File Title
1 Study links COVID-19 to heart attacks with no blockage
2 Less screen time, more play may reduce autism-like symptoms as kids age
3 Don't ration asthma meds, expert cautions amid COVID-19 pandemic
4 Earlier colonoscopy may catch colon cancer for those with family history
5 Poison control calls for cleansers, disinfectants up 20% during pandemic
6 New York ramps up COVID-19 antibody tests to gauge scope of outbreak, immunity
7 Breast milk may help shield infants from catching viruses
8 Nearly half the U.S. population breathes polluted air
9 64% of FDA-approved meds pass through streamlined processes
10 COVID-19 infections in LA up to 55 times higher than reported
11 FDA approves at-home COVID-19 test
12 Active older veterans more likely to fall, less likely to get hurt
13 CDC to implement contact tracing to bolster COVID-19 response
14 Young adults often delay getting help for eating disorders
15 Transplanted skin stem cells help blind mice see light
16 Coronavirus concerns keep asthma, emphysema patients from ER
17 Number of Americans with high cholesterol declines by 30%, CDC reports
18 Rural women at higher risk for early death from heart disease
19 Young people at lower risk for COVID-19, can still transmit the virus
20 Suicide attempts, deaths up sharply over last decade
21 Oregon researchers go door-to-door to track COVID-19 spread
22 Too many processed meats, starches may increase dementia risk
23 Most COVID-19 patients placed on ventilators die, New York study shows
24 Study links bacterial blood infections, higher colon cancer risk
25 Health programs boost abstinence, condom use among black teens
26 Multiple drugs in testing for COVID-19, little evidence they work
27 33% of cancer survivors, partners trapped in jobs for health insurance
28 Filtered coffee linked to better heart health
29 Remdesivir doesn't help COVID-19 patients, leaked study suggests
30 New research confirms safety, efficacy of children's vaccines
31 Homeless shelters are 'tinderboxes' for coronavirus, studies show
32 COVID-19 count revisions in China suggest it's more contagious than thought
33 Nearly half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, CDC says
34 Pneumonia more deadly than hip fracture for hospitalized seniors
35 Study measures river ice loss caused by global warming
36 Bone analysis shows small T. rexes were kids, not distinct genus
37 Study reveals global sustainability efforts play out on local level
38 India says it will try again to land on moon
39 Color-changing brittle stars see without eyes
40 Most of Madagascar's rainforest on pace to disappear by 2070
41 Astronaut's blocked vein, treated in space, brings medical insight
42 Scientists identify climate signals in global weather
43 Climate oscillations were just illusions, scientists say
44 Territorial conflicts suppress female chimpanzees' reproductive success
45 Hubble marks 30th anniversary year with portrait of massive barred spiral galaxy
46 Seimsmologists describe drainage of deep magma reservoir in Indian Ocean
47 Repeating fast radio burst tracked to its galactic source
48 Closing coal plants saves lives, boosts crop yields
49 Astronomers develop better way to detect oxygen in alien atmospheres
50 Scientists genetically engineer pollution-free poplar tree
51 Orphaned chimps develop less muscle mass than their peers with living moms
52 Flying radically transformed gut microbiomes of bats, birds
53 NASA needs new way to handle accident investigations, report says
54 Microplastics disrupt local food chains, study finds
55 Humans were making tools out of stone more than 1 million years ago
56 2019 was the second warmest year ever, Copernicus survey says
57 NASA: 'Joint, independent team' will probe Boeing Starliner orbital glitch
58 Without sea ice, Arctic permafrost more likely to thaw
59 Bacterial evolution of antibiotic weapons promises new insights for drug makers
60 Marine fossils help scientists study ancient period of global warming
61 Underwater robot becomes first to autonomously collect an ocean sample
62 Study details how hydrogen causes embrittlement of steels
63 Mars loses water to space during warm, stormy seasons
64 Study pinpoints the timing of earliest human migration
65 Solar geoengineering can curb climate change, reduce global inequality
66 Global warming could harm tardigrades
67 Rising temps could cause as many as 2,100 fatal injuries per year
68 7 billion-year-old stardust found in Australian meteorite
69 Earth's ocean temps hottest ever in modern history
70 NASA-funded space radiation studies could save astronauts' lives
71 Titi monkeys support 'male services' theory for mammalian pair bonding
72 Cosmic origins of phosphorus, a building block for life, traced by scientists
73 Boeing: Starliner capsule can return to flight with minimal work
74 2019 was second warmest year on record, NASA, NOAA confirm
75 Tool-making Neanderthals dove for the perfect clam shell
76 Giant squid's genome sequenced for the first time
77 Wolf puppies unexpectedly play fetch with researchers
78 Volcanism didn't play a role in demise of dinosaurs
79 Neanderthals had the teeth to eat hard plants
80 Acoustic communication first emerged nearly 200 million years ago
81 Scientists pinpoint release of energy that powered series of solar flares
82 Scientists film chemical bond making, breaking
84 Land prep for palm oil plantations does the most environmental damage
85 Study reveals unexpected rise in potent greenhouse gas
86 New molecule harnesses full visible spectrum of sunlight
87 Scientists recommend removing barred owls from Sierra Nevada to protect them
88 Study links Earth's oldest asteroid strike with end of 'Snowball Earth'
89 Elevated PFAS levels found in tap water in major U.S. cities
90 Study: Four new walking shark species discovered
91 Copper Age Italy hosted large, complex networks of metal exchange
92 Tooth plaque suggests first settlers of Vanuatu brought bananas
93 Vesuvius eruption turned ancient resident's brain to glass
94 Snake's venom glands grown in lab for first time
95 As sea level rise reshapes U.S. coast, residents will be pushed inland
96 Researchers resurrect the voice of an ancient Egyptian priest
97 Geologists figure out what fuels 'slowquakes'
98 New meat-eating dinosaur species found in Utah
99 Engineers develop thin, flexible touchscreen that can be printed like newspaper
100 Aged, recycled urine may be safe alternative to traditional fertilizer
101 Astronauts complete Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer repairs during spacewalk
102 New mobile tool analyzes microbes in watery environs
103 Tropical ecosystems face perfect storm of threats
104 Model predicts future phytoplankton boom in tropics
105 Antarctica's biggest glacier still losing ice, thinning in a new way
106 Scientists find living cells beneath scales of butterfly wings
107 New technology turns trash into graphene
108 New technology promises on-the-spot hydrogen fuel production
109 Scientists track flower preferences of bumble bees
110 Oak leaves contain potential cure for citrus greening disease
111 Citizen scientists identify new kind of northern lights
112 Flowers get better pollination services in the city
113 Glue of orb-weaver spider in Japan uses moths' defenses against them
114 Scientists share highest resolution image of the sun's surface
115 Unusual carnivorous dinosaurs called noasaurids lived in Australia
116 Bats inspire new technique to find corroding metal in oil, gas pipelines
117 Some trees respond to weight increases by thickening their stems
118 Rocket Lab successfully launches U.S. spy satellite
119 Ancient shark found inside Kentucky's Mammoth Cave