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1 Call in U.S. to create dedicated pandemic clinics now to address COVID-19
2 Reaching out to isolated older adults is essential during coronavirus: 7 things you can do
3 Experts offer COVID-19 cleaning, disinfection guidelines
4 E-learning could train community health workers to help COVID-19 efforts
5 Video consultations with GP are viable alternative during social distancing measures
6 Gut enzyme IAP found to prevent aging and frailty in animal models
7 Can medical workers safely reuse face masks in COVID-19 pandemic?
8 Could chloroquine treat coronavirus? 5 questions answered about a problematic and unproven use for an antimalarial drug
9 Study: Substance use in high schoolers linked to insufficient sleep
10 Caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic
11 Machine learning helps doctors diagnose severity of brain tumors
12 Causes of childhood obesity worldwide vary, study finds
13 Coronavirus tips: 7 lessons we can learn from hockey
14 New study uses robots to uncover the connections between the human mind and walking control
15 The deadly polio epidemic and why it matters for coronavirus
16 How to stay fit and active at home during the coronavirus self-isolation
17 Celebrating our genomic diversity: Fine-scale differences in the Japanese population
18 Exploring the interactions between explicit and implicit motor learning components
19 Get back in the garden with these ideas from 4 experts
20 Improving competition and reducing costs of bio-pharmaceuticals
21 U.S. medical supply chains are fragile in the best of times--COVID-19 is testing their strength
22 How to help your kids--and yourself--handle being at home
23 FDA warns of defective EpiPen dangers
24 COVID-19 preventative vaccine trial for healthcare workers
25 Childhood overweight and obesity rates fall slightly overall but rise among disadvantaged families
26 Why life can get better as we age
27 COVID-19 science: Understanding the basics of 'herd immunity'
28 Providing care from a distance
29 New tools help healthcare professionals communicate with COVID-19 patients
30 The genetic quest to understand COVID-19
31 Brain mapping study suggests motor regions for the hand also connect to the entire body
32 Intense form of radiation slows disease progression in some men with prostate cancer
33 New 'more effective' stem cell transplant method could aid blood cancer patients
34 People with a disability are more likely to die from coronavirus--but we can reduce this risk
35 U.S. hospital beds were already maxed out before coronavirus pandemic
36 Coronavirus forcing parents to skip kids' vaccinations: UNICEF
37 Germany says widespread testing keeping virus deaths low
38 Print sprint: Bosnians 3D print face-shields to combat coroanvirus
39 COVID-19: Eating, moving and meditating are keys to staying healthy
40 Jumping genes help make neurons in a dish
41 FDA issues safety alert for COVID-19 risk with fecal transplant
42 How to take your pulse
43 Artificial intelligence for very young brains
44 An expert's guide to fact-checking coronavirus info online
45 New type of immunotherapy hinders the spread of ovarian cancer
46 Study establishes how cognitive intelligence is a whole brain phenomenon
47 Livestock, poultry safe from coronavirus: Expert
48 Expert alert: Have heart disease? Protect your health during the COVID-19 pandemic
49 Increased risk for SARS-CoV-2 seen in cancer patients in Wuhan
50 Could Viagra, Cialis work largely by placebo effect?
51 Severe COVID-19 might injure the heart
52 Researchers investigate potential treatments for COVID-19
53 Destroying DNA to save the genome--study offers new insights into sepsis and its treatment
54 Fostemsavir active in multidrug-resistant HIV-1 infection
55 UK pledges extra 210 million pounds to search for virus vaccine
56 A possible treatment for COVID-19 and an approach for developing others
57 Reusable respirators may be a suitable alternative to disposable respirators
58 If you think before you snack, it's not so bad
59 Missing link in coronavirus jump from bats to humans could be pangolins, not snakes
60 Why are teens, millennials ignoring coronavirus warnings?
61 Tunisia workers isolate in factory making anti-virus gear
62 Study shows legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief
63 Microbiome may hold key to identifying HPV-infected women at risk for pre-cancer
64 Experimental medication to prevent heart disease may treat chemo-resistant ovarian cancer
65 FDA approves ozanimod for multiple sclerosis
66 Armani's Italian factories to make medical overalls
67 Researchers unveil mechanisms to prevent Crohn's disease
68 US autism rates up 10 percent in new CDC report
69 Coronavirus: US states urge end to ban on fetal research
70 A new beat for police across US: Enforcing social distance
71 Australians trial TB vaccine to fight coronavirus
72 Virus test results in minutes? Scientists question accuracy
73 Not all or nothing: Anti-virus lockdowns could lift slowly
74 India's coronavirus heroes come under attack
75 'Printing money': booming mask producers in China meet global demand
76 Iran's army sets up hospital in virus-stricken capital
77 What is chloroquine and could it cure the coronavirus?
78 Couples in quarantine: Stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown
79 Northern Ireland sportswear factory scrubs up in virus fight
80 New therapeutic strategy against diabetes: Vitamin D
81 Limited release of prisoners may prevent COVID-19 break out
82 Indonesia virus plans 'in tatters' as infections surge
83 Coronavirus test kits pour off South Korean production line
84 Samaritans offer help and hope across virus-stricken Europe
85 Past-year methamphetamine use 6.6 per 1,000 in 2015 to 2018
86 Multiple measures of social distancing required to slow coronavirus
87 Three countries have kept coronavirus in check; here's how they did it
88 Study shows how brain gains knowledge through observation
89 Method to focus efforts where COVID-19 outbreak is anticipated and relieve measures taken in others
90 Workers at risk for COVID-19 exposure can access online training
91 New research stresses urgent need for serologic testing to help tackle COVID-19
92 Coordinated response needed to fight coronavirus pandemic
93 Coronavirus skeptics, deniers: Why some of us stick to deadly beliefs
94 Coronavirus pandemic could have caused 40 million deaths if left unchecked
95 Cough, fever, fatigue? Head to CDC's online coronavirus symptom checker
96 Shared use of ventilation machines is possible in emergency situations
97 Pancreatic cancer cells use the same energy as sprinters' muscles to spread
98 Privacy vs. pandemic: Government tracking of mobile phones could be a potent weapon against COVID-19
99 The effectiveness of social distancing strategies in the face of an epidemic
100 Air samples from coronavirus patient rooms being analyzed
101 'Flatten the curve': The origins of the mantra in the global fight against coronavirus
102 When to get your next colonoscopy
103 Immune marker analysis: Size of tumor tissue area crucial for survival prognosis
104 More than 21,000 homeless people in U.S. could be hospitalized due to COVID-19
105 In progress: Rapid deployment of open-source, low-cost ventilator design
106 The risks of using 3-D printing to make personal protective equipment
107 Americans disagree on how risky the coronavirus is, but most are changing their behavior anyway
108 What the US can learn from other countries on COVID-19--and its own history
109 Citizen scientists are helping researchers design new drugs to combat COVID-19
110 Want to make social distancing even more effective? It's about time (as well as space)
111 Why you should remain active while staying at home