File Title
1 NASA's new solar sail system to be tested on-board NanoAvionics' satellite
2 NASA Tests Solar Sail for CubeSat that Will Study Near-Earth Asteroids
3 Russia launches Soyuz-21b with Glonass-M navigation satellite
4 UK says shut out of EU's Galileo sat-nav contracts
5 What exclusion from Galileo could mean for UK
6 GMV competing to develop the Galileo Ground Control Segment in brand new premises
7 Research shows how 'navigational hazards' in metro maps confuse travelers
8 Swift improves position accuracy and availability for precision agriculture and marine customers
9 SpaceX develops new sunshade to make Starlink satellites less visible from Earth
10 Momentus selected as launch provider for Swarm
11 SpaceX plans Wednesday, Starlink satellite launch from Florida
12 OneWeb goes bankrupt
13 OneWeb files for bankruptcy over financial squeeze
14 RUAG Space delivered key products for Airbus OneWeb satellite launch
15 OneWeb launches 34 communications satellites from Kazakhstan
16 SpaceX launches Starlink mission from Florida
17 Soyuz to launch another batch of OneWeb constellation satellites
18 Martian meteorites contain 4-billion-year-old nitrogen-bearing organic material
19 A Martian mash up: Meteorites tell story of Mars' water history
20 NASA's Mars Helicopter named Ingenuity
21 Mars Helicopter attached to Perseverance Mars rover
22 The man who wanted to fly on Mars
23 Emirates first Mars mission ready for launch from Japan's Tanegashima Space Centre
24 Seismic activity on Mars resembles that found in the Swabian Jura
25 Journey to the center of Mars
26 SwRI models hint at longer timescale for Mars formation
27 Russian scientists propose manned Base on Martian Moon to control robots remotely on red planet
28 NASA's trip to Mars begins in California 'clean room'
29 Mars: we may have solved the mystery of how its landslides form
30 'Elegant' solution reveals how the universe got its structure
31 T2K insight into the origin of the universe
32 Rethinking cosmology: Universe expansion may not be uniform
33 Discovery by UMass Lowell-led team challenges nuclear theory
34 Zero-energy bound states in the high-temperature superconductors at 2-dimensional limit
35 Holographic cosmological model and thermodynamics on the horizon of the universe
36 Chandra Data Tests "Theory of Everything"
37 Paper sheds light on infant Universe and origin of matter
38 Tracking down the mystery of matter
39 Why is there any matter in the universe at all? New Sussex study sheds light
40 AI tool developed to predict the structure of the Universe
41 Cosmic magnifying glasses yield independent measure of universe's expansion
42 The measurements of the expansion of the universe don't add up
43 Clemson scientists further refine how quickly the universe is expanding
44 Ancient gas cloud shows that the first stars must have formed very quickly
45 eROSITA takes its first look at the hot Universe
46 This is how a 'fuzzy' universe may have looked
47 New initiative to explore origin and future of Universe
48 'Ringing' black hole validates Einstein's general relativity 10 years ahead of schedule
49 And then there was light: looking for the first stars in the Universe
50 Newly discovered exoplanet dethrones former king of Kepler-88 planetary system
51 Exoplanet apparently disappears in latest Hubble observations
52 Hubble observes aftermath of massive collision
53 HD 158259 and it's six planets almost in rhythm
54 Earth-Size, Habitable Zone Planet Found Hidden in Early NASA Kepler Data
55 Origin of the first known interstellar object 'Oumuamua
56 NASA selects early-stage technology concepts for new, continued study
57 Sulfur 'spices' alien atmospheres
58 Warped Space-time to Help WFIRST Find Exoplanets
59 Planetary Science Journal launches with online papers
60 The Strange Orbits of 'Tatooine' Planetary Disks
61 Observed: An exoplanet where it rains iron
62 Cosmos: Possible Worlds
63 What if mysterious 'cotton candy' planets actually sport rings?
64 Astronomy student discovers 17 new planets, including Earth-sized world
65 Sub-Neptune sized planet validated with the habitable-zone planet finder
66 LOFAR pioneers new way to study exoplanet environments
67 Earth's cousins: Upcoming missions to look for 'biosignatures' in exoplanet atmospheres
68 Scientists discover nearest known 'baby giant planet'
69 NASA's Webb will seek atmospheres around potentially habitable exoplanets
70 How Earth climate models help scientists picture life on unimaginable worlds
71 NESSI emerges as new tool for exoplanet atmospheres
72 Astronomers find a way to form 'fast and furious' planets around tiny stars
73 Cold Neptune" and 2 temperate Super-Earths found orbiting nearby stars
74 Telescope upgrade, move will aid in search for exoplanets
75 A new tool for 'weighing' unseen planets
76 Planet WASP-12b is on a death spiral
77 A real-life deluminator for spotting exoplanets by reflected starlight
78 The weight of the Universe
79 Pentagon releases 'UFO' videos taken by US Navy pilots
80 Undergraduate space training evolves to tackle space threats
81 USSF Space Test Program awards $35 million for launch services
82 Scientists explore the power of radio waves to help control fusion reactions
83 Applying mathematics to accelerate predictions for capturing fusion energy
84 New explanation for sudden heat collapses in plasmas can help create fusion energy
85 A landmark plan for realizing fusion energy and advancing plasma science
86 Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices
87 Design of the W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles
88 Utilizing relativistic effects for laser fusion
89 Powder, not gas: A safer, more effective way to create a star on Earth
90 Proton-hydrogen collision model could impact fusion research
91 Fusion by strong lasers
92 COVID-19 to cause record emissions fall in 2020: IEA
93 Pentagon downplays Iran military satellite as 'tumbling webcam'
94 Europe's banks not doing enough on climate: pressure group
95 Launches from Kourou to resume in June
96 Galileo positioning aiding Covid-19 reaction
97 Quantum entanglement offers unprecedented precision for GPS, imaging and beyond
98 India develops unique model to hit enemy targets without positioning error
99 Apple data show dramatic impact of virus on movement
100 Gladiator introduces tiny integrated GNSS-Inertial Navigation Systems
101 Contingency Operations Program and GPS III SV02 Receives Operational Acceptance from USSF
102 Small, precise and affordable gyroscope for navigating without GPS
103 Chinese smartphone-maker debuts device with embedded ISRO navigation system
104 China launches new BeiDou navigation satellite
105 Beijing to beef up support for Beidou-related industry
106 Regulators move to fine telecoms for selling location data
107 Google pledges new $10 billion investment in US in 2020
108 Internet giants fight spread of coronavirus untruths
109 NASA contributes expertise, ingenuity to COVID-19 fight
110 NASA develops COVID-19 prototype ventilator in 37 days
111 Long spaceflights affect astronaut brain volume
112 Air pollution drops in India following lockdown
113 Wildlife conservation aided by L3Harris Electro-Optical/Infrared Technology
114 3D models of mountain lakes with a portable sonar and airborne laser
115 How NASA is Helping the World Breathe More Easily
116 CryoSat still cool at 10
117 Study suggests rainfall triggered 2018 Kilauea erruption
118 A new tool to predict volcanic eruptions
119 Indonesian volcano spews massive ash cloud
120 Daredevil Nik Wallenda walks tightrope across active volcano
121 Humans in Asia survived Toba super-eruption 74,000 years ago
122 Erupting Indonesian volcano spews ash, lava