File Title
1 New Triple Antiviral Drug Combination Shows Promise for Treating COVID-19
2 Temporal Supersymmetry Breakthrough Paves Way to Omnidirectional Invisible Materials
3 MIT Economist's Innovation Plan to Beat COVID-19
4 Mysterious Giant Viruses: Gargantuan in Size and Complexity
5 Search for Intelligent Alien Life: Galaxies that Are More Likely to Harbor Technologically Advanced Civilizations
6 Reversible "Gecko" Adhesives Ready for Easy Mass-Production
7 The Future of Smart Fabrics Is Rapidly Unfolding at MIT
8 Supercomputer Simulations Identify Several Drugs as Potential Candidates Against COVID-19
9 Emerging Across the Globe: Potentially Fatal Combinations of Heat and Humidity
10 Arctic Edmontosaurus Lives Again: New Look at the 'Caribou of the Cretaceous'
11 Genetic Mutations in SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Provide Insights into Virus Evolution
12 Harmful Algal Blooms in Arabian Sea Fueled by Shrinking Snowcaps
13 Dark Matter Could Be Hiding in Existing Data from Current Detectors
14 Scientist Admits All Disease Models Are "Wrong"--Working to Fix
15 Researchers Have Found a New Way to Convert Waste Heat into Electricity to Power Small Devices
16 Eerie Outer Space: Listen to the Sounds of BepiColombo's Earth Flyby
17 Analysis of Ancient Bone Tools Shows Neanderthals Were Quite Sophisticated
18 Researchers Explore Ocean Microbes' Role in Global-Scale Climate Processes
19 Amazing Look at Jupiter's Incredible Storms Using Ground and Space Observations
20 Revealed: Plants Molecular 'Alarm' System that Protects Them from Predators
21 Vehicle Stacking: NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Spacecraft Put in Launch Configuration
22 Laser Loop Acts as a Mechanical Spring to Couple Quantum Systems Over a Distance
23 This Scene of Stellar Creation Is the Perfect Laboratory to Study the Origin of Massive Stars
24 Second Skin Protects Against Chemical Weapons, Biological Warfare Agents
25 Most Extensive System of Haze Layers in the Solar System Have Been Discovered on Saturn
26 Whether the Coronavirus Puts You in the Hospital Could Depend on Your Genes--And We're Unraveling Which Ones Matter
27 FDA Approval Granted for Simplified Ventilator Design from Particle Physics Community
28 How Many Jobs Do Robots and Automation Really Replace?
29 Building a Moon Base Using Astronaut Waste in Lunar Concrete
30 New Recipe for Single-Atom Transistors May Enable Quantum Computers with Unparalleled Memory and Processing Power
31 Optimizing Complex Decision-Making at MIT
32 Veterinary Medicine Researcher Identifies Four Possible Treatments for COVID-19
33 A New Lake--Water Not Lava--On Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
34 Mysterious Red Circles in Satellite Image of Southern Ukraine Explained
35 New Synthetic Melanin Based Hair Dye Is Gentler, Safer
36 A Tale of Two Kinds of Volcanoes--One Partially Responsible for a Civilization's Demise
37 Flying Foxes in South Australia Exposed to Zoonotic Viruses
38 COVID-19 Baby Boom? Not According to a New Study
39 DNA of Bones Found in Cave Reveals Major Cultural Transition in Europe Took Place Earlier than Thought
40 Japanese Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Reveals More Secrets from Asteroid Ryugu
41 Neuroscientists May Have Just Discovered Why Some People Are More Prone to Anxiety
42 How to Boost Plant Biomass: Genetic Biologists Uncover Molecular Link to Growth
43 Scientific Study Shows Acupuncture May Be Effective for Easing Indigestion Symptoms
44 Tragic Drop in Life-Saving Organ Transplants Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
45 Scientists Discover How to Control Light on the Nanoscale Over Wide Frequency Ranges
46 Uncovering Why the COVID-19 Virus Is So Infectious and Efficiently Evades Immune Responses
47 What Is an Atomic Clock? And the Deep Space Atomic Clock?
48 How to Tell if a Child Has a Coronavirus Infection--It May Not Start with a Cough
49 Giant Meteorite Impacts Formed Parts of the Moon's Crust, Analysis of Apollo 17 Sample Shows
50 Quantum Computing Engaged to Discover Possible COVID-19 Treatments
51 Can We Really Tell Male and Female Dinosaurs Apart?
52 New Possible Explanation of Strange Black Hole Merger Revealed
53 Aeolus Space Mission Goes Public--Already Hailed a Success
54 How Lasers and Vibrations Could Guarantee the Perfect Avocado
55 Breakthrough in Understanding the Physics of High-Temperature Superconductivity
56 Artificial Intelligence Cracks Quantum Chemistry Conundrum
57 Testing the Patience of Predators and Prey--Snakes and Frogs Appear to Anticipate Each Other
58 Leap Forward in the Development of New Glycopeptide Antibiotic to Fight Superbugs
59 Transforming Nanofiber Membranes into Complex 3D Shapes for Biomedical Applications
60 Terrestrial Life Unlikely to Contaminate Mars According to Habitability Climate Model
