File Title
1 Stay-at-Home Orders Tied to Slower Rate of COVID-19 Cases
2 COVID-19 Pulmonary Embolism Often Seen Outside the ICU
3 Why Do Countries' COVID-19 Death Rates Vary So Much?
4 Ex-BARDA Head Charges Former Bosses with Sluggish Response to Pandemic
5 Ocular Imaging for Cardiovascular Evaluation?
6 FDA OK's Central Precocious Puberty Tx; Longer Quarantine with Obesity?
7 Alzheimer's Neural Damage Starts Early
8 'No Visitors Allowed'
9 Ethics Consult: Recommend COVID Trial? MD/JD Bangs Gavel
10 COVID-19 Update: CDC Reopening Guidelines; 'Darkest Winter'; Big Tobacco vs. COVID
11 PARP Inhibitors Still Work in HRD-Low Ovarian Cancer
12 Clinic Pushes Inhaled Stem Cell Tx, Delivered to Your Door
13 White House Announces Effort to Beef Up Strategic National Stockpile
14 COVID-19 Deaths Far Outpace Flu in 'Apples-to-Apples' Comparison
15 REDUCE-IT: Fewer Procedures Alone Points to Vascepa Benefit
16 Interval Resection Does Not Cut Surgery or Death in Complex Diverticulitis
17 Docs Push CMS to Pay for Phone-Only Risk Adjustment Visits
18 What Judy Mikovits Gets Wrong
19 COVID-19 Sequelae Can Linger for Weeks
20 Point-by-Point 'Plandemic' Smackdown
21 Kids' COVID-Linked Ailment Is Not Your Typical Kawasaki Disease
22 Confirmed: Kids Can Get Severe COVID-19
23 COVID-19 Update: Doubts on Rapid Abbott Test; 'Wild West' in Wisconsin; Infected Cats, Robot Dogs
24 COVID-19 Update: Task Force Quarantine; 'Plandemic' Rebuttal; Unfriendly Skies
25 COVID-19 as Viewed by a Vanderbilt Trauma Surgeon
26 Promising Data for Transcatheter Pulmonary Valves Old and New
27 We Don't Just Need Masks, We Need Optimal PPE
28 High Marks for Opiate-Free Pain Control after Urologic Surgery
29 New Type of COVID-19 Test OK'd
30 Worried About Liability in Pandemic Response? States Have Your Back
31 Asthma, Inhaled Steroids, and COVID-19
32 No Higher Death Risk with Fewer Cystoscopies for NIMBC
33 A COVID Screening Tool; HCQ for COVID-19: It's TTHealthWatch!
34 Asthma, Inhaled Steroids, and COVID-19
35 New Type of COVID-19 Test OK'd
36 Can't We Do Better to Support Minorities in Medicine?
37 Debunking 'Plandemic'
38 New Type of COVID-19 Test OK'd
39 Superconductors with 'zeitgeist'--When materials differentiate between past and future
40 A deeper connection to hyaline fibromatosis syndrome
41 Study reveals disparity between fibroblasts of different pancreatic diseases
42 Smokers more likely to express ACE2 protein that SARS-COV-2 uses to enter human cells
43 COVID-19: Lessons to learn about the first 4.0 pandemic
44 Arts-based method to detect school bullying
45 Technological changes and new low-carbon lifestyles, key to mitigating climate change
46 NYU and IBM research takes electrons for a spin in moving toward more efficient, higher density data
47 Light drives injection
48 Atrial fibrillation among overweight people is not due to fat
49 Physicists have developed a sensor that can be used in both industry and biomedicine
50 AI unlocks rhythms of 'deep sleep'
51 US inroads to better Ebola vaccine
52 A new look into the sources and impacts of greenhouse gases in China
53 Gestures heard as well as seen
54 Notorious cancer protein mutations cooperate to proliferate disease
55 Lighting up cells with genetically-encoded X-ray-sensitive probes
56 The neglected heating sector
57 PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors treatment in lung cancer: Brightness and challenge
58 Ambitious EU climate efforts could increase emissions in the rest of the world
59 Jurassic stick insect performed mimicry to defend against predators
60 Theory of detonation-driven hypervelocity shock tunnels and its demonstration
61 Liver cancer: Awareness of hepatitis D must be raised
62 A new epigenetic editing tool is developed to activate silenced genes
63 Riddled with holes: Making flexible thin-film electronics more durable
64 Aboriginal rock art, frontier conflict and a swastika
65 High hopes for new-age rubber
66 Antibody neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses
67 Highly efficient charge-to-spin interconversion in graphene heterostructures
68 Antibody neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses
69 Highly efficient charge-to-spin interconversion in graphene heterostructures
70 New LAT1 inhibitor can boost cancer treatment
71 Formate dehydrogenase reduces carbon dioxide to formic acid
72 New article in Pediatric Research: A roadmap for critical COVID-19 research in children
73 Personal accounts of childhood maltreatment matter more for mental health than records
74 Emissions from road construction could be halved using today's technology
75 Engineers develop low-cost, high-accuracy GPS-like system for flexible medical robots
76 Should schools go screen-free
77 New study shows how our surveillance system is triggered inside tissues
78 Early visual experience drives precise alignment of cortical networks for binocular vision
79 How climate killed corals
80 Double helix of masonry--Researchers discover the secret of Italian renaissance domes
81 Scientists identify promising immunotherapy combination for pediatric brain cancer
82 Autism risk estimated at 3 to 5% for children whose parents have a sibling with autism
83 Mussel reefs heighten risk of microplastic exposure and consumption
84 New study records dual hand use in early human relative
85 Study finds people are more satisfied after quitting the status quo
86 Even biodiverse coral reefs still vulnerable to climate change and invasive species
87 Study on body posture: Can powerful poses improve self-confidence in children?
88 Study finds that aging neurons accumulate DNA damage
89 Efficient, 'green' quantum-dot solar cells exploit defects
90 Clinical trial shows ability of stem cell-based topical solution to regrow hair
91 New and diverse experiences linked to enhanced happiness, new study shows
92 Fish feces reveals which species eat crown-of-thorns
93 Accurate mapping of human travel patterns with global smartphone data
94 Mystery of lava-like flows on Mars solved by scientists
95 Direct control of dendritic cells for tracking and immune modulation
96 Scientists find brain center that 'profoundly' shuts down pain
97 Analysis of bird species reveals how wings adapted to their environment and behavior
98 'Tantalizing' clues about why a mysterious material switches from conductor to insulator
99 Technology makes tissues elastic and lasting for easier imaging
100 Most parents concerned about privacy, body image impact of tweens using health apps
101 Climate change threatens progress in cancer control
102 Direct control of dendritic cells for tracking and immune modulation
103 Lack of insects in cities limits breeding success of urban birds
104 New study projects ocean warming impact on Antarctic krill
105 Discovery of high-Chern-number and high-temperature Chern insulator states: to information highway
106 Chinese to rise as a global language
107 A theoretical boost to nano-scale devices
108 Stitching together the structure of the DNA replication toolbelt
109 Eavesdropping crickets drop from the sky to evade capture by bats
110 Tobacco companies minting it before Wednesday's UK menthol cigarette ban
111 New ECU research finds 'Dr. Google' is almost always wrong