File Title
1 Scientists invented an aging vaccine
2 IKBFU scientists have discovered a way to increase wheat immunity
3 AI-supported test for very early signs of glaucoma progression
4 Aphantasia clears the way for a scientific career path
5 Why smartphones are digital truth serum
6 Societies issue guide to safely resume cardiovascular procedures, diagnostic tests
7 Expansion, environmental impacts of irrigation by 2050 greatly underestimated
8 Study highlights gallium oxide's promise for next generation radiation detectors
9 Study to determine incidence of novel coronavirus infection in US children begins
10 URI professor: Climate change increases risk of fisheries conflict
11 Activating an estrogen receptor can stop pancreatic cancer cells from growing
12 Research suggests new therapeutic target for kidney diseases
13 Chronic medical conditions may place youth at an increased risk for anxiety disorders
14 User research at BESSY II: How new materials increase the efficiency of direct ethanol fuel cells
15 Research suggests new therapeutic target for kidney diseases
16 Artificial intelligence algorithm can accurately predict risk, diagnose AD
17 Chronic medical conditions may place youth at an increased risk for anxiety disorders
18 User research at BESSY II: How new materials increase the efficiency of direct ethanol fuel cells
19 Ohio State's Mehta leads AHA statement on cardiovascular disease in pregnancy
20 Biomaterial immune control discoveries could reduce implant rejection
21 Sky-high surprise bills from air ambulance flights possible for many patients
22 Study shows need for new focus in anti-vaping efforts for older teens and young adults
23 Research examines the impact of new technology used in video court hearings
24 To make an atom-sized machine, you need a quantum mechanic
25 Russia creates its own humanized mice to test COVID-19 vaccines and drugs
26 Verticillium wilt fungus killing millions of trees is actually an army of microorganisms
27 Singaporeans suffering from sleep disorders may have help from mechanism regulating biological clock
28 How to put neurons into cages
29 Foraging Drosophila flies are open for new microbial partners
30 Predators help prey adapt to an uncertain future
31 Chronic illness in childhood linked to higher rates of mental illness
32 Discovery of bacterial enzyme activity could lead to new sugar-based drugs
33 Smart use of genomic data needed in species conservation
34 Activation of the SARS coronavirus 2 revealed
35 Print your own laboratory-grade microscope for US$18
36 Breakthrough in molecular machines
37 Viruses from poo can help combat obesity and diabetes
38 Do you use your work phone outside working hours?
39 When natural disasters strike locally, urban networks spread the damage globally
40 KIST ensures stability of desalination process with magnesium
41 Eleven human genomes in nine days
42 Study shows biocell collagen ingestion reduced signs of UVB-induced photoaging
43 Researchers report discovery of antibody that blocks infection by the SARS-CoV-2 in cells
44 Intensive blood pressure control has potential to reduce risk of atrial fibrillation
45 From scaffolding to screens: Understanding the developing brain for reading
46 Arctic 'shorefast' sea ice threatened by climate change, study finds
47 Time to re-define sex-specific symptoms of acute coronary syndrome, say researchers
48 Extinguishing fearful memories depends on the flexibility of your DNA
49 Exercise boosts motor skill learning via changes in brain's transmitters
50 Electrocardiogram shows value in college athletes' screens
51 Shrinking snowcaps fuel harmful algal blooms in Arabian Sea
52 Drug overdose epidemic is transmitted from old to young, study shows
53 Software flaws often first reported on social media networks, PNNL researchers find
54 New ancient plant captures snapshot of evolution
55 Women's heart attack symptoms are not all that different
