File Title
1 Mars Helicopter Attached to Perseverance Rover--Preparing for Summer's History-Making Launch
2 See Last Stunning Snaps of Earth as Spacecraft Completes Flyby on Journey to Mercury
3 Massive Protostar Surprisingly Keeps Growing, Which Could Help Solve a Galactic Mystery
4 Research Shows Antarctic Sea Ice Melt Translates to Weather Change in Tropics
5 NASA Is Sending Dragonfly on a Revolutionary Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan--Here's Why
6 Watch and Learn: How the Brain Gains Knowledge Through Observation
7 Why Quarantines Are So Difficult to Implement: Lessons from the 1800s
8 Skyrmions: Nanoscale Magnetic 'Whirls' for Low-Energy Computer Circuits
9 Dramatic NASA Satellite Images Show 30% Drop in Air Pollution Over Northeast U.S. from COVID-19 Lockdown
10 On Mars or Earth, Biohybrid Can Turn CO2 into Useful New Organic Products
11 The Life and Death of One of America's Most Mysterious Trees
12 Discovery by Nuclear Physicists Challenges the Way We Understand Forces in the Universe
13 Aquatic Jurassic Crocodiles Evolved, Enlarged to Avoid Freezing
14 Solving Complex Problems at the Speed of Light
15 NASA Wants Your Mini Moon Payload Designs and They're Offering Cash Prizes
16 Light Driven Proton Pump Discovered in Distant Relative
17 Why Time Outdoors Is Crucial to Your Health, Even During the COVID-19 Pandemic
18 Fossilized Monkey Teeth Discovered in Peru Indicate Ancient Primates Crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Africa
19 NASA Satellites Spot Several Wildfires Near Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
20 CERN Particle Accelerator Laser Technology Used to Improve Mobile Phone Networks
21 NASA's Asteroid Sampling Spacecraft to Pursue Its First Practice Run
22 New Fundamental Limits Beyond the Standard Laws of Thermodynamics Found in Maxwell's Demon Experiment
23 3D-Printed Bionic Corals Enable Microscopic Algae to Photosynthesize More Efficiently
24 Laser Treatment Turns Metal Surfaces into Instant Bacteria Killers
25 One of the World's Greatest Natural Wonders: Victoria Falls from Space
26 Black Hole Bends Light Back on Itself--Proves Theory Predicted More than 40 Years Ago
27 Incredible New Species Discovered in Abyssal Deep Sea Canyons Off Ningaloo
28 Nerve Agent Antidote Under Development to Protect Soldiers and Public
29 New Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaic Commercialization Technology
30 Giant Leap in Magnet Research Leading to Faster Electronics
31 Amazing Tech Behind the Mission to Collect Rocks on Mars to Bring Back to Earth
32 Eagle Nebula's Pillars of Creation like You've Never Seen Before
33 X-Ray Vision Through the Water Window Enables New Generation of Attosecond Technology
34 Additional 12 Million to 89 Million Unreported COVID-19 Cases in China According to New Mathematical Model
35 New Filter for Blocking High-Pitched Sounds Proposed by Physicists
36 COVID-19 Patients Often Infected with Other Respiratory Viruses
37 Mechanical Forces Shape Animal "Origami" Precisely Despite "Noise" and Genetic Variation
38 Scientists Test Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Using the Tokyo Skytree
39 Test for Novel Coronavirus Antibodies Developed at Stanford Medicine
40 Do You Wear Contacts or Glasses? Here's What Ocular Scientists Advise During COVID-19 Pandemic
41 Hopeful Results Using Antiviral Drug Remdesivir to Treat COVID-19
42 Research Offers Hope as World Struggles with COVID-19 Ventilator Shortage
43 Mysterious Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua Explained by New Formation Theory
44 Supernova Discovered that Outshines All Others--Over Twice as Bright and Energetic
45 Chinese Scientists Determine COVID-19 Main Protease Structure and Potential Drugs to Combat the Virus
46 Scientists Identify Structural Protein for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression
47 Controlling Coronavirus and Harmful Pests on a Global Scale by Countries Working Together
48 New Re-Attachable & Flexible "Sticker-Type" Rechargeable Batteries
49 Stronger than Diamonds Carbon Nanostructure Designed--Reaches Theoretical Limit of Performance
50 Earth's Molten Core Is Leaking Heavy Iron Isotopes
51 Incredible Power of Shock Waves in a Nova Explosion Revealed by NASA's Fermi and NuSTAR
52 Astronaut Brain Volume Changes and Pituitary Gland Deforms During Long Spaceflights
53 How Environmental Satellites Are Helping Solar Power Plants on Earth
54 Evidence of Stray Dogs as Possible Origin of COVID-19 Pandemic
55 Flexible Electrolyte Sheet Breakthrough for Advanced Lithium Metal Batteries
56 Origin of the First Known Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua--Explaining Its Mysterious Shape and Puzzling Motion
57 Spider Venom Key to Chronic Pain Relief Without the Risk of Addiction
58 Accidental Observation Results in First Complete Nova Eruption Recording in History
59 Miniaturization of Quantum Computers Possible with New Electronic Cooling Technology
60 World's Most Complex Microparticle Ever Made--Synthetic that Surpasses Nature's Intricacy
61 New Species of Bent-Toed Gecko Discovered in Cambodia
62 Devices to Process Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Data and Harvest Energy for Power Simultaneously
63 Record Greenland Ice Loss in 2019 Driven by Unusually Clear Skies
64 Origin of the Universe: Why There Is So Much Matter and So Little Antimatter
65 Journey to the Center of the Earth: Using Diamond Anvils to Simulate the Earth's Core
66 New COVID-19 Test Accurately Detects Viral DNA in Minutes
67 Antiviral Drug Baloxavir Could Control of Flu Outbreaks by Limiting Viral Spread
68 Piloting NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover from Home
69 Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Proven Right Again by Star Orbiting Supermassive Black Hole
