File Title
1 Variance in tree species results in the cleanest urban air
2 Pediatric coronavirus disease (COVID-19) X-ray, CT in review of new lung disorders
3 Seahorse and pipefish study by CCNY opens window to marine genetic diversity
4 The role of European policy for improving power plant fuel efficiency
5 Individualized mosaics of microbial strains transfer from the maternal to the infant gut
6 OSU study shows grange a 'natural partner' for expanding health outreach
7 New study shines light on mysterious giant viruses
8 To climb like a gecko, robots need toes
9 To err is human, to learn, divine
10 Promising study by Texas A&M scientists offers hope for Menkes disease patients
11 Plasma medicine research highlights antibacterial effects and potential uses
12 Immune system discovery paves way to lengthen organ transplant survival
13 Epithelial GPS: Position of RNAi machinery is associated with epithelial identity
14 Stroke evaluations drop by nearly 40% during COVID-19 pandemic
15 Forecasting urbanization
16 Transporting energy through a single molecular nanowire
17 Neighborhood and cognitive performance in middle-age: Does racial residential segregation matter?
18 Talent is key to school turnarounds
19 Burning out in silence
20 Neandertals were choosy about making bone tools
21 Fishing can disrupt mating systems
22 USF researchers find human-driven pollution alters the environment even underground
23 Discovered a multilayer haze system on Saturn's Hexagon
24 Understanding the impact of COVID-19 in pets and livestock
25 The Lancet: New triple antiviral drug combination shows early promise for treating COVID-19 in phase 2 randomized trial
