File Title
1 How hearing loss in old age affects the brain
2 Good news for the wheat-sensitive among us
3 Jurassic Park in Eastern Morocco: Paleontology of the Kem Kem Group
4 Health impacts of pollution upon indigenous peoples
5 Digital solutions for dementia care
6 PTSD partners feel invisible, study finds
7 Promising signs for Perseverance rover in its quest for past Martian life
8 Asteroid visiting Earth's neighborhood brings its own face mask
9 Being fun is no laughing matter
10 Researchers explore ocean microbes' role in climate effects
11 Coronaviruses and bats have been evolving together for millions of years
12 Seismic map of North America reveals geologic clues, earthquake hazards
13 High density EEG produces dynamic image of brain signal source
14 Protein produced in sepsis lowers blood pressure, treatment identified to reverse effects
15 Researchers rebuild the bridge between neuroscience and artificial intelligence
16 Children who hold 'benevolent' sexist views are also likely to possess 'hostile' ones
17 New Way Unlocked to Understand Evolving Genetic Strains of SARS-CoV-2, Virus that Causes COVID-19
18 Raw-Type Dog Foods Identified as a Major Source of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria--Public Health Risk to Humans
19 A New Way to Fine-Tune Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Exotic Materials
20 Supernova Feedback--Milky Way Likely Catapulting Stars into Its Outer Halo
21 New Electronics Devised that Mimic the Human Brain in Efficient Learning
22 Potential Vulnerability of COVID-19 Coronavirus Discovered from an Antibody Against SARS
23 Faster Electrons from Flatter Graphene
24 Greenland Lost 600 Billion Tons of Ice in 2 Months, Enough to Raise Global Sea Levels 2.2mm
25 Rapidly Revealing COVID-19's Journey and Evolution with Genetic Tracing 'Barcode'
26 Final Mosaic by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope "Stars" the California Nebula
27 The Cold Eyes of DUNE--Particle Physicists' Cryogenic "Traps" for Ghostly Particles
28 Unusual Secrets Revealed in Analysis of Mysterious Visitor from the Depths of Space
29 Finding Effective Face Mask Fabric for DIY Protective Coverings--"Bandanas Useless"
30 Solar-Powered Hand Sanitizer Wins Hackathon
31 A Planet Beyond Our Solar System Mysteriously Vanished--Here's What Astronomers Say Now
32 New Self-Assembled Monolayer Is Resistant to Air--Buckyballs Can Pave the Way for Molecular Electronics
33 Your Computer Can Help Scientists Searching for COVID-19 Treatments
34 Easy-to-Build $75 Open-Source Arduino Ventilator with High-Quality Performance
35 Hiding in Plain Sight--Origins of Human Language Pathway in the Brain at Least 25 Million Years Old
36 Quantum Entanglement Offers Unprecedented Precision for GPS, Wi-Fi and More
37 Nearly Half of US Breathing Unhealthy Air--Is Your City One of the Cleanest or Most Polluted?
38 Deep-Sea Microbes Discovered that Feed on Ethane--Mechanism Is Reversible
39 Computer Scientists Set New Record for Cryptographic Challenge
40 The Solar Wind Is Hotter than Expected--Research with Mirror Machine May Help Explain Why
41 Soon the North Pole Will Be Ice Free in Summer
42 Link Between Dark Matter Halos and Galaxy Formation Revealed with Help from the Milky Way's Satellites
43 New Material Inspired by Human Bone and Colorful Coral Can 'Shapeshift' to External Forces
44 Diagnostic Biosensor Detects SARS-CoV-2 from Nasopharyngeal Swab in Less than a Minute
45 Brain-Inspired Organic Memory Devices for Flexible, Wearable, Personalized Computing
46 Not Effective: Two Existing Antiviral Drugs Were Tested for Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19
47 New Green Pit Viper from India Named After Salazar Slytherin from Harry Potter
48 Discovery of Light-Induced Switching Mechanism Advances Optically Controlled Quantum Computation
49 Researchers Use Salmon DNA to Develop Next-Generation High-Capacity Battery Material
50 NASA One Step Closer to Touching Asteroid Bennu and Collecting a Sample to Return to Earth
51 The Future of Semiconductors Is Clear for Improved Solar Power Generation
