File Title
1 Scientists use phononic crystals to make dynamic acoustic tweezers
2 Risky business: Courtship movements put katydids in danger
3 Coffee plants have a small but consistent core microbiome of fungi and bacteria
4 Defining geographic regions with commuter data
5 Experts apply microbiome research to agricultural science to increase crop yield
6 Research reveals possibly active tectonic system on the moon
7 Gentler, safer hair dye based on synthetic melanin
8 New discovery explains how the prostate gland regenerates itself
9 UBC discovery opens new avenues for designing drugs to combat drug-resistant malaria
10 Racial inequalities in liver cancer deaths soared after launch of hepatitis C drugs
11 Obese adults facing Medicaid expansion gap
12 COVID-19 diagnostic tests highlighted in special report
13 Balancing impacts of range-shifting species: Invasives vs. biodiversity
14 Children who have difficult relationships with their moms are clingy towards teachers
15 Climate-smart agricultural practices increase maize yield in Malawi
16 Persistent and worsening insomnia may predict persistent depression in older adults
17 Unlocking promising properties to create future technologies
18 NASA space laser missions map 16 years of ice sheet loss
19 Alternate light 5 times more effective in detecting bruises on victims of color
20 New players in the programmed cell death mechanism
21 How catastrophic outburst floods may have carved Greenland's 'grand canyon'
22 Virginia Tech researchers link rare medical condition to its cause
23 Research Brief: New recycling method could make polyurethane materials sustainable
24 Study on firms' return policies offers guidance on pricing, returns, refunds
25 Catastrophic outburst floods carved Greenland's 'Grand Canyon'
26 Cracking the Lyme disease code
27 Superfast method for ceramic manufacturing could open door to AI-driven material discovery
28 Cancer patients without insurance or with Medicaid don't get the same trial benefits
29 Telemedicine transforms response to COVID-19 pandemic in disease epicenter
30 Astronomers could spot life signs orbiting long-dead stars
31 Better understanding of nature's nanomachines may help in design of future drugs
32 Does 'participatory budgeting' lead to political patronage?
33 Machine learning enhances light-matter interactions in dielectric nanostructures
34 A world first: Assessing kidney quality before transplantation using photoacoustic imaging
35 Investors punish for social irresponsibility depending on proportion of company execs with law degrees
36 Pharmacists warn against malarial drugs as a cure for coronavirus
37 Working as peer-support specialist helps people with criminal and psychiatric histories
38 Nanodevices for the brain could thwart formation of Alzheimer's plaques
39 Researchers are developing potential treatment for chronic pain
40 UCF researchers develop groundbreaking new rocket-propulsion system
41 'Breathable' electronics pave the way for more functional wearable tech
42 9/11 research reveals effective strategies to cope with COVID-19 stress
43 Temple scientists regenerate neurons in mice with spinal cord injury and optic nerve damage
44 Wake Forest Baptist shares key elements needed in setting up designated COVID-19 unit
45 Researchers offer ways to address life under COVID-19
46 Catching nuclear smugglers: Fast algorithm could enable cost-effective detectors at borders
47 VCU study finds that many published psychology experiments lack evidence of validity
48 New report: Advancing the 2030 Agenda in African cities through knowledge co-production
49 The ova of obese women have lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids
50 Energy generated on offshore wind turbine farms, and conveyed ashore as hydrogen fuel
51 Gravitational waves could prove the existence of the quark-gluon plasma
52 Stroke experts offer guidelines for treatment during pandemic
53 Blood clotting a significant cause of death in patients with COVID-19
54 Marine litter in the Bay of Biscay
55 Research helps police understand child to parent abuse more than ever before
56 Guide released for supporting the mental health of frontline COVID-19 staff
57 Groovy photoelectrodes: How a textured surface can dramatically boost their performance
58 High cost of cancer drugs not always justified
59 Big data to help predict individual trauma patient outcome
60 Scientists suggest using machine learning to predict materials' properties
61 Optical 'nanomixer': Scientists propose new method for mixing liquids
62 Intricate magnetic configuration of 3D nanoscale gyroid networks revealed
63 Smoking during pregnancy results in an increased risk of asthma even in adulthood
64 Ending the daily work commute may not cut energy usage as much as one might hope
65 HRM practices a predictor for business resilience after layoffs
66 Understanding the diversity of cancer evolution based on computational simulation
67 Double bubbles pierce with less trouble
68 Creating buzz with potential end-users helps entrepreneurs with crowdfunding campaigns
69 Study helps arboreta, botanical gardens meet genetic diversity conservation goals
70 Clinically applicable math model predicts patient outcomes to cancer immunotherapy
71 Cultivating cooperation through kinship
72 Clinicians warn of the dangers of equating COVID-19 with high altitude pulmonary edema
73 New AI enables teachers to rapidly develop intelligent tutoring systems
74 A new way to accurately estimate COVID-19 death toll
75 The commercial consequences of collective layoffs
76 A new approach to measuring inequalities in development
77 Study estimates cost of cancer care for Syrian refugees in wake of COVID-19
78 Fecal transplantation improves outcomes in patients with multi-drug resistant organisms
79 Study finds highly elevated levels of fatty liver disease for 9/11 first responders
80 Changes to gut microbiome may slow cancer growth in smokers
81 Novel method produces life-saving T cells from mesenchymal stromal cells
82 NHS 'turning a blind eye' to labor rights violations in the trade of masks and gloves
83 Low-income workers disproportionally affected by COVID-19
84 The digital diagnostic helper: Apple Watch detects severe coronary ischemia
85 Gladstone scientists identify a new potential reservoir of latent HIV
86 Bermudagrass harvest management options with poultry litter fertilization
87 New clinical review casts doubt on use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
88 Different trigger points for seeking healthcare may explain gender divide
89 Plant extract combo may relieve hangover symptoms
90 Reduced obesity for weighted-vest wearers
91 Water is key in catalytic conversion of methane to methanol
92 Astronomers capture rare images of planet-forming disks around stars
93 Some of the latest climate models provide unrealistically high projections of future warming
94 Scientists find highest ever level of microplastics on seafloor
95 New STM technique points way to new and purer pharmaceuticals
96 Making safe choices: It's in our DNA
97 Heart attack, stroke risk declines among people with diabetes
98 Cardiorespiratory fitness assessment improves accuracy of health predictions
99 Two new AHA statements focus on heart failure: How social determinants can affect outcomes; impact on caregivers
100 Eyes send an unexpected signal to the brain
101 Older men with sarcopenia are more likely to develop diabetes over time
102 Sun is less active than similar stars
103 New Princeton study takes superconductivity to the edge
104 First results from NASA's ICESat-2 mission map 16 years of melting ice sheets
105 What's important to patients with glomerular disease and their caregivers?
106 African skeletons from early colonial Mexico tell the story of first-generation slaves
107 Mole-rats' failure to social distance offers clue for treating some neurological disorders
108 The story of three African slaves during Spanish colonialism, as told by their bones
109 Naked mole-rats need carbon dioxide to avoid seizures and here's why
110 Cardiovascular impairment in COVID-19