File Title
1 A new biomarker for the aging brain
2 Killing 'sleeper cells' may enhance breast cancer therapy
3 New technique delivers complete DNA sequences of chromosomes inherited from mother and father
4 Light, sound, action: Extending the life of acoustic waves on microchips
5 Surfaces that grip like gecko feet could be easily mass-produced
6 Arizona State University scientists rewire photosynthesis to fuel our future
7 How we might recharge an electric car as it drives
8 Police stop fewer black drivers at night when a 'veil of darkness' obscures their race
9 Researchers find certain foods common in diets of US adults with inflammatory bowel disease
10 Study reveals most critically ill patients with COVID-19 survive with standard treatment
11 Outsmarting the enemy: Treefrogs rely on illusions to find a mate without being eaten
12 Position statement addresses difficult issue: allocating scare resources in COVID-19 era
13 Mats made from nanofibers linked to a red wine chemical could help prevent oxidation
14 Scientists shed light on essential carbon-fixing machinery in bacteria
15 Diminished returns of educational attainment on heart disease among black Americans
16 Oncotarget: Loss of p16 and high Ki67 labeling index is associated with poor outcome
17 New research finds racial bias in rideshare platforms
18 Fly ash geopolymer concrete: Significantly enhanced resistance to extreme alkali attack
19 Children & coronavirus infection (COVID-19): How to avoid post-traumatic stress disorder
20 Moderate exercise in middle and older age cuts time spent in hospital
21 Intel from an outpatient COVID-19 clinic
22 New rules for the physical basis of cellular organelle composition
23 DDT, other banned pesticides found in Detroit-area black women: BU study
24 How small chromosomes compete with big ones for a cell's attention
25 Study finds stronger links between automation and inequality
26 Pure red LEDs fulfill a primary goal
27 Car sharing minus the driver
28 Children don't know how to get proper nutrition information online
29 Division of labor on the surface of bacteria
30 Research found a new way to make functional materials based on polymers of metal clusters
31 Unplanned extubations in preterm infants leads to poor outcomes, increased care costs
32 NEJM study shows drug saves lives of kids fighting deadly immune disease
33 Antioxidant reverses damage to fertility caused by exposure to bisphenol A
34 Cholesterol lowering drugs linked to improved gut bacteria composition in obese people
35 FSU researchers study Gulf of Mexico in international collaboration
36 High reliance on urgent care centers may disrupt primary care in children
37 New freeze-resistant trichinella species discovered in wolverines
38 Transforming surgery in the aftermath of COVID-19
39 Sustainable recovery of nutrients from urine
40 Jurassic Park got it wrong: UW Oshkosh research indicates raptors don't hunt in packs
41 Trump's election didn't cause a large increase in depression among US Democrats
42 Unveiling the structure of SARS-CoV-2
43 Shedding new light on nanolasers using 2D semiconductors
44 Lyin' eyes: Butterfly, moth eyespots may look the same, but likely evolved separately
45 Controlling your home by the power of thought
46 Fiber optics capture seismic signatures of the rose parade
47 Investigating the dynamics of stability
48 Going against the trend
49 Focused ultrasound opening brain to previously impossible treatments
50 Inactivated vaccine candidate protects macaques from SARS-CoV-2 infection
51 Soil pores hold the key to stability for desert soils
52 Programming with the light switch
53 Management of inflammatory bowel diseases: Clinical perspectives
54 Free and open-source hardware enables more bang for your buck in research funding
55 New trial platform could accelerate finding a cure for Parkinson's disease
56 Spin-dependent processes in the 2D material hexagonal boron nitride
57 New computational method unravels single-cell data from multiple people
58 Public would obey major changes to antibiotic advice, research shows
59 Tiny devices promise new horizon for security screening and medical imaging
60 Researchers identify a fundamental protein to guarantee liver regeneration
61 We believe we're less likely than others are to fall for online scams
62 Winter warm spells see an increase in duration and frequency in UK temperature records
63 New imaging method gives insights into how bacteria move and exchange genetic information
64 Unique 3D-images reveal the architecture of nerve fibers
65 Living in a rural environment enhances mental well-being among the elderly
66 Gas nanomedicine: An emerging cutting-edge field
67 Sewage poses potential COVID-19 transmission risk, experts warn
68 Minimum energy requirements for microbial communities to live predicted
69 Real-time visualization of solid-phase ion migration
70 Training GPs to identify domestic violence leads to dramatic increase in finding victims
71 Experimental study of how 'metallic glass' forms challenges paradigm in glass research
72 USTC has made significant progress in many-body simulation based on Rydberg atoms
73 A study by TalTech geneticists revealed new potential causes of female infertility
74 Prime time for lower extremity artery disease
75 Fighting autoimmunity and cancer: The nutritional key
76 Workers happy despite crisis and uncertainty
77 Could hotel service robots help the hospitality industry after COVID-19?
78 'Terrible twos' not inevitable: With engaged parenting, happy babies can become happy toddlers
79 Light sensors detect larval pests munching on date palms
80 Birth and pregnancy experts fail to deliver on contraception advice
81 Towards antibodies against COVID-19
82 The unexpected benefits of tailored exercise for aged care residents
83 Dual personalities visualized for shape-shifting molecule
84 Researchers present a microbial strain capable of massive succinic acid production
85 Computational imaging benefits from untrained neural network
86 SMART researchers uncover new anti-phage defense mechanisms in bacteria
87 KIST develops large-scale stretchable and transparent electrodes
88 Cortexyme publishes data on P.gingivalis ability to infect neurons
89 Bat 'super immunity' may explain how bats carry coronaviruses--USask study
90 How does nitrogen dynamics affect carbon and water budgets in China?
91 Researchers unlock TB vaccine puzzle in findings that could save millions of newborns
92 Arctic Edmontosaurus lives again--a new look at the 'caribou of the Cretaceous'
93 Interleukin-12 electroporation may sensitize 'cold' melanomas to immunotherapies
94 Ultraviolet light exposes contagion spread from improper PPE use
95 Study finds 'volume dial' for turning neural communication up or down
96 Graphene sets sail in microgravity
97 Study shows wetter climate is likely to intensify global warming
98 Be clear, positive, and targeted, to help public stick to social distancing, governments urged
99 Trial questions benefits of organic nitrates for bone health
100 Music and filmmaking can transform undergraduate student perceptions of dementia
101 Cost-benefit analysis of funding a smoking cessation program before surgery
102 Study reveals impact of 'soft opt-out' system for organ donation
103 Children born with a cleft lip unlikely to be genetically inclined to do poorly at school
104 Being overweight in life, not just childhood, increases risk of heart disease and diabetes
105 International Society of Hypertension release global practice guidelines
106 Fossil reveals evidence of 200-million-year-old 'squid' attack
107 Regularly attending religious services associated with lower risk of deaths of despair
108 The brain may be a new therapeutic target for improving breathing following lung injury in COVID-19
109 Androgen-deprivation treatments for prostate cancer could protect men from COVID-19
110 Obesity is linked to gut microbiota disturbance, but not among statin-treated individuals