61 Learning What's Dangerous Is Costly: Unlocking Fear Response of Social Animals
62 World's Hardest Concrete with Improved Impact Resistance for Disaster Prevention
63 Three Million Light-Year Long Bridge Between Two Galaxy Clusters Warped by Supermassive Black Hole
64 Earliest Modern Artifacts in Europe--Blade-Like Tools and Teeth Pendants--Were Created by Homo Sapiens
65 The Secret--But Vital--Role Moths Serve at Night
66 The Science of Coronavirus: NASA Racing to Understand
67 How COVID-19 Kills: New Study Explains the Mechanisms of the New Coronavirus
68 What's Mars Made Of? Simulating Martian Core to Investigate Its Composition and Origin
69 New Cutting-Edge Tool Can Distinguish the Cause of Blood Clots Based on Their Shape
70 Mysteriously Complex Geometric Architecture Discovered in Neolithic Temple--Built 6,000 Years Before Stonehenge
71 Evidence that Earth's Inner Core Is Rotating--New Clues to Planet's Magnetic Field Generator
72 Vitamin D Determines Severity in COVID-19: Researchers Urge Government to Change Advice
73 Hydrogen Fuel Cells Improved with Coordination Polymer Glass
74 Harnessing Wave Power to Rebuild Islands and Combat Sea-Level Rise
75 Cold War Nuclear Weapons Tests Changed Rainfall Thousands of Miles from Detonation Sites
76 For the First Time Astronomers Identify a Rhythm of Life in Pulsating Stars
77 New Findings on "Water Wires" Contradict Computational Models that Have Been Accepted for Decades
78 Breakthrough Could Lead to Cameras that Can Capture Images Using Ambient Radio Waves
79 Planetary Exploration Rover Features Complex Locomotion Techniques to Avoid Traps
80 How Astronauts Upgraded a Complex Experiment in Space [Video]
81 Spouses Can Alter Each Other's Brain Activity When Co-Parenting
82 Building Blocks of Life Revealed in Solar System's Oldest Molecular Fluids?
83 Planet-Hunters Discover Incredibly Rare Super-Earth--"One in a Million"
84 Evidence Suggests People Will Develop Coronavirus-Related Psychosis
85 Microscopic Feather Features Explain Why These Terrifyingly Dangerous Birds Shine
86 Evidence T. Rex's Long Legs Evolved for Distance, Not Speed like Previously Thought
87 Some Birds Live Fast and Die Young--Scientists Study of Thousands of Species to Explain Why
88 Team of Biochemists and Virologists Discover Potential Targets for COVID-19 Therapy
89 Revealed: 3D Quantum Spin Liquid that Could Power Future Information Technologies
90 Genetic Analysis Reveals the Fascinating Evolutionary Origins of Catmint AKA Catnip
91 Perplexing Stellar Pulsations: Regular Rhythms Discovered in Mysterious Pulsating Stars
92 Bumble Bee Disease & Reproduction Is Shaped by Flowering Strip Plants
93 Unanticipated Consequences of Montreal Protocol: Ozone-Depleting Chemical Alternatives in Our Food and Water
94 Cell Pores Discovery Offers New Hope for Millions with Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
95 Russian Astrophysicists Trace Neutrinos--Mysterious "Ghost Particles"--From Where No One Had Expected
96 COVID-19 Has Triggered a Global Financial Crisis and Called into Question the US Dollar's Hegemony--What's Next
97 NASA's Telescope on an Airplane--SOFIA--Finds Clues Hidden in Pluto's Haze
98 New Genetic Analysis Shows COVID-19 Coronavirus Did Not Spill Over from Pangolins (Scaly Anteaters)
99 Emergency Room Chest X-Rays Can Help Predict Severity of COVID-19
100 New Evidence of Watery Plumes from Mysterious Subsurface Ocean on Jupiter's Moon Europa
101 Experts Dire Warning: 250,000,000 People in Africa Will Catch Coronavirus and Up to 190,000 Will Likely Die
102 Over 28 Million Surgeries Could Be Canceled Worldwide as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic
103 Study Shows Treatment with Interferon-[alpha]2b Speeds Up Recovery of COVID-19 Patients
104 Quantum Entanglement of 15 Trillion Atoms at 450 Kelvin with "Surprising Results"
105 Underwater Sound Devices Called "Pingers" Could Save Porpoises from Fishing Nets
106 Two Brilliant Supernovae from One Stunning Galaxy
107 Puhahonu Revealed: The Largest and Hottest Shield Volcano on Earth
108 Dark Energy Telescope Enables Seeing the Universe Through New Lenses
109 Scientists Have Puzzled Over the Drifting North Magnetic Pole for Years--Now, Some Answers
110 Innovative Virus Research May Save Wheat and Other Crops
111 New Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Can Predict COVID-19 Without Testing
112 Bizarre New Parasitic Species Discovered...on Twitter
113 New Research Affirms Modern Sea-Level Rise Linked to Human Activities, Not to Changes in Earth's Orbit
114 Key to Past & Future Habitat of West Coast Marine Species Is Ocean 'Breathability'
115 MIT Nanosensor Can Alert a Smartphone When Plants Are Stressed
116 Millions of Mature Human Cells--Blood, Eye and Liver Cells--Grown in a Mouse Embryo