File Title
1 Evidence suggests COVID-19 isn't sexually transmitted
2 New heart attack testing protocol expedites treatment in ER
3 A novel method to precisely deliver therapeutics inside the body
4 From Voldemort to Vader, fictional villains may draw us to darker versions of ourselves
5 USGS releases first-ever comprehensive geologic map of the moon
6 Promoting advantages of product category, such as e-cigarettes, can backfire
7 New study could lead to therapeutic interventions to treat cocaine addiction
8 Electronic skin fully powered by sweat can monitor health
9 Caribbean coral reef decline began in 1950s and 1960s from local human activities
10 Digital agriculture paves the road to agricultural sustainability
11 Study shows senior drivers prefer watching videos to learn driver assistance technologies
12 New dual-action coating keeps bacteria from cross-contaminating fresh produce
13 Inappropriate diagnoses
14 Helping the heart heal itself
15 European satellite data shows extreme methane emissions from Permian oil & gas operations
16 Combinations of paclitaxel and withaferin A against human non-small cell lung cancer
17 In it together
18 Portland State study finds bike lanes provide positive economic impact
19 Majority of US states and territories do not require day care providers to inform parents of firearms
20 Sweet potato microbiome research important first step towards improving yield
21 Researchers discover a key to the survival of dormant breast cancer cells
22 The significance of interdisciplinary integration in academic research and application
23 Climate change's toll on freshwater fish: A new database for science
24 A breakthrough in estimating the size of a (mostly hidden) network
25 Technological progress peaked in 2018
26 Tiny sensors fit 30,000 to a penny, transmit data from living tissue
27 New design could make fiber communications more energy efficient
28 Study suggests rainfall triggered 2018 Kilauea eruption
29 Promising MERS coronavirus vaccine trial in humans
30 Spotting air pollution with satellites, better than ever before
31 Utilizing the impact resistance of the world's hardest concrete for disaster prevention
32 Researchers identify cells likely targeted by COVID-19 virus
33 DNA may not be life's instruction book--just a jumbled list of ingredients
34 New Army tech may turn low-cost printers into high-tech producers
35 Women living with HIV prefer long-acting injectable anti-retroviral therapy over daily pill
36 Human-caused warming will cause more slow-moving hurricanes, warn climatologists
37 Scientists reveal how tuberculosis bacteria import vitamin B12 to grow
38 With smaller clinical trials, it may be up to doctors to notice rare drug side effects
39 Fish flip a unique genetic switch in warming seas
40 Spider combs tame unruly nanofibers (video)
41 Novel research on African bats pilots new ways in sharing and linking published data
42 Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center reports 18% rise in antisemitic incidents in 2019
43 Protect health and social care workers and refer their deaths to the coroner, says the BMJ editor
44 Research highlights racism concerns in schools and the community
45 University of Guelph develops effective way to replenish threatened plants
46 HKUST scientists discover how multiple RNA elements control MicroRNA biogenesis
47 Orujo olive oil reduces obesity
48 Structure-based design of antiviral drug candidates targets SARS-CoV-2 main protease
49 Tissues protect their DNA under mechanical stress
50 High ferritin levels may indicate severe COVID-19
51 A rare snail living on wood is discovered in the Arctic ocean
52 Specialized nerve cells increase the appetite for high-fat foods
53 What protects minority languages from extinction?
54 Unsustainable soil erosion in parts of UK
55 The downside of feeling prepared
56 Online tool helps to protect tropical forests
57 Delivery drones instead of postal vans? Study reveals drones still consume too much energy
58 A win-win solution--Shredded straws can enhance soil fertility and reduce ammonia pollution
59 New study reveals life's earliest evolution was more complicated than previously suspected
60 Effects of rapid-acting antidepressants consolidated in sleep?
61 COVID-19 screening of healthcare workers offers reassurance and faster return to work
62 Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy is associated with growth delays
63 Hungry galaxies grow fat on the flesh of their neighbors
64 Study finds provider capacity to expand abortion--implications for access during COVID-19
65 New report: Inclusive food systems needed to boost development, resilience
66 Disappearing Alaskan sea ice is significant for Arctic marine ecosystem
67 Microwaves power new technology for batteries, energy
68 More protections needed to safeguard biodiversity in the Southern Ocean
69 Scientists have devised method for gentle laser processing of perovskites at nanoscale
70 Gene signature found for poor response to standard chemotherapy in rare uterine cancer
71 Socioeconomics, metabolic syndrome, and osteopenia in postmenopausal women
72 A history of cannabis dependence associated with many negative mental health outcomes
73 Quantum research unifies two ideas offering an alternative route to topological superconductivity
74 Natural mood regulation low or even absent in people with depression
75 Is it wrong to prioritize younger patients with COVID-19?
76 How to make the healthiest coffee during COVID-19 lockdown
77 Salt substitution could prevent almost half a million deaths from CVD in China
78 Diabetes reversed in mice with genetically edited stem cells derived from patients
79 Which foods do you eat together? How you combine them may raise dementia risk
80 Tectonic plates started shifting earlier than previously thought
81 UCLA scientists invent nanoparticle that could improve treatment for bone defects
82 How atrazine regulations have influenced the environment
83 Finding genetic ripple effects in a single-cell environment
84 New risk prediction model could identify those at higher risk of pancreatic cancer
85 Research reveals a new malaria vaccine candidate
86 Human uterus colonized by clones with cancer-driving mutations that arise early in life
87 The future of semiconductors is clear
88 Windows will soon generate electricity, following solar cell breakthrough
89 Excessive rain triggered 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption, study finds
90 Surface feeding could provide more than just snacks for New Zealand blue whales
91 A new way to cool down electronic devices, recover waste heat
92 New bat species discovered--cousins of the ones suspected in COVID-19
93 Researchers use electrostatic charge to assemble particles into materials mimicking gemstones, salt
94 Health disparities in rural US: Higher coronary artery disease death in women under 65 and people with heart failure
95 New systematic review captures what makes a positive post-birth experience for new mothers
96 Growing volume of gun policy research creates basis for policy decisions
97 Who's a bot and who's not
98 Molecular & isotopic evidence of milk, meat & plants in prehistoric food systems
99 Diagnostics, meet CRISPR
100 Study finds rise in between-workplace inequalities in the US, high-income countries
101 Scientists discover bent-toed gecko species in Cambodia
102 Scientists discover supernova that outshines all others
103 New handle for controlling electromagnetic properties could enable spintronic computing
104 Novel metrics suggests electronic consultations are appropriate, useful alternative to face-to-face medical appointments [plus additional topic]
105 Discovered a small protein that synchronizes the circadian clocks in shoots and roots
106 Reducing sulfur dioxide emissions alone cannot substantially decrease air pollution
107 Observing the atmosphere at high altitudes using unmanned aerial vehicles
108 Skoltech researchers find a new HIT defense bacteria use against antibiotics
109 COVID-19: Cedars-Sinai physician co-authors analysis of antiviral drug
110 Simple method for ceramic-based flexible electrolyte sheets for lithium metal batteries