File Title
1 Microbes Have Memory: Surprising Parallels Between Simple Microrganisms and Sophisticated Neurons
2 Shocking Research Shows that Antibiotic Use May Increase Risk for Opioid Abuse
3 Downright Weird New Findings Suggest Laws of Nature Not as Constant as Previously Thought
4 New Army Multi-Polymer Filament Tech Turns Low-Cost 3D Printers into High-Tech Producers
5 The Nickel Age of Superconductivity: It's Hydrogen's Fault
6 Remarkable and Puzzling--a New Explanation for the Origins of Human Fatherhood
7 Breaking Left-Right Symmetry in Optoelectronic Devices for More Energy Efficient Fiber Communications
8 Every Tooth Tells a Different Story: Revealing Genetic Relationships in Humans
9 Hubble's 30th Year in Orbit: Latest Science Achievements [Video]
10 Syphilis Alters Its Genetics to Evade the Immune System
11 MIT Study: Viral Contamination of Medicine at Drug Manufacturing Plants
12 Unique Nanostructure Enables Leap in Using Silicon for Battery Anodes
13 Making Sense of the Viral Multiverse: Situating Coronaviruses Within Mind-Bendingly Vast Virosphere
14 Study Unveils COVID-19 Transmission Patterns and Safety-Conscious Reopening Plans
15 Key Insights on How Coronavirus Spreads from Chinese Megacity of Shenzhen
16 New Insights About Pulsar Glitches Uncovered by Astronomers
17 NASA Lunar Flashlight Mission Will Explore Moon's Darkest Craters
18 Pillar of Cosmology: 'Elegant' Solution Reveals How the Universe Got Its Structure
19 Hubble Watches Comet ATLAS Disintegrate--Identified Months Ago by Planetary Defense System
20 The Origin of Arrokoth: Birth of a "Snowman" at the Edge of the Solar System
21 Large "Potentially Hazardous" Asteroid NASA Has Been Tracking for 22 Years Will Fly Past Earth Today
22 Researchers Crack COVID-19 Genetic Signature Using AI, Identify Origin
23 CERN Searches for Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry in the Higgs Boson-Top Quark Interaction
24 Dancing Black Hole Collision Unleashes a Flash of Light Brighter than a Trillion Stars
25 Stark disparities in COVID-19 hospitalization and death rates among New York
26 Researchers find new insights linking cell division to cancer
27 Smoking may explain why more men than women die of COVID-19 in Spain
28 Women in IT more likely to be promoted than men
29 Nearly one-third of primary care providers do not view medication treatment for opioid use disorder as effective
30 E1912 trial leads to FDA approval of ibrutinib-rituximab combo for untreated CLL
31 Bizarre 66 million-year-old fossil from Madagascar provides clues on early mammals
32 A diet of high-iron beans improves health of anemic women in Rwanda
33 New fossils rewrite the story of dinosaur--and change the appearance of Spinosaurus
34 Training linked to stronger promotion chances for women in IT over work performance
35 Feeling burned out? The contributors could be more related to depression than you think
36 Newly discovered exoplanet dethrones former king of Kepler-88 planetary system
37 Researchers devise new model to track COVID-19's spread
38 Model can predict hospital resilience for natural disasters, pandemics
39 Data-based COVID-19 transmission model suggests social distancing worked in Wuhan and Shanghai
40 Drug reduces the risk of child sexual abuse
41 Bone proteomics could reveal how long a corpse has been underwater
42 Improving immunotherapy for cancer
43 Nasal biomarkers predict severity of pollen-specific allergy symptoms
44 A study places the origin of a group of trees growing in Africa 50 million years ago
45 HKU-led study accurately tracks COVID-19 spread with big data
46 Molecular switch plays crucial role in learning from negative experiences
47 Link identified between dietary selenium and outcome of COVID-19 disease
48 KIST develops stretchable lithium-ion battery based on new micro-honeycomb structure
49 ETRI develops world's top-class 400-Gbps optical engine
50 Scientists proposed a new approach for efficient nanomaterials' modeling
51 Mechanisms responsible for tissue growth