52 New Hydrogel Can Cool Down Electronic Devices and Convert Waste Heat into Electricity
53 Four New Bat Species Discovered--Cousins of the Suspected COVID-19 Bats
54 Kill Switch Research Reveals a Promising New Malaria Vaccine Candidate
55 Nanoscale Perovskite Laser Processing Breakthrough for Better Solar Cells and Optical Electronics
56 Tectonic Plates Started Shifting Earlier than Previously Thought--At Least 3.2 Billion Years Ago
57 The Combination of Foods You Eat Together May Raise Dementia Risk
58 Is It Wrong to Prioritize Younger People Over Older COVID-19 Patients?
59 Scientists Reveal How to Make the Healthiest Coffee During COVID-19 Lockdown
60 Different Groups of Bats Have Their Own Unique Strains of Coronavirus--They Have Been Evolving Together for Millions of Years
61 Destructive Kilauea Volcano Eruption Triggered by Extreme Weather in Hawaii
62 See the First-Ever Comprehensive Geologic Map of the Moon
63 Tyrannosaurs to Modern Crows: Evolutionary Tracing to Discover How Birds Evolved Big Brains
64 Tsunami risk identified near future Indonesian capital
65 Antarctica's A-68: Is the world's biggest iceberg about to break up?
66 Climate change: 2019 was Europe's warmest year on record
67 Musk says SpaceX is 'fixing' brightness from satellites
68 Coronavirus: Australia urges G20 action on wildlife wet markets
69 Cranes make comeback in Britain's wetlands
70 Climate change: World mustn't forget 'deeper emergency'
71 Climate change: 'Bath sponge' breakthrough could boost cleaner cars
72 Coronavirus: Sir John Houghton dies of suspected Covid-19
73 Climate change: US megadrought 'already under way'
74 Climate change: Blue skies pushed Greenland 'into the red'
75 Climate change: UK forests 'could do more harm than good'
76 Coronavirus cure: When will we have a drug to treat it?
77 'Alien comet' visitor has weird composition
78 Coronavirus: Is there any evidence for lab release theory?
79 Coronavirus: Astronaut Helen Sharman shares isolation coping strategies
80 Europe's Cheops telescope begins study of far-off worlds
81 Ofgem backs Shetland subsea power cable plans
82 Severe storms and tornadoes kills six in Texas and Oklahoma
83 Antarctica's A-68: Is the world's biggest iceberg about to break up?
84 'Fake' meat on the menu as China reopens restaurants
85 Will empty middle seats help social distancing on planes?
86 Amabie: The Japanese monster going viral
87 Normal People review: A great love story, perfectly adapted
88 How global outbreaks are contained
89 The reason Zoom calls drain your energy
90 Apple iPhone at risk of hacking through email app
91 USGS releases first-ever comprehensive geologic map of the moon
92 Moon dust and 3D printing will be standard for future lunar operations
93 Time-travelling ESA team explore a virtual Moon
94 Apollo 13's 50th anniversary recalls NASA tragedy turned triumph
95 Last stop before launch: Orion passes tests and returns to Kennedy Space Center
96 Welcome Home, Orion: spacecraft ready for final Artemis I launch preparations
97 Russia to create first 3D Map of the Moon
98 Russia eyes October 2021 launch for first lunar mission in 45 years
99 NASA selects first science instruments to send to Lunar Gateway
100 UNM scientists find Earth and moon not identical oxygen twins
101 China's lunar rover travels nearly 400 meters on moon's far side
102 Earth has new, but temporary, natural moon
103 NanoAvionics and Mexican Space Agency Introduce a Nanosatellite Pilot Project for Future Space Missions
104 Exolaunch signs with SpaceX for Falcon 9 rideshare mission
105 Elon Musk's SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
106 The birth of a "Snowman" at the edge of the Solar System
107 New Horizons pushing the frontier ever deeper into the Kuiper Belt
108 Mysteries of Uranus' oddities explained by Japanese astronomers
109 Researchers find new minor planets beyond Neptune
110 One Step Closer to the Edge of the Solar System
111 Undergraduate space training evolves to tackle space threats
112 Researchers warn commercial satellite boom may threaten US national security
113 Space Force identifies USAF missions for transfer to newest service