File Title
1 NASA's Perseverance rover will look at Mars through these 'eyes'
2 UBC researchers establish new timeline for ancient magnetic field on Mars
3 China builds Asia's largest steerable radio telescope for Mars mission
4 Building satellites amid COVID-19
5 Space missions return to science
6 ESA scales down science mission operations amid pandemic
7 Coronavirus and ESA's duty of care
8 SpaceX develops new sunshade to make Starlink satellites less visible from Earth
9 Elon Musk's SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
10 US wants to mine resources in space, but is it legal?
11 ESA's Tenerife telescope resumes watching the sky
12 Air Force investigates using quantum materials in new navigation tool
13 US Army's Sentinel A4 Radar Program quickly achieves key milestones
14 Raytheon completes first tests of radar for anti-hypersonic sensor
15 Northrop Grumman demonstrates "On-The-Move" Ground Radar Capability
16 Study highlights gallium oxide's promise for next generation radiation detectors
17 New clues to predict the risks astronauts will face from space radiation on long missions
18 Polymer films pass electron gun test
19 First Q-53 radar equipped with gallium nitride delivered to US Army
20 Getting by in the pandemic with help from (virtual) friends
21 Exoplanets: How we'll search for signs of life
22 New study examines which galaxies are best for intelligent life
23 Looking for aliens who might be looking for us
24 Scientists pick up pattern of space radio signals for 1st time, study says
25 AI could deceive us as much as the human eye does in the search for extraterrestrials
26 Short-lived light sources discovered in the sky
27 Astronomers capture rare images of planet-forming disks around stars
28 Newly discovered exoplanet dethrones former king of Kepler-88 planetary system
29 Exoplanet apparently disappears in latest Hubble observations
30 Hubble observes aftermath of massive collision
31 HD 158259 and it's six planets almost in rhythm
32 Earth-Size, Habitable Zone Planet Found Hidden in Early NASA Kepler Data
33 Origin of the first known interstellar object 'Oumuamua
34 NASA selects early-stage technology concepts for new, continued study
35 Sulfur 'spices' alien atmospheres
36 Warped Space-time to Help WFIRST Find Exoplanets
37 Newly reprocessed images of Europa show 'chaos terrain' in crisp detail
38 Jupiter probe JUICE: Final integration in full swing
39 Mysteries of Uranus' oddities explained by Japanese astronomers
40 The birth of a "Snowman" at the edge of the Solar System
41 New Horizons pushing the frontier ever deeper into the Kuiper Belt
42 Jupiter's Great Red Spot shrinking in size, not thickness
43 Ultraviolet instrument delivered for ESA's Jupiter mission
44 Findings from Juno Update Jupiter Water Mystery
45 Researchers find new minor planets beyond Neptune
46 One Step Closer to the Edge of the Solar System
47 Nearly 100,000 evacuated after Uzbekistan dam bursts
48 The mighty Nile, threatened by waste, warming, mega-dam
49 A dam right across the North Sea
50 GPS celebrates 25th year of operation
51 India develops unique model to hit enemy targets without positioning error
52 Quantum entanglement offers unprecedented precision for GPS, imaging and beyond
53 Apple data show dramatic impact of virus on movement
54 Pursuing the future of lunar habitation
55 Musk, Bezos win NASA contracts for Moon lander
56 NASA scientists tapped to mature more rugged seismometer system to measure moonquakes
57 NASA CubeSat Will Shine a Laser Light on the Moon's Darkest Craters
58 USGS releases first-ever comprehensive geologic map of the moon
59 Moon dust and 3D printing will be standard for future lunar operations
60 Hubble watches Comet ATLAS disintegrate into more than two dozen pieces
61 NASA's Swift mission tallied water from interstellar Comet Borisov
62 Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Rich in Carbon Monoxide
63 Asteroid grazes path of satellites in geostationary ring
64 Asteroid 1998 OR2 to Safely Fly Past Earth this Week
65 Asteroid visiting Earth's neighborhood brings its own face mask
66 Impacts on Asteroids Produce Regolith, Erase Small Craters
67 Seeing asteroids in the dark
68 One hundred lunar asteroid collisions confirmed by second telescope
69 Population of Interstellar Asteroids Found Hiding in Plain Sight
70 Interstellar comet Borisov reveals its chemistry and possible origins
71 Interstellar comet Borisov likely comes from a red dwarf star
72 Fragmentation of Comet ATLAS observed on the First Crowd-Sourced Pictures from Citizen Astronomers
73 Ammonium salts found on Rosetta's comet
74 Puzzle about nitrogen solved thanks to cometary analogues
75 The Salt of the Comet
76 Outbound comets are likely of alien origin
77 Dancing debris, moveable landscape shape Comet 67P
78 Russia to launch first satellite for monitoring Arctic climate this year
79 'Gargantuan' hail in Argentina may have smashed world record
80 Mapping methane emissions on a global scale
81 Spotting air pollution with satellites, better than ever before
82 3D models of mountain lakes with a portable sonar and airborne laser
83 How NASA is Helping the World Breathe More Easily
84 CryoSat still cool at 10
85 Wildlife conservation aided by L3Harris Electro-Optical/Infrared Technology
86 Sun is less active than similar stars
87 Switchbacks and spikes: Parker Solar Probe data consistent with 20-year-old theory
88 New research helps explain why the solar wind is hotter than expected
89 Could Dark Matter Be Hiding in Existing Data
90 Coldest material in the cosmos could help scientists find dark matter particles
91 Coldest material in the cosmos could help scientists find dark matter particles
92 Looking for dark matter with the universe's coldest material
93 Identifying light sources using artificial intelligence
94 New metasurface laser produces world's first super-chiral light
95 New design could make fiber communications more energy efficient
96 Light from stretchable sheets of atoms for quantum technologies
97 A funnel of light
98 Advanced 'super-planckian' material exhibits LED-like light when heated
99 Scientists describe and emulate new quantum state of entangled photons
100 Longest microwave quantum link
101 Quantum researchers able to split one photon into three
102 Five millimeter diameter motor is powered directly with light
103 Method combination allows deep insights into ultrafast light-induced processes
104 Silver sawtooth creates valley-coherent light for nanophotonics
105 Controlling light with light
106 Hubble's impactful life alongside space debris
107 First direct look at how light excites electrons to kick off a chemical reaction
108 Four years of calculations lead to new insights into muon anomaly
109 The weight of the Universe
110 New findings suggest laws of nature not as constant as previously thought
111 A new kind of physics
112 New high-energy-density physics research provides insights about the universe
113 'Elegant' solution reveals how the universe got its structure
114 NSF Funds Astrophysicists to Develop Code for "Einstein Toolkit"
115 Russian scientists propose new approach to measuring atoms
116 Does relativity lie at the source of quantum exoticism?
117 Dancing electrons solve a longstanding puzzle in the oldest magnetic material
118 Breakthrough made towards building the world's most powerful particle accelerator
119 Using light to put a twist on electrons
120 Satellite galaxies of the Milky Way help test dark matter theory
121 Looking for dark matter
122 New technique looks for dark matter traces in dark places
123 Slime mold simulations map the Universe's dark matter
124 Scientists shed light on mystery of dark matter
125 Galaxy formation simulated without dark matter