52 Radboudumc researchers publish new insights into COVID-19
53 Heat-friendly microbes provide efficient way to biodegrade plastic
54 Getting kids moving, and learning
55 Physio support in COVID-19 recovery
56 Long-term consequences of coastal development as bad as an oil spill on coral reefs
57 APOE4 triggers early breakdowns in the blood-brain barrier
58 Scientists explore links between genetics, gut microbiome and memory
59 Millions of US workers at risk of infections on the job
60 Memory misfires help selfish maintain their self-image
61 Tuning into dolphin chatter could boost conservation efforts
62 Arteries respond in opposite ways for males and females
63 Forest Service debuts state-by-state statistics on carbon
64 Marooned on Mesozoic Madagascar
65 Latest results of myriapod research from the 18th International Congress of Myriapodology
66 RSNA AI challenge breaks new ground
67 MRI scanning assists with next generation battery design
68 New insight into bacterial structure to help fight against superbugs
69 New genes linked to severe childhood speech disorder
70 4-billion-year-old nitrogen-containing organic molecules discovered in Martian meteorites
71 To prevent antimicrobial resistance, vaccinate the world's kids
72 Upcycling spongy plastic foams from shoes, mattresses and insulation
73 Higher thrombus risk in men with obesity in adolescence
74 New MDS subtype proposed based on presence of genetic mutation
75 'Wobble' may precede some great earthquakes, study shows
76 First study of multicancer blood test to screen for cancer guide intervention
77 Trump and public demand for unproven COVID-19 therapies
78 Conservation goals may be stymied by a lack of land for biodiversity offsetting
79 Are salt deposits a solution for nuclear waste disposal?
80 E-cigarette users experience vascular damage similar to that of smokers of combustible cigarettes
81 New recycling method could make polyurethane sustainable
82 A milder hair dye based on synthetic melanin
83 Evidence of Late Pleistocene human colonization of isolated islands beyond Wallace's Line
84 Does accelerated subduction precede great earthquakes?
85 COVID-19 study shows that men have over double the death rate of women
86 Simple 'sniff test' reliably predicts recovery of severely brain injured patients
87 Implant-free optogenetics minimizes brain damage during neuronal stimulation
88 Scientist calls for renewed debate on plant breeding technologies
89 Device could deliver 'life-saving' treatment to diseased fruit plants
90 Virus helps infected bees slip past the guards of healthy hives
91 Seal behavior helps scientists predict changes in Antarctic krill distribution
92 Water recycling can reduce pressure of urban usage on fresh water resources
93 Arctic bird turns down immune system to conserve energy in winter
94 Scientists build biobot with a real rat spinal cord
95 Some NFL players may be misdiagnosed with brain disease
96 App may help clinicians adjust to new ventilators for COVID-19 treatment
97 FDA warns of bogus claims by hand sanitizer marketers
98 Isolation during coronavirus pandemic a trigger for depression
99 Later school openings allow teens to get needed sleep, study finds
100 FDA bans products that help teens hide vaping
101 On-the-job stress raises risk for peripheral artery disease, study finds
102 Cardiac rehab improves quality of life after heart attack
103 Food insecurity, hunger a growing issue amid COVID-19 pandemic
104 Improved economic status doesn't always bring better heart health
105 Limiting COVID-19 spread in prisons benefits inmates, surrounding communities
106 Cancer may double risk for serious illness, death with COVID-19
107 Urban reforestation programs could reduce premature deaths
108 Hospitals turning to UV light to disinfect medical gear
109 Costs would prevent 1 in 7 in U.S. from seeking COVID-19 treatment
110 Nanotechnology may help fight deadly immune response to COVID-19
111 COVID-19 linked to stroke in young, middle-aged patients