File Title
1 To make amino acids, just add electricity
2 Which will survive? A microorganism zoo in the stratosphere
3 Some non-photosynthetic orchids consist of dead wood
4 First building blocks of life on Earth was a big mess
5 Astronomers reveal interstellar thread of one of life's building blocks
6 Cosmic origins of phosphorus, a building block for life, traced by scientists
7 Goldilocks stars are best places to look for life
8 Technique could speed search for life in outer space
9 Life may have first emerged in phosphorous-rich lakes
10 Breathable atmospheres may be more common in the universe than we first thought
11 Exoplanet axis study boosts hopes of complex life, just not next door
12 Signs of life: New field guide aids astronomers' search
13 Toys that inspired NASA innovations
14 NASA Scientist Flies Technology on a Dozen High-Profile Missions
15 NASA awards propellants and life support services contract
16 NASA leadership assessing mission impacts of coronavirus
17 New Spinoff publication shares how NASA innovations benefit life on Earth
18 Mission Impossible to Mission Control: Tom Cruise to film in space
19 Pentagon formally releases Navy videos of unidentified object encounters
20 NASA researchers look to the future on Earth Day 50
21 NASA, SpaceX team up for emergency egress exercise
22 NASA builds on investments in US small business' beneficial technologies
23 Life on the rocks helps scientists understand how to survive in extreme environments
24 Mind-controlled arm prostheses that 'feel' are now a part of everyday life
25 Spinal cord gives bio-bots walking rhythm
26 Singapore disinfecting robot trialled in virus fight
27 Robots ride to rescue as delivery risks rise
28 Autonomous Solutions and Phantom Auto Partner to Deploy Unmanned Yard Trucks
29 Crisis brings robots to medical frontline: researchers
30 Soft robot, unplugged
31 High School students vie for a win in robotics competition
32 Robot uses artificial intelligence and imaging to draw blood
33 Pentagon adopts ethics for artificial intelligence use
34 Fear of Big Brother guides EU rules on AI
35 Autonomous vehicle technology may improve safety for US Army convoys, report says
36 SubT Challenge Seeks Information to Enhance Virtual Competition
37 Northrop Grumman Remotec and Kinova Robotics sign distribution agreement for robotic manipulator
38 Progressing towards assuredly safer autonomous systems
39 Progressing Towards Assuredly Safer Autonomous Systems
40 OFFSET Swarm Systems Integrators Demonstrate Tactics to Conduct Urban Raid
41 Spider-Man-style robotic graspers defy gravity
42 Anatomy of a Rover: The Mechanics of a Winning Student Vehicle Design
43 Team builds the first living robots
44 Can sea star movement inspire better robots?
45 Robo-crib highlights infant safety at technology show
46 Scientists develop gentle, microscopic hands to study tiny, soft materials
47 Space history is made in this NASA robot factory
48 In search of the lighting material of the future
49 Heat-friendly microbes provide efficient way to biodegrade plastic
50 Best homemade mask combines cotton, natural silk, chiffon
51 Cool down fast to advance quantum nanotechnology
52 Now metal surfaces can be instant bacteria killers
53 Scientists synthesize world's most complex microparticle
54 Making stronger concrete with 'sewage-enhanced' steel slag
55 World Centric announces new World Centric leaf fiber lids
56 Creating custom light using 2D materials
57 Cracks actually protect historical paintings against environmental fluctuation
58 Army researchers develop new method for analyzing metal
59 In Norway, bottles made of plastic are still fantastic
60 New threads: Nanowires made of tellurium and nanotubes hold promise for wearable tech
61 Astroscale and Northumbria Uni to advance standardization of end-of-life satellite practices
62 Astronauts, robots and the history of fixing and building things in space
63 Intelsat 901 Satellite Returns to Service Using Northrop Grumman's Mission Extension Vehicle
64 Spacecraft is designed to survive fire, surfs its own wave
65 Gravitational waves could prove the existence of the quark-gluon plasma
66 TAMA300 blazes trail for improved gravitational wave astronomy
67 A gravitational-wave signal like none before
68 Australian researchers create new tools to detect gravitational waves.
69 Astronomers detect first double helium-core white dwarf gravitational wave source
70 Precision mirrors poised to improve sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors
71 Continued Gravitational-Wave Discoveries from Public Data
72 Suited up for gravity
73 ASU and Virginia Tech researchers unlock mysteries of grasshopper response to gravity
74 Gravitational wave network catches another neutron star collision
75 Hebrew U researcher cracks Newton's elusive '3-body' problem
76 Ultrasound for space offers remote diagnosis to patients on Earth
77 NASA develops COVID-19 prototype ventilator in 37 days
78 Ocean acidification prediction now possible years in advance
79 Simulated deep-sea mining affects ecosystem functions at the seafloor
80 Researchers explore ocean microbes' role in climate effects
81 Whatever sea level rise brings, NASA will be there
82 What is fluid lensing
83 Shrinking snowcaps fuel harmful algal blooms in Arabian Sea
84 Life is bubbling up to seafloor with petroleum from deep below
85 Study reveals how spaceflight affects risk of blood clots in female astronauts
86 How catastrophic outburst floods may have carved Greenland's 'grand canyon'
87 Glacier detachments: A new hazard in a warming world?
88 Microorganisms in parched regions extract needed water from colonized rocks
89 Age of NGC 6652 globular cluster specified
90 Beyond the Brim, Sombrero galaxy's halo suggests turbulent past
91 Citizen scientists discover rare cosmic pairing via Backyard Worlds project
92 Astronomers discover unusual monster galaxy in the very early universe
93 ALMA catches beautiful outcome of stellar fight
94 Scientists complete ELM Survey, discover 98 double white dwarfs
95 Stellar explosions and jets showcased in new three-dimensional visualizations
96 NASA, SpaceX target historic spaceflight despite pandemic
97 NASA's new solar sail system to be tested on-board NanoAvionics' satellite
98 NASA Tests Solar Sail for CubeSat that Will Study Near-Earth Asteroids
99 Why our launch of the NASA and SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the ISS is essential
100 Japanese astronaut prepares for flight aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon
101 NASA announces first SpaceX crewed flight for May 27
102 Northrop says it's on schedule with next-generation OmegA rocket
103 Dream Chaser spaceplane set to get wings
104 Russia starts adapting RD-180 engine used in US for super-heavy Yenisei Rocket
105 US Rocketry Chief Offers Novel Explanation for Why America Continues to Buy Russia's RD-180 Engines
106 Scientific machine learning paves way for rapid rocket engine design
107 Rocket Lab completes electron mid-air recovery test
108 NASA commits to future Artemis missions with more SLS rocket engines ordered
109 UCF researchers develop groundbreaking new rocket-propulsion system
110 NASA Test Directors eagerly await Artemis launch