File Title
1 Early detection of Alzheimer's disease with dynamic MRI measurement of glucose in brain
2 New map reveals distrust in health expertise is winning hearts and minds online
3 Microbiome therapy protects against recurrent bacterial vaginosis
4 Planetary exploration rover avoids sand traps with 'rear rotator pedaling'
5 California study finds drinking sugary drinks daily may be linked to higher risk of CVD in women
6 Cold War nuke tests changed rainfall
7 N/A
8 Astronomers find regular rhythms among pulsating stars
9 What's Mars made of?
10 New insights into links between national income and obesity
11 Too sick to work? Global survey captures behavior of healthcare and non-healthcare workers
12 US wind plants show relatively low levels of performance decline as they age
13 New imaging tool helps researchers see extent of Alzheimer's early damage
14 Microscopic feather features reveal fossil birds' colors and explain why cassowaries shine
15 Blockchain: forget the criminal record, it might just save your life--new study
16 How a mint became catmint
17 Molecular imaging offers insight into therapy outcomes for neuroendocrine tumor patients
18 Latin America's livestock sector needs emissions reduction to meet 2030 targets
19 Oyster farming and shorebirds likely can coexist
20 SCAI issues expert consensus on managing patients with out of hospital cardiac arrest
21 ACMG updates seminal laboratory standard on CFTR variant testing
22 Cancer cells' growth amid crowding reveals nuanced role for known oncogene
23 SCAI issues position statement on the performance of percutaneous coronary intervention in ambulatory surgical centers
24 SCAI releases official position statement on optimal percutaneous interventional therapy for complex coronary artery disease
25 SCAI issues device selection guidelines for aorto-iliac arterial interventions
26 Frankfurt researchers discover potential targets for COVID-19 therapy
27 Duality Technologies researchers accelerate privacy-enhanced collaboration on genomic data
28 Scientists discover why some birds live fast and die young
29 Electrolysis: Chemists have discovered how to produce better electrodes
30 Ozone-depleting chemical alternatives getting into our food and water
31 Type 2 diabetes linked to worse cognitive performance after a stroke; prediabetes not linked, but prevention needed
32 Scientists break the link between a quantum material's spin and orbital states
33 How do plants forget?
34 The dreaming brain tunes out the outside world
35 Observation of intervalley transitions can boost valleytronic science and technology
36 Shrub encroachment on grasslands can increase groundwater recharge
37 Blood clotting abnormalities reveal COVID-19 patients at risk for thrombotic events
38 Early humans thrived in this drowned South African landscape
39 Viral infection: Early indicators of vaccine efficacy
40 Controlling cells with light
41 McMaster chemists develop foolproof new test to track the fats we eat
42 Global cooling event 4,200 years ago spurred rice's evolution, spread across asia
43 Like thunder without lightning
44 Heart attacks, heart failure, stroke: COVID-19's dangerous cardiovascular complications
45 New technology will show how RNA regulates gene activity
46 Bizarre new species discovered...on Twitter
47 University of Tartu study shows a low prevalence of the coronavirus in Estonia
48 Model of critical infrastructures reveals vulnerabilities
49 Quantifying the impact of interventions
50 Exploring climate change impacts through popular proverbs
51 Eavesdropping on single molecules with light by replaying the chatter
52 Treatment guidance for lung cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
53 Parents that know a child's preferences can assertively guide exercise
54 One in ten patients with major vascular event, infection, or cancer will be misdiagnosed
55 Pine martens like to have neighbors--but not too near
56 Enhancement of bitter taste sensor reduces salt intake and improves cardiovascular dysfunction
57 Chromium speciation in marine carbonates and implications on atmospheric oxygenation
58 Worldwide IOF-ISCD survey of bone densitometry units published
59 Sea skaters are a super source of inspiration
60 New bone-graft biomaterial gives patients a nicer smile and less pain
61 Applying the analogy method to improve the forecasting of strong convection
62 Clarification of microbial community structures around Antarctic lakes
63 Binge drinkers beware, Drunkorexia is calling
64 Light, fantastic: the path ahead for faster, smaller computer processors
65 Tiny particle, big payoff
66 UHN-U of T-led study shows antiviral drug can speed up recovery of COVID-19 patient
67 'Hot and messy' entanglement of 15 trillion atoms
68 Genome-wide pattern found in tumors from brain cancer patients predicts life expectancy
69 Commercial airliners monitoring CO2 emissions from cities worldwide
70 Low-income adults less likely to receive preventive heart disease care
71 Affordable Care Act linked to better heart failure care for minorities, yet disparities persist
72 Treatment with interferon-[alpha]2b speeds up recovery of COVID-19 patients in exploratory study
73 A soft touch for robotic hardware
74 What experts say about coronavirus in water--and what it means for beach season
75 Some children with COVID-19 are experiencing symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease
76 Asia Today: India overtakes China in number of cases
77 Virus rules tighten illegal immigration on northern border
78 Pizzas (and haircuts) back on the menu, but with warnings
79 The Latest: Greece opens beaches with social distancing
80 Psychological toll of reopening to further divide between 'haves' and 'have-nots'
81 The Latest: India surpasses China in coronavirus cases
82 VA says it won't stop use of unproven drug on vets for now
83 Costa Rica seeks unity for COVID fight as WHO assembly looms
84 Most US states fall short of recommended testing levels
85 Navajo Nation residents to be under strictest lockdown yet
86 Beginning to bloom: New York creaking back to economic life
87 Kroger offers Fred Meyer workers extra pay after outcry
88 Tensions rise as Texas governor readies to lift more rules
89 California's budget cuts threaten environmental spending
90 Man paroled over coronavirus concerns charged in slaying
91 What you need to know today about the virus outbreak
92 Some local governments in Wisconsin drop stay-at-home orders
93 Michigan judge hears latest clash over stay-home orders
94 Appeals judges seem apt to let presidential primary proceed
95 Portland, Oregon, homeless tax tests voter mood in pandemic
96 US begins 'warp speed' vaccine push as studies ramp up
97 With over 200 possible cases, doctors warn reports of rare, coronavirus-linked child inflammatory illness likely to rise
98 Trump still confident in virus test despite false negatives
99 Mayor: NYPD won't break up small groups, police masks
100 113-year-old Spanish woman overcomes coronavirus infection
101 Boy, 9, is 1st French death from likely COVID-linked illness
102 Moscow starts free antibody testing for coronavirus
103 Judge dismisses suit seeking to delay Georgia election again
104 Africa's endangered wildlife at risk as tourism dries up
105 Venezuelans struggle to educate kids amid pandemic lockdown
106 Asia Today: China marks month without any confirmed deaths
107 Portland, Oregon, homeless tax tests voter mood in pandemic
108 Vietnam plans lung transplant for British COVID-19 patient
109 1st COVID-19 case detected in Rohingya camps in Bangladesh
110 Lives Lost: Holocaust survivor reclaimed Nazi-looted artwork
111 Coronavirus contact tracers' nemeses: People who don't answer their phones
112 Years of conflict leave Somalia ill-equipped to fight virus
113 Denver to furlough thousands of workers amid coronavirus
114 The Latest: Mexico reports largest 1-day rise in virus cases