70 Indoor Precautions Essential to Stem Airborne COVID-19--The World Should Face the Reality
71 Hidden Earth-Like Habitable Planet Discovered in Old NASA Kepler Data
72 Are Overactive Immune Cells the Cause of COVID-19 Deaths?
73 New Photon-Counting Camera with Record Speed and Resolution for 3D Image Capture
74 Stink Flirting--Male Ring-Tail Lemurs Exude Fruity-Smelling Perfume to Attract Mates
75 Devil's Staircases: Timing of Large Earthquakes Follows Mathematical Pattern
76 Dramatic Satellite Images Show Air Pollution Remains Low as Europeans Stay at Home
77 After More than 40 Years, Evidence Found for Existence of Elusive 'Metabolon'
78 Paper Towels Much More Effective at Removing Viruses than Hand Dryers
79 Genetic Self-Destruct--Some Worms Programmed to Die Early for Sake of Colony
80 Investigation into Novel Physics in Troilite Could Enable Spintronic Computing
81 NASA Reports Arctic Ozone Depletion Hit Record Low in March
82 New Easier-to-Breathe Mask Material Effectively Removes Virus-Size Nanoparticles
83 The Origin of Feces: Using AI & DNA to Reliably Predict Sources of Ancient Poop
84 NASA Astronauts Meir, Morgan, Crewmate Skripochka Return to Earth from Space Station
85 New Space Telescope Cheops Ready for Science--Observes Its First Exoplanets
86 A Profound Leap Forward: Pushing the Limits of 2D Supramolecules
87 An International Research Team Tested Disinfectants Against the Novel Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2
88 Testing Dark Matter Theory with Satellite Galaxies of the Milky Way
89 13,000-Year-Old Fossils Hint at Evolutionary Origins of Insects' Structural Colors
90 New Nanoscopic Pore Gas Storage for Next-Generation Clean Energy Vehicles
91 Studying Pterosaurs--Largest Animals Ever to Fly--To Better Engineer Manmade Flight
92 High-Tech Contact Lenses Correct Color Blindness
93 New Universal Ebola Vaccine May Fight All Species of Deadly Virus that Infect Humans
94 New 2-D Catalyst Fits Two Co-Catalysts on One Nanosheet for Better Water Purification
95 New Protocol Identifies Fascinating Topological Quantum States
96 COVID-19 Striking Far More Children than Expected
97 Emergency Mapping Chernobyl Fires from Space
98 Breaking the Size and Speed Limit of Modulators for Next Generation Internet and Communication Networks
99 New MIT 'Refrigerator' Super-Cools Molecules to Nanokelvin Temperatures
100 Promising MERS Vaccine Candidate Might Be Able to Block Coronavirus Infections
101 MegaX: The First Camera to Capture the Smallest Particles of Light
102 How Earth Climate Models Help NASA Scientists Picture Life on Unimaginable Worlds
103 Ancient Events Could Be "Rewritten" by Fine-Tuning Radiocarbon Dating
104 For Narwhals--The 'Unicorns of the Sea'--Size Matters for Sexual Selection
105 Solar Telescope Mounted on a Rocket Detects Super-Fine Strands on the Sun
106 Widely Used AI Machine Learning Methods Don't Work as Claimed
107 Dance of Destruction: New Insights into Eccentric Binary Black Holes
108 How Hong Kong Managed First Wave of COVID-19 Without Resorting to Complete Lockdown
109 Increasingly Mobile Sea Ice Risks Polluting Arctic Neighbors with Oil and Microplastics
110 Coupled Quantum Dots May Offer a New Way to Store Quantum Information
111 Seeing 'Under the Hood' in Batteries to Push for Next-Gen. Performance
112 Apollo 13 Crew Returned Safely to Earth 50 Years Ago
113 Conductive Gels that Stick When Wet for Better Biomedical Sensors and Implants
114 Could 3D Printers Create the Next Generation of Particle Accelerators?
115 Diet Can Change the Way Sugar Tastes--Here's the Science Behind It
116 Severity of COVID-19 May Depend on Your Individual Genetic Variation in Immune System
117 'A Really Bad Time to Be Alive'--Ocean Deoxygenation Linked to Ancient Die-Off
118 Solving the Ventilator Shortage with Windshield Wiper Parts and MacGyver's Ingenuity
119 Astronomers Measure Wind Speed on a Brown Dwarf for the First Time
120 Long-Living Tropical Trees Play Much Larger Role in Carbon Storage than Previously Thought
121 Specialized Proteins May Halt the Severe Cytokine Storms Seen in COVID-19 Patients
122 What Did the Hubble Space Telescope See on Your Birthday?