File Title
1 New therapeutic targets for infertility and cancer revealed
2 Climate change could reawaken Indian Ocean El Nino
3 First-in-kind study reveals genetic markers of type 2 diabetes in East Asians
4 Blood thinners may improve survival among hospitalized COVID-19 patients
5 New genetic markers of type 2 diabetes identified in East Asians
6 Mexico's sugary drinks tax has helped cut consumption after just three years
7 Look beyond rainforests to protect trees, scientists say
8 Marketing claims for infant formula should be banned, argue experts
9 Child body size linked to risk of heart disease and diabetes in later life
10 Teen obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure may lead to prematurely aged arteries
11 Cold air rises--what that means for Earth's climate
12 Possible vaccine for virus linked to type 1 diabetes
13 ESO instrument finds closest black hole to Earth
14 3D brain-like tissue model links Alzheimer's disease with herpes
15 Severe coral loss leaves reefs with larger fish but low energy turnover
16 3D printing used by anesthesiologists to prepare for lung operation on young girl
17 Researchers at LSTM demonstrate a novel way to treat snakebite
18 For better migraine treatment, try adding some downward dogs
19 Fluorescent technique brings aging polymers to light
20 Filtering out toxic chromium from water
21 Birds take flight with help from Sonic hedgehog
22 Staghorn coral restoration projects show promise in Florida Keys
23 Ancient DNA paints genetic portrait of Andes civilizations
24 Controlling quantumness: Simulations reveal details about how particles interact
25 Dearth of medical resources in Africa for COVID-19 reminiscent of early HIV/AIDS pandemic
26 Treatment for opioid use disorder is rare in hospitals, study finds
27 CCNY physicists shed light on the nanoscale dynamics of spin thermalization
28 Telescopes and spacecraft join forces to probe deep into Jupiter's atmosphere
29 Gemini gets lucky and takes a deep dive into Jupiter's clouds
30 Olanzapine may help control nausea, vomiting in patients with advanced cancer
31 Scientists measured electrical conductivity of pure interfacial water
32 Prediction tool shows how forest thinning may increase Sierra Nevada snowpack
33 Stem cells shown to delay their own death to aid healing
34 Loyola Medicine neurologist calls for broad changes in stroke care during COVID-19
35 Stroke doctors establish best practices to protect against COVID-19
36 Immunity of recovered COVID-19 patients could cut risk of expanding economic activity
37 Do I look mad? Reading facial cues with the touch-screen generation
38 By the third day most with COVID-19 lose sense of smell
39 Key failings in government's approach to COVID-19 preparations and emergency response
40 The great unconformity
41 Traffic pollution drops in lockdown--but other risks revealed by Manchester experts
42 2D oxide flakes pick up surprise electrical properties
43 Study finds breathing and talking contribute to COVID-19 spread
44 Accurate 3D imaging of sperm cells moving at top speed could improve IVF treatments
45 Benthos in the Antarctic Weddell Sea in decline
46 Clinicians and autistic transgender youth partner to create first community-built care model
47 Using digital twins to design more sustainable cities
48 Treatment for Diverticulitis--updated ASCRS Guidelines published in Diseases of the Colon & Rectum
49 The Lancet Rheumatology: Small observational study of patients with severe COVID-19 treated with the arthritis drug anakinra finds clinical improvements
50 NIH-funded study links early sleep problems to autism diagnosis among at-risk children
51 GW survey evaluates influence of social media in attracting patients
52 Molecule reduces multiple pathologies associated with Alzheimer's disease
53 New molecular auto-control system to avoid an excessive brown adipose tissue activity
54 Global trade in soy has major implications for the climate
55 A closer look at superconductors
56 Bioethicist calls out unproven and unlicensed 'stem cell treatments' for COVID-19
57 Vitamin D linked to low virus death rate--Study
58 A radar for plastic: High-resolution map of 1 kilometer grids to track plastic emissions in seas
59 New simple method for measuring the state of lithium-ion batteries
60 Can we estimate the time until the next recession?
61 Laser loop couples quantum systems over a distance
62 Quantum jump tipping the balance
63 Dendrimers finally have what it takes to break into the laser scene
64 High color purity 3D printing
65 Plasma electrons can be used to produce metallic films
66 Deciphering the hidden interactions within biological networks of varying sizes
67 Quantum resonances near absolute zero
68 Building blocks of the cell wall: pectin drives reproductive development in rice
69 Researchers pave the way to designing omnidirectional invisible materials
70 Eliminating damaged germline cells preserves germline integrity
71 Repurposing existing drugs for COVID-19 offers a more rapid alternative to a vaccine
72 Highly efficient hydrogen gas production using sunlight, water and hematite
73 Delaying bariatric and metabolic surgery during COVID-19 pandemic puts patients at risk, experts warn
74 Possible vaccine for virus linked to type 1 diabetes
75 Virgin birth has scientists buzzing
76 An optical brain-to-brain interface supports information exchange for locomotion control
77 The EU not ready for the release of gene drive organisms into the environment
78 Ultra-long-working-distance spectroscopy with 3D-printed aspherical microlenses
79 Skin-to-skin 'kangaroo care' shows important benefits for premature babies
80 Survey: Half of Americans concerned about new moms, babies being in public amid COVID-19
81 Study shows stem cells constitute alternative approach for treating corneal scarring
82 Emergency drug overdose visits associated with increased risk for later suicide
83 How to win back customer defectors
84 New review of studies shows no link between prenatal antidepressant exposure and autism
85 Revealing links between education and a good diet
86 Researchers have found accumulation of gene mutations in chronic Graft-versus-host disease
87 Carbon footprint hotspots: Mapping China's export-driven emissions
88 Lipid metabolism controls brain development
89 COVID-19 baby boom? This new study suggests perhaps not
90 What are your chances of having a second IVF baby after fertility treatment for the first?
91 A role reversal for the function of certain circadian network neurons
92 Modeling gas diffusion in aggregated soils
93 Artificial intelligence is energy-hungry--new hardware could curb its appetite
94 Penn researchers discover key mechanism of cytokine storm in Castleman disease
95 Cannibalism helps invading invertebrates survive severe conditions
96 Middle age may be much more stressful now than in the '90s
97 A new high-resolution, 3D map of the whole mouse brain
98 Sleep difficulties linked to altered brain development in infants who later develop autism
99 Clay layers and distant pumping trigger arsenic contamination in Bangladesh groundwater
100 Which COVID-19 models should we use to make policy decisions?
101 Planting trees is no panacea for climate change, ecologist writes in Science commentary
102 Study examines factors affecting racial disparities before kidney transplantation
103 Ancient Andes, analyzed
104 See a 3D mouse brain with single-cell resolution
105 The feeling a limb doesn't belong is linked to lack of brain structure and connection
106 Beer was here! A new microstructural marker for malting in the archaeological record
107 Hygiene reduces the need for antibiotics by up to 30%
108 How nonprofits can boost donations using the marketing mix
109 How do police view legalized cannabis? In Washington state, officers raise concerns
110 A new biomarker for the aging brain