File Title
1 Epidemiologists develop new tool for measuring the pace of aging across the life course
2 Veterans battle homelessness long after discharge from the military
3 Continuity of buprenorphine treatment linked to significantly lower prescription opioid use and over
4 Germline genomic profiles of children, young adults with solid tumors to inform management and treatment
5 Heating could be the best way to disinfect N95 masks for reuse
6 Despite millennial stereotypes, burnout just as bad for Gen X doctors in training
7 Simulations forecast nationwide increase in human exposure to extreme climate events
8 Four years of calculations lead to new insights into muon anomaly
9 N/A
10 Grandfamilies: New study uncovers common themes and challenges in kinship care
11 All disease models are 'wrong,' but scientists are working to fix that
12 Supportive oncodermatology interventions improve patient quality of life
13 How race affects listening during political conversations
14 Cognition and gait speed often decline together, study shows
15 Race-specific lupus nephritis biomarkers
16 Worms freeload on bacterial defense systems
17 Colorado emergency departments take new steps to prevent youth suicide
18 Electrical activity in living organisms mirrors electrical fields in atmosphere
19 Potato power: Spuds serve high quality protein that's good for women's muscle
20 Canadian chiropractors remove vaccination info on websites after media coverage
21 Study finds unexpected suspect in age-related macular degeneration
22 Coronavirus structure clue to high infection rate
23 How David wins against Goliath in established industry
24 Exeter student leads research concluding that small red blood cells could indicate cancer
25 Laws that punish pregnant drug abusers aren't working, new study finds
26 Firms perceived to fake social responsibility become targets for hackers, study shows
27 Supercapacitor promises storage, high power and fast charging
28 New evidence that higher caffeine and urate levels are protective against Parkinson's
29 More berries, apples and tea may have protective benefits against Alzheimer's
30 Study reveals how spaceflight affects risk of blood clots in female astronauts
31 Positive health beliefs may reduce blood pressure post-stroke, especially among women
32 Long-term developments of energy pricing and consumption in industry
33 Yellow-legged gull adapts its annual lifecycle to human activities to get food
34 Age of NGC 6652 globular cluster specified
35 Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Mass General advancing novel gene-based COVID-19 vaccine, AAVCOVID
36 New test could guarantee the perfect avocado
37 Multifunctional porous carbon fibers show significant promise in capacitive desalination
38 Extreme Ultraviolet imaging displays potential to enhance study of Alzheimer's disease
39 Scientists take steps to create a 'racetrack memory,' potentially enhancing data storage
40 Potential new treatment for severe dry eye disease, RCSI Research
41 New tumour sampling method significantly improves genetic testing for cancer treatment
42 NUS researchers develop novel device to improve performance of underactive bladders
43 Protective shield: How pathogens withstand acidic environments in the body
44 A hydrological model leads to advances in the creation of a world water map
45 Demographic expansion of several Amazonian archaeological cultures by computer simulation
46 A drug proves effective in the treatment of intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in animals
47 Gene variants that protect against glaucoma identified, opening therapeutic possibilities
48 A new compound removes senescent cells and reduces toxicity in cancer treatment
49 AI--a new tool for cardiac diagnostics
50 Lymphatic vessels in mice and humans: Alike yet different
51 Already vulnerable, gig economy workers in SF suffer during pandemic, survey finds
52 Editing selfies is counter productive: Study
53 Surf and turf: Green new deal should be a 'teal new deal'
54 Oceans should have a place in climate 'green new deal' policies, scientists suggest
55 Plants pass on 'memory' of stress to some progeny, making them more resilient
56 An artificial 'tongue' of gold to taste maple syrup
57 Researchers release COVID-19 symptom tracker app
58 Genetic variation in a brain-cleansing water channel affects human sleep
59 New therapeutic targets for treating memory impairment in Down syndrome
60 Bluetooth-enabled device detects fermentation process over days
61 Fossil fuel-free jet propulsion with air plasmas
62 Biocontrol most cost-effective in fight against common pest pear Opuntia stricta
63 Novel necklace detects abnormal heart rhythm
64 Saving energy and lives: How a solar chimney can boost fire safety
65 Supercomputer simulations present potential active substances against coronavirus
66 MRI technique could reduce need for radiation in measuring tumor response to chemotherapy
67 From expressions to mind wandering: Using computers to illuminate human emotions
68 Genetic study ties higher alcohol consumption to increased stroke and PAD risk
69 University of Arizona researchers identify potential pathway to make opioids safer, more effective
70 Recent Australian wildfires made worse by logging
71 Broadband enhancement relies on precise tilt
72 Evidence that human brains replay our waking experiences while we sleep
73 Genetic scoring can identify more men at risk for aortic aneurysm
74 Brain emotional activity linked to blood vessel inflammation in recent heart attack patients
75 Miniature version of human vein allows study of deep vein thrombosis
76 Identifying light sources using artificial intelligence
77 Scientists observe bacteria tumble their way out of surface traps
78 UB investigators uncover cellular mechanism involved in Krabbe disease
79 Considering social influences across the customer journey
80 Early government intervention is key to reducing the spread of COVID-19
81 Timing of maturity, feelings about ethnicity and race can positively affect black males' self-concept, well-being
82 Mapping Methane Emissions on a Global Scale
83 Surprise Asteroid Zips Very Close to Earth, Grazing Path of Satellites in Geostationary Orbit
84 Top Five Mysteries About the Planet Mercury that BepiColombo Will Solve
85 Water-Splitting "Artificial Leaf" Module a Source of Perpetual Energy
86 Robots Help Some Firms Thrive, While Workers Across Industries Struggle
87 How Effective Are Cloth Masks Against Coronavirus? [Video]
88 Snapshot of Evolution Captured by Newly Discovered 400 Million-Year-Old Plant
89 Two Drugs--Already FDA-Approved for Other Illnesses--Show Promise Against COVID-19
90 Strange Bare Spots on Moon Reveal Possibly Active Lunar Tectonic System
91 NASA's ICESat-2 Mission Maps 16 Years of Melting Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets
92 Progress on AAVCOVID, A Gene-Based Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine
93 3D Print Your Own Laboratory-Grade Precision Microscope for $18
94 20-Kilowatt Wireless Charging System Demonstrated on Hybrid Electric UPS Delivery Truck
95 Astronomers Could Spot Clues to Alien Life Orbiting Long-Dead Stars
96 Halley's Comet will spark Eta Aquarids meteor shower late Monday
97 Global warming fuels algal bloom disrupting fisheries in Arabian Sea
98 Last Supermoon of 2020 will wash out asteroid showers
99 Amino acid swap may help wheat tolerate rising heat
100 Trade can spread economic toll of local disasters globally
101 Intensive farming makes epidemics more likely
102 Climate change is influencing where tropical cyclones are formed
103 Artificial tongue with gold taste buds to test maple syrup
104 Warning labels on liquor bottles may discourage drinking
105 Researchers discover microbe that could control spread of malaria
106 More pregnant women at risk from high blood pressure during pregnancy
107 Cuddling synchronizes brain patterns, MRI study reveals
108 Patient portals need proxy options for better privacy protection, study finds
109 British researchers evaluate asthma, COPD drug for COVID-19
110 Supportive family may lower risk for depression in kids
111 Sleep apnea linked to higher diabetes risk in black Americans
112 Common drug may not help seniors with underactive thyroid
113 Study: ACE inhibitors, ARBs don't increase risk for COVID-19