospitalized seniors
114 Coronavirus spreading in parts of U.S. looking to reopen soon
115 FDA issues warning on side effects of malaria drug for COVID-19
116 20% of children on lockdown in China suffer depression, anxiety, study finds
117 Smart contact lens accurately monitors blood sugar in rabbits, human tests next