File Title
1 Ship noise disrupts camouflage abilities of shore crabs
2 New kind of star only pulsates on one side
3 To sea turtles, stinky plastic smells like food
4 Soldier ants prove evolution sometimes works in reverse
5 Protecting flood-controlling mangrove forests pays for itself
6 NASA's SLS moon rocket is 30 percent over budget, report says
7 Scientists call for more sustainable palm oil practices
8 Earth, moon aren't oxgyen twins
9 SpaceX 'gunning' for May launch of astronauts from Florida
10 Baboon moms carry deceased infants for up to 10 days
11 As health of prairie grasses decline, so does number of grasshoppers
12 Scientists spy rare eclipsing binary brown dwarf system
13 Scientists classify neurons by measuring their jiggle during a heartbeat
14 Very Large Telescope finds giant exoplanet where it rains iron
15 Coronavirus can live in air for 3 hours, on surfaces for 2-3 days
16 Remote Tierra del Fuego kelp forests surveyed for the first time in 45 years
17 Scotland's Isle of Sky hosted rich dinosaur diversity during middle Jurassic
18 Smallest known dinosaur found trapped in 99-million-year-old amber
19 SpaceX plans Sunday launch from Florida to boost Starlink satellite count
20 Study of shear zones yields data on earthquakes deep below surface
21 Researchers detect wildlife using DNA found in river water
22 Researchers confirm presence of nitrogen on recently-mapped comet
23 Study reveals how plants communicate for defense using gene regulation
24 Citizen scientists enlisted to chart galaxies
25 SpaceX Starlink mission fails to launch from Florida on Sunday
26 Mantle, not core, may have produced Earth's earliest magnetic field
27 Ancient cave carving depicts six-legged mantis-man
28 Ancient ballcourt in Mexico shows sport much older than thought
29 NASA's mobile moon rocket tower 44% over budget, IG says
30 Mammoth bone circles hint at how people survived Europe's ice age
31 SpaceX launches Starlink mission from Florida
32 'Wonderchicken,' 66.7 million-year-old bird fossil, discovered
33 Narwhal tusk size plays role in sexual selection, researchers say
34 Darwin theory confirmed 161 years after conception
35 'Hypertelescope' camera could revolutionize celestial photography
36 Study: Small predators get ambushed at kill sites of larger predators
37 NASA, SpaceX plan return to human spaceflight from U.S. soil in mid-May
38 Emissions drops seen as NYC, global traffic levels dive amid COVID-19 fears
39 Crop diversity can help fight climate change, new study shows
40 Scientists develop AI device that detects coughs in crowds
41 Engineers develop supercapacitor to power wearable electronics
42 OneWeb plans Saturday satellite launch from Kazakhstan
43 New source of carbon, nutrients found in Arctic groundwater
44 Rare fossilized excrement found in La Brea Tar Pits
45 Study shows changes in Great Barrier Reef fish during heat wave
46 Opening plastic packaging generates microplastics, study says
47 Study: Seeding atmosphere with sulfur dioxide may reduce global warming
48 OneWeb launches 34 satellites from Kazakhstan
49 Scientists unveil smaller, more powerful brain-machine interface
50 Stickleback study shows epigenetic changes key to climate change adaptation
51 Ancestor of all modern animals found in ancient Australian mud
52 Scientists catalogue thousands of parasitic wasps in new monograph
53 Teeth provide permanent archive of life, study shows
54 First launch for Space Force planned from Florida on Thursday
55 Rats are more generous when they sniff the smell of hunger
56 To adapt to cities, birds must grow their brains or grow their families
57 Livestock, poultry appear safe from COVID-19, expert says
58 First launch for Space Force lifts off from Florida
59 Scientists identify best trees for fighting roadside pollution
60 Study reveals where marine species are moving as oceans warm
61 Feathery find: One of the last dino raptors lived in New Mexico
62 NASA's next Mars rover to carry 10.9M names, 155 essays to Red Planet
63 Scientists discover plastic-eating microbe
64 Study: Cognitive ability is a whole-brain phenomenon
65 Neanderthals were eating mussels, fish, seals 80K years ago
66 How an animal processes numbers influences its odds of survival
67 West African lions don't prefer national parks to hunting preserves
68 2-million-year-old fossils suggest human ancestor was a tree climber
69 Astronomers reveal source of 'red sign' in ancient Japanese literature
70 Remains of 90-million-year-old rainforest found near South Pole
71 Ancient human relative Lucy's brain was surprisingly ape-like
72 Climate change shrinking wings of nightingale, making migration more difficult
73 Britain's plankton population has changed dramatically over the last 60 years
74 Bacteria in deep sea rock cracks offer hope for life on Mars
75 Wireless network helps scientists track small animals
76 Drylands to become more abundant, less productive due to climate change
77 Fossil suggests Homo erectus is 200,000 years older than thought
78 Fossil shows earless seals living in Australia 3 million years ago
79 Invasive Asian hornet could cost Europe millions in damages
80 Year's biggest supermoon to light up Tuesday's night sky
81 Boeing will redo Starliner capsule's uncrewed test flight
82 Innovative bird species less likely to go extinct
83 Scientists in Japan develop decomposable plastic
84 SpaceX's Dragon splashes down after trip to space station
85 Cold War nuclear bomb tests help scientists measure age of whale sharks
86 New test to identify sea turtles' sex boosts conservation efforts
87 Puerto Rico's coqui is the Caribbean's oldest frog
88 Ocean's 'biological pump' absorbs more carbon than previously estimated
89 Wallflowers evolved a pair of complementary chemical defenses
90 Space Force announces its first pandemic-related launch delay
91 Amazonian crop domestication began at least 10,000 years ago
92 Cloud brightening won't curb global warming
93 Soyuz capsule docks successfully at International Space Station
94 Scientists struggle to explain how coronavirus moves through the air
95 Hidden armies of crown of thorns starfish can devastate coral reefs
96 Risk aversion helps ants avoid obstacles, predators
97 Warmer weather may not curb COVID-19, study in China says
98 Bird companions help black rhinos avoid poachers
99 Fine threads of million-degree plasma revealed in sharpest-ever images of sun
100 Apollo 13's 50th anniversary recalls NASA tragedy turned triumph
101 Scientists synthesize world's most complex microparticle
102 Ancient long-lived pioneer trees store majority of carbon in tropical forests
103 Pollution drops 30 percent in cities across the northeastern United States
104 Bangladesh's water teeming with drugs, chemicals, study says
105 Magnetic nanoparticles help researchers remotely release adrenal hormones
106 Tidal fragmentation explains formation, ejection of 'Oumuamua
107 Plant diversity in Europe's forests is on the decline
108 Shockwaves account for bright light produced during nova explosions
109 NASA advances food-in-space technology
110 Newly discovered black iguana species in Caribbean is endangered
111 Long-duration space travel alters astronaut brain volume
112 Satellites help solar power plants anticipate cloud cover, sunlight availability
113 Timing of Earth's biggest earthquakes follows a 'devil's staircase' pattern
114 Genomics help scientists estimate the population size of the first Samoans
115 Survey shows pollution in Gulf 10 years after Deepwater Horizon spill
116 Astronomers discover brightest supernova ever
117 New algorithm can predict evolution of genetic mutations
118 T2K project clarifying why matter dominates antimatter in the universe
119 Telescope spies tango between star, black hole, proves Einstein right
120 New camera can detect single photons of light at record speeds