56 Last supper: Fish use sharp barbs and spines to fight off hungry seals
57 Malaria risk is highest in early evening, study finds
58 Scientists take a step closer to heat-tolerant wheat
59 AHA statement: Pregnant women with CVD need specialized care before, during and postpartum
60 2016 presidential campaign emails reveal strategy, surprises
61 Labels on alcohol bottles increase awareness of drinking harms, guidelines
62 Highly Effective New Way Developed to Paint Complex 3D-Printed Objects
63 Sun's Activity Is Extremely Weak Compared to Similar Stars--"We Were Very Surprised"
64 New Model to Track COVID-19's Spread--Very Accurately Forecasts the Timing, Intensity and Geographic Distribution of Outbreak
65 Future Gravitational Wave Detectors to Detect Millions of Black Holes & the Evolution of the Universe
66 Using the Universe's Coldest Material in a New Search for Dark Matter
67 Hunt for an Effective Treatment for COVID-19 Leads to Llamas & Their Special Antibodies
68 16 Years of Ice Sheet Loss Mapped by Most Advanced Earth-Observing Laser NASA Has Ever Flown in Space
69 Quantum Scientists Force Electrons to Break Ohm's Law
70 A Humble Bug Holds Key to Relieving Millions of Allergy Sufferers
71 MIT Materials Scientist Offers COVID-19 Era Tips on Cleaning Your Smartphone Screen
72 Bones & DNA Tell the Story of Three African Slaves During Spanish Colonialism
73 MIT App Helps Patients, EMTs, and Physicians Balance Hospitals' COVID-19 Load
74 3D Metal Printing Revolutionized with New Technology
75 Deadly Virus Turns Honey Bees into Trojan Horses, Rapidly Spreading the Infection to Healthy Hives
76 Safe, Clean and Limitless Energy: A Landmark Plan for Realizing Fusion Power
77 Probing Ultracold Quantum Gases with Sound Waves to Reveal the Unique Properties of Superfluids
78 Paradoxes of Probability & Statistical Strangeness
79 Smartphones Are Digital Truth Serum--Here's Why
80 Scientists Were Way Off on the Martian Dynamo--"Very Different from What We Thought"
81 Galaxy Galaxy, Burning Bright! Hubble Spots Source of Two Brilliant Supernovae
82 Where Did Life First Form on Earth? Complex NASA Hydrothermal Reactor Provides New Evidence
83 Antibody Discovered that Blocks Infection by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Coronavirus) in Cells
84 World's First Super-Chiral Light Produced by New Metasurface Laser
85 Crazy Beast--Bizarre 66 Million-Year-Old Fossil from the Time of Dinosaurs
86 NASA Scientists Collect Moon-Like Rocks from Site in Montana
87 Bad News--Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Infects Cells of the Intestine and Multiplies There
88 China Fears Impending Coronavirus Second Wave, Imposes New Lockdown
89 Ohio Man Who Called COVID-19 a Ploy Dies from Coronavirus
90 WHO Declares COVID-19 is Likely of Animal Origin, Dismissing Lab Manipulation Theories
91 Pennsylvania Hospital Sends Dead COVID-19 Patients in Pickup Trucks
92 First UK Patients in Vaccine Trials for Coronavirus Cure
93 'Alien' Asteroid in the Solar System Spotted by Astronomers
94 Heart Burn Medicine Getting Tested as Another Coronavirus Treatment Is Heading for a Shortage
95 Face Mask Hacks: How to Extend the Life of a Mask with Proper Cleaning and Sanitation
96 Scientists Say Anti-Viral Nasal Spray Could be Key in Curing Coronavirus
97 Coronavirus Oxford Vaccine Effective in Monkeys to be Mass-Produced in India
98 Gilead Once Again Attempts to Prove Remdesivir is Effective Coronavirus Cure
99 Newly Discovered Mammal Named 'Crazy Beast' is Built in the Weirdest Way Possible
100 Hypoxia: Why Some Coronavirus Patients Can't Sense Their Alarmingly Low Oxygen Levels
101 Shocking Evidence from Western Intelligence Claims to Prove China's Lies, Misdirection of Coronavirus
102 How COVID-19 may change rules of engagement with China
103 Why coronavirus looks different to black America
104 Fake news 101: A guide to help sniff out the truth
105 How coronavirus will change the US, from where we live to the way we connect