26 International research improves quality of CT scan imagery
27 Stretched beyond the limits
28 Protein shredder regulates fat metabolism in the brain
29 Like a molecular knob: That is how a gene controls the electrical activity of the brain
30 Computer modeling reveals behavior of individual lipid molecules
31 Chemistry breakthrough could speed up drug development
32 How to manipulate light on the nanoscale over wide frequency ranges
33 Hydrogen blamed for interfering with nickelate superconductors synthesis
34 A pioneering study into the description of the architecture of a new standard for telecommunications
35 Scientists have created new nanocomposite from gold and titanium oxide
36 More selective elimination of leukemia stem cells and blood stem cells
37 Newly discovered cell type plays crucial role in immune response to respiratory infections
38 Our pupil moves to the rhythm of the environment
39 NTU Singapore scientists develop sustainable way to extract chitin from prawn shells
40 Better antibiotic dosing could save lives in ICU
41 Canadian study finds temperature, latitude not associated with COVID-19 spread
42 How a molecular 'alarm' system in plants protects them from predators
43 Sea level could rise by more than 1 meter by 2100 if emission targets are not met
44 Flies sleep when need arises to adapt to new situations
45 Gene therapy in mice builds muscle, reduces fat
46 Computer vision helps SLAC scientists study lithium ion batteries
47 Prehistoric sea creatures evolved pebble-shaped teeth to crush shellfish
48 First simulation of a full-sized mitochondrial membrane
49 How does the brain link events to form a memory? Study reveals unexpected mental processes
50 New antigen test for detecting COVID-19 could help triage patients during the pandemic
51 Newly discovered mechanism can explain increased risk of dementia
52 KIST-CUK research team develops vaccine platform applicable to various viruses
53 IST Austria scientists demonstrate quantum radar prototype
54 Inspired by cheetahs, researchers build fastest soft robots yet
55 Potentially fatal combinations of humidity and heat are emerging across the globe
56 Pangolins may possess evolutionary advantage against coronavirus
57 How herpes simplex virus can evade the immune response to infect the brain
58 MIT Neuroscientists Identify Memory Cells that Help Us Interpret New Situations
59 Hidden Symmetry Discovered in Chemical Kinetic Equations--Significant for Drug Design, Genetics & More
60 Possible Explanation for the Origin of Switchbacks Observed by Parker Solar Probe in the Sun's Magnetic Field
61 Broadband Enhancement Relies on Hyperbolic Metamaterials Tilted at Precise Angle
62 Scientific Studies Show Drinking Green Tea May Help You Lose Weight
63 A Discovery that Long Eluded Physicists: Superconductivity to the Edge
64 Infection Researchers Identify How Coronaviruses from Animals Need to Change to Spread to Humans
65 Surprising Trigger Identified for Explosive Eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
66 Astronomers Discover Hidden Black Hole "Near" Earth--Closest Ever Found to Our Solar System
67 Aliens that Breathe Hydrogren May Thrive on Planets that Are Quite Different than Earth
68 200-Million-Year-Old 'Squid-Like' Creature Attack Captured in Ancient Fossil
69 Bat 'Super Immunity' May Explain How Bats Carry Coronaviruses Without Getting Sick
70 World's First 3D Supercomputer Simulations of Superluminous Supernovae
71 Cold Air Rises--How Wrong Are Our Global Climate Models?
72 Unexpected Scientific Insights into COVID-19 from AI Machine Learning Tool
73 Doctors 3D Print Exact Model of 7-Year-Old Girl's Airway to Prepare for Delicate Operation
74 For 7 Years Proba-V Monitored the Daily Growth of All Earth's Vegetation--Now It Has a New Mission
75 Laser-Propulsion of Graphene Sails in Microgravity
76 Jurassic Park Got It Wrong: Research Indicates Raptors Didn't Hunt in Packs
77 Artificial Intelligence Is Energy-Hungry--Solution: New AI Hardware Made of Quantum Material
78 Wetter Climate Likely to Intensify Global Warming Due to Increased CO2 Release by Microbes
79 Remote Control of Hormone Release Using Magnetic Nanoparticles
80 Cosmic Tempest: Astronomers Detect Most Energetic Outflow from a Distant Quasar Ever Measured
81 Varying Virus-Specific Antibodies in Recently Recovered COVID-19 Patients
82 Otters Juggle Stones--Now Researchers Think They Know Why [Video]
83 Scientists Rewire Photosynthesis to Fuel Our Future
84 Graphene Nanomesh: New Nanotechnology 'Brick' for Modern Micromachines
85 UV Light Exposes Contagion Spread from Improper Personal Protective Equipment Use
86 First Large-Scale Genetic Analysis of Ancient Andean Civilizations
87 'Chaos Terrain' of Jupiter's Moon Europa Shown in Crisp Detail in NASA Galileo Images
88 Ecologist Warns: Planting Trees Is No Panacea for Climate Change
89 Russia Creates Custom "Humanized" Mice to Test COVID-19 Drugs and Vaccines
90 Precision Deformable Mirrors to Detect New Sources of Gravitational Waves from Deep Space
91 Scientists Improve Photosynthesis in Quest to Create Heat-Tolerant Wheat
92 New Technologies to Extract, Purify Critical Rare Earth Metals a 'Game Changer'
93 Microwave Air Plasma Thruster: Fossil Fuel-Free Jet Propulsion
94 A New Complete, High-Resolution 3D Map of the Mouse Brain [Video]
95 Quantum Resonances in Atomic and Molecular Collisions Near Absolute Zero
96 COVID-19 Treatment May Lie in Pangolin Genetics--May Possess Evolutionary Advantage Against Coronavirus
97 Scientists Buzzing Over Virgin Birth and Genetic Mystery that's Been Solved
98 Tiny Twists Mapped in "Magic-Angle" Graphene Could Enable Quantum Computing Devices
99 Gemini Uses "Lucky Imaging" for an Unprecedented Look Inside Jupiter's Storms
100 Breakthrough in Laser-Based Metal 3D-Printing Reduces Defects
101 Herpes Simplex Virus Can Infect the Brain by Evading the Immune Response
102 Next-Generation Perovskite Solar Cells that Can Take the Heat, Maintain Efficiency Demonstrated
103 Unexpected Mental Processes Revealed in How the Brain Links Events to Form a Memory
104 Vitamin D Linked to Low Coronavirus Death Rate
105 Experts Warn: Sea Level Could Rise by More than 1 Meter by 2100 (5 Meters by 2300)
106 Quantum Radar Prototype Demonstrated--"Microwave Quantum Illumination" Outperforms Classical Radar
107 Reading Martian Rocks in Unparalleled Detail to Find Ancient Water on Mars
108 A Polio Vaccine that Hasn't Been Used in the U.S. for Two Decades Might Protect Against Coronavirus [Video]
109 Mysterious Success of Invading Invertebrates Surviving Severe Conditions Explained by Cannibalism
110 Shedding New Light on the Ocean's Living Carbon Pump