File Title
1 After 16 years, the Spitzer Space Telescope's science mission is over
2 Scientists develop new way to extract, analyze DNA from museum specimens
3 Genetically engineered moth released for first time
4 Complex causes behind Arctic greening, researchers say
5 Grey seals observed communicating by clapping underwater
6 Butterflies can pass acquired scent preferences on to their offspring
7 'Safe' biodiverse regions now vulnerable to climate change
8 Hot pots helped ancient Siberian hunters stay alive, warm
9 Feeding bluebirds helps the songbirds fight off parasites
10 January 2020 hottest on record, EU climate monitoring system says
11 Cuttlefish opt for lighter lunch when shrimp is on the dinner menu
12 Study: To save Earth, protect the largest species
13 Astronomers find rare massive galaxy in the distant universe
14 Many household drinking water filters fail to totally remove PFAS
15 Record-setting astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth
16 Prehistoric woman's remains found in underwater cave in Mexico
17 Colossal oysters missing from parts of Florida's coastline
18 Report reveals elevated benzene levels at 10 U.S. oil refineries
19 Mud wasp nests used to date ancient Australian rock art
20 Neutrons, X-rays help scientists study aging process in lithium batteries
21 Researchers resurrect mutated genes of one of the last wooly mammoths
22 NASA: Software defects could have destroyed Boeing Starliner on test flight
23 Beaked whales observed coordinating deep dives
24 Northrop plans cargo launch to space station from Virginia on Sunday
25 Solar Orbiter launch planned Sunday to study sun's poles
26 Northrop postpones Antares rocket launch in Virginia on Sunday
27 NASA, Europe space agency launch Solar Orbiter mission
28 El Nino weather patterns blamed for declines in insect biodiversity
29 Biologists publish first global map of fish genetic diversity
30 NASA commits to returning astronauts to the moon by 2024
31 Laser controlled by light, sound to enable ultra-fast data transfer
32 Himalayan glacier reveals evidence of start of Industrial Revolution
33 Yellow, black pattern helps orb weaver spiders trap prey
34 Scientists say solar system affects Earth's carbon cycle
35 Great white sharks have been in Mediterranean for 3.2M years
36 Small changes in altitude could reduce airplane contrails
37 Scientists pick up pattern of space radio signals for 1st time, study says
38 Silica can help crops survive drought
39 Deepwater Horizon oil spill was bigger than previously thought, study finds
40 NASA expects thousands to apply for astronaut jobs ahead of moon missions
41 Extinct South American giant turtle had 10-foot-wide horned shell
42 Upside-down jellyfish can launch venomous balls of mucus
43 Researchers develop faster method for 3D printing
44 Survey: Most Americans say diet affects global warming 'a little'
45 New antibiotics have a unique way of killing bacteria
46 NOAA: January 2020 was hottest on record
47 SpaceX delays launch of fifth Starlink communications cluster
48 Northrop cargo capsule launch from Virginia reset for Saturday
49 Data analysis shows evolutionary burst, decline of Mesozoic sea reptile
50 NASA's 'Pale Blue Dot' photo of Earth gets an upgrade on 30th anniversary
51 Astronomers watch dimming of supergiant star Betelgeuse
52 WWI-era helmets as good for shock wave protection as modern versions
53 Trans-Eurasian crop exchange began 3,000 years earlier than thought
54 NASA taps Rocket Lab to launch CubeSat to lunar orbit
55 Northrop launches International Space Station cargo mission
56 SpaceX launch grows Starlink constellation to more than 300 satellites
57 Catalyst recycles greenhouse gases into hydrogen gas, fuel, other chemicals
58 Ancient plant foods found in northern Australia
59 Protein-powered device generates electricity from moisture in the air
60 New Neanderthal skeleton unearthed from 'flower burial' site
61 Ultrasound device boosts charge, run times in lithium metal batteries
62 Hurricane Harvey most extreme U.S. weather event of last decade
63 Hurricanes benefit mangroves in Florida's Everglades, study finds
64 Radio telescope measures aurorae in distant planetary system
65 Random gene pulse patterns key to multicellular system development
66 Scientists greatly underestimating methane emitted by humans
67 Veggie-loving monkeyface prickleback may be future sustainable protein
68 An adaptive gut microbiome might have shaped human evolution
69 Himalayan wolf uniquely adapted to life at high altitudes
70 Cracks actually protect historical paintings against environmental fluctuation
71 Adidas, Delta Faucet prep research projects for International Space Station
72 DNA from ancient packrat nests reveals Earth's ecological history
73 Siberian permafrost yields 46,000-year-old horned lark
74 Songbird study reveals changes in fall migration
75 Earliest evidence of hominin interbreeding revealed by DNA analysis
76 Bumblebees can recognize objects across different senses
77 Toxic mineral selenium to blame for spinal deformities in California Delta fish
78 Study details decline of Australia's quokkas
79 One billion-year-old green seaweed fossils unearthed in China
80 NASA's InSight lander mission yields first scientific paper on Marsquakes
81 Curbing nutrient overload helps coral resist bleaching
82 Australia's wildfires burned 21 percent of the country's temperate forests
83 Scientists find plant gum in 110-million-year-old leaf fossils
84 Humans in Asia survived Toba super-eruption 74,000 years ago
85 Salmon parasite is world's first non-oxygen breathing animal
86 Analysis reveals prehistoric migration from Africa, Asia, Europe to Mediterranean
87 Study: To curb biodiversity declines, protect land in the tropics
88 Long-overlooked arch is key to function, evolution of human foot
89 Earth has new, but temporary, natural moon
90 Exoplanet twice the size of Earth could have right conditions for life
91 Antarctic ice walls protect glaciers from warm ocean water
92 Crater on Earth offers clues to Mars' watery past
93 Biofluorescence suprisingly common among amphibians
94 Study explains how the oceans became so diverse
95 Male-killing bacteria explains color variability among monarch butterflies
96 Iron 'whiskers' found covering Itokawa asteroid samples
97 Boeing says longer Starliner software tests could have prevented flight failure
98 Gene explains why some low-lying plants are bald, others are hairy
99 Egg stem cells don't exist, study confirms
100 Vulnerable species safest on federally protected lands
101 Space startup Astra fails to launch rocket on last day of U.S. challenge in Alaska
102 5,000-year-old milk proteins show dairy pastoralism's effect on Eurasian steppe
103 SpaceX Starship prototype explodes in test again
104 Massive white dwarf star product of stellar merger
105 Shift in ocean chemistry nearly stymied life on Earth 800M years ago
106 Global air pollution shortens lifespan by average of three years
107 New drug prevents bacteria from acquiring antibiotic resistance genes
108 Swamp wallaby never stops being pregnant
109 Sex chromosomes explain shorter lifespans of male mammals
110 Honeybees use different dance dialects
111 Farming encouraged cooperation and violence among early humans
112 Light-activated coating kills bacteria
113 Changes in oxygen, temperature could reshape deep sea fish communities
114 Genome editing strategy could give rice, other crops nutritional boost
115 20th SpaceX resupply mission to carry 20 new experiments to ISS
116 Study confirms space-grown lettuce nutritious, safe
117 Plastic found in amphipods in Earth's deepest ocean trench
118 NASA: Boeing software team had too much power over Starliner capsule
119 Neuroscientists watch brains replay memories in real time
120 SpaceX launches 20th space station cargo mission
121 Scientists find toolkit to aid repair of damaged DNA