File Title
1 Sustainable recovery of nutrients from urine
2 Fiber optics capture seismic signatures of the rose parade
3 Investigating the dynamics of stability
4 Going against the trend
5 Focused ultrasound opening brain to previously impossible treatments
6 Soil pores hold the key to stability for desert soils
7 Programming with the light switch
8 Management of inflammatory bowel diseases: Clinical perspectives
9 Free and open-source hardware enables more bang for your buck in research funding
10 New trial platform could accelerate finding a cure for Parkinson's disease
11 Spin-dependent processes in the 2D material hexagonal boron nitride
12 New computational method unravels single-cell data from multiple people
13 Public would obey major changes to antibiotic advice, research shows
14 Tiny devices promise new horizon for security screening and medical imaging
15 Researchers identify a fundamental protein to guarantee liver regeneration
16 We believe we're less likely than others are to fall for online scams
17 Winter warm spells see an increase in duration and frequency in UK temperature records
18 New imaging method gives insights into how bacteria move and exchange genetic information
19 Unique 3D-images reveal the architecture of nerve fibers
20 Living in a rural environment enhances mental well-being among the elderly
21 Gas nanomedicine: An emerging cutting-edge field
22 Sewage poses potential COVID-19 transmission risk, experts warn
23 Minimum energy requirements for microbial communities to live predicted
24 Real-time visualization of solid-phase ion migration
25 Training GPs to identify domestic violence leads to dramatic increase in finding victims
26 Experimental study of how 'metallic glass' forms challenges paradigm in glass research
27 USTC has made significant progress in many-body simulation based on Rydberg atoms
28 A study by TalTech geneticists revealed new potential causes of female infertility
29 Prime time for lower extremity artery disease
30 Workers happy despite crisis and uncertainty
31 Could hotel service robots help the hospitality industry after COVID-19?
32 'Terrible twos' not inevitable: With engaged parenting, happy babies can become happy toddlers
33 Light sensors detect larval pests munching on date palms
34 Birth and pregnancy experts fail to deliver on contraception advice
35 Towards antibodies against COVID-19
36 The unexpected benefits of tailored exercise for aged care residents
37 Dual personalities visualized for shape-shifting molecule
38 Researchers present a microbial strain capable of massive succinic acid production
39 Computational imaging benefits from untrained neural network
40 SMART researchers uncover new anti-phage defense mechanisms in bacteria
41 KIST develops large-scale stretchable and transparent electrodes
42 Cortexyme publishes data on P.gingivalis ability to infect neurons
43 Bat 'super immunity' may explain how bats carry coronaviruses--USask study
44 How does nitrogen dynamics affect carbon and water budgets in China?
45 Interleukin-12 electroporation may sensitize 'cold' melanomas to immunotherapies
46 Ultraviolet light exposes contagion spread from improper PPE use
47 Study finds 'volume dial' for turning neural communication up or down
48 Study shows wetter climate is likely to intensify global warming
49 Music and filmmaking can transform undergraduate student perceptions of dementia
50 Cost-benefit analysis of funding a smoking cessation program before surgery
51 Study reveals impact of 'soft opt-out' system for organ donation
52 Children born with a cleft lip unlikely to be genetically inclined to do poorly at school
53 International Society of Hypertension release global practice guidelines
54 Fossil reveals evidence of 200-million-year-old 'squid' attack
55 Regularly attending religious services associated with lower risk of deaths of despair
56 Obesity is linked to gut microbiota disturbance, but not among statin-treated individuals
57 First-in-kind study reveals genetic markers of type 2 diabetes in East Asians
58 New genetic markers of type 2 diabetes identified in East Asians
59 Teen obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure may lead to prematurely aged arteries
60 ESO instrument finds closest black hole to Earth
61 Severe coral loss leaves reefs with larger fish but low energy turnover
62 Fluorescent technique brings aging polymers to light
63 Filtering out toxic chromium from water
64 Birds take flight with help from Sonic hedgehog
65 China's space test hits snag with capsule 'anomaly'
66 China says launch of key new space rocket 'successful'
67 China launches new rocket as it eyes moon trip
68 China recollects first satellite stories after entering space for 50 years
69 China's first Mars exploration mission named Tianwen-1
70 Parachutes guide China's rocket debris safely to earth
71 China to launch IoT communications satellites named after Wuhan
72 China's experimental manned spaceship undergoes tests
73 Construction of China's space station begins with start of LM-5B launch campaign
74 China Prepares to Launch Unknown Satellite Aboard Long March 7A Rocket
75 China to launch more space science satellites
76 China's space station core module, manned spacecraft arrive at launch site
77 China may have over 40 space launches in 2020
78 China launches powerful rocket in boost for 2020 Mars mission
79 NASA to demonstrate first-of-its-kind in-space manufacturing technique for telescope mirrors
80 NASA's Swift Satellite Celebrates 15 Years of Multiwavelength Science
81 An eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar discovered by FAST
82 Large scale survey telescope to be built in northwest China
83 A tale of two telescopes: WFIRST and Hubble
84 Astronomers stumble upon unexpected features in a distant galaxy using MeerKAT data
85 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Full Mirror Deployment a Success
86 China's FAST telescope identifies 114 pulsars
87 New telescope design could capture distant celestial objects with unprecedented detail
88 Astrophysicists utilize polarization to watch quasars
89 Examining Ice Giants with NASA's Webb Telescope
90 XMM-Newton reveals giant flare from a tiny star
91 ESO telescope sees surface of dim Betelgeuse
92 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Ends Mission of Astronomical Discovery
93 Webb telescope will continue Spitzer's legacy
94 NASA Pays Tribute, Says Goodbye to One of Agency's Great Observatories
95 Russia, China consider building joint on-orbit assembling space telescope
96 Simulated image demonstrates the power of NASA's WFIRST
97 NASA's Great Observatories help build 3-D visualization of exploded star
98 South Africa's MeerKAT peers deep into the Universe
99 Swiss space telescope CHEOPS launch set for 17 December
100 Arecibo Observatory seeks upgrades to track asteroids, study space
101 Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world
102 Astronomers could spot life signs orbiting long-dead stars
103 New study reveals life's earliest evolution was more complicated than previously suspected
104 Scientists find microbes eating ethane spewing from deep-sea vents
105 Simulating early ocean vents shows life's building blocks form under pressure
106 Sellafield research uncovers microbial life in fuel ponds
107 Humans are not the first to repurpose CRISPR
108 Salmon parasite is world's first non-oxygen breathing animal
109 Random gene pulse patterns key to multicellular system development
110 Rules of life: From a pond to the beyond