File Title
1 Your nose may know more when it comes to COVID-19
2 Public policies that target crime reduction around parks can directly benefit communities
3 New research helps explain why the solar wind is hotter than expected
4 Transposable elements play an important role in genetic expression and evolution
5 Soybean Innovation Lab provides knowledge that assists soybean production in Africa
6 Miller School researchers alert otolaryngologists about high COVID-19 transmission risk
7 Cosmic tempest
8 Anesthesiologists on the front lines of treating surgical COVID-19 patients
9 The power of light
10 Self-isolation or keep calm and carry on--the plant cell's dilemma
11 Physically active older veterans fall more, but hurt themselves less
12 In wake of COVID-19 pandemic, a crashing wave of neuropsychiatric problems?
13 Scoring system empowers surgery departments to prioritize medically necessary operations
14 US coronavirus measures are justified, University of Wyoming economists find
15 Big variability in blood pressure readings between anatomical sites
16 NREL six-junction solar cell sets two world records for efficiency
17 Being right-brained or left-brained comes down to molecular switches
18 Therapies show knockout potential for rare, deadly liver cancer
19 Economic growth is incompatible with biodiversity conservation
20 Turning cold tumors hot: Drug delivery system makes immunotherapy more effective
21 Moffitt researchers identify molecular pathway that controls immunosuppression in tumors
22 Turned-down temperatures boost crops' penchant for production
23 Timing of large earthquakes follows a 'devil's staircase' pattern
24 Asian universities close gap on US schools in world rankings by increasing STEM funding
25 Automated 'pipeline' improves access to advanced microscopy data
26 Volcanic CO2 emissions helped trigger Triassic climate change
27 Discovery offers new avenue for next-generation data storage
28 Boson particles discovery provides insights for quantum computing
29 Tandem solar cell world record: New branch in the NREL chart
30 Particle billiards with three players
31 Keratin scaffolds could advance regenerative medicine and tissue engineering for humans
32 Researchers design microsystem for faster, more sustainable industrial chemistry
33 LSU Health New Orleans research shows how stress remodels the brain
34 Study reveals unique physical, chemical properties of cicada wings
35 Experience matters for immune cells
36 Clemson geneticists zeroing in on genes affecting life span
37 Arduous farm labor in the past means longer working hours today
38 Mouse study shows how advancing glioma cells scramble brain function, blood flow
39 Scientists provide new insight on how bacteria share drug resistance genes
40 Experimental drug offers hope for preventing cancer relapse
41 A talk with your GP may prevent cardiovascular disease
42 How cells recognize uninvited guests
43 A potential breakthrough in obesity medicine with the help of gold nanoparticles
44 RNA drugs one step closer to be being used in cancer treatment
45 Electrospun manuka honey nanofibrous wound dressings
46 Beacon in space: BRITE Constellation observes complete nova eruption for the first time
47 Student led efforts can help make college campuses 'safe and stigma free' zones
48 Hierarchically mesoporous TiO2 materials for energy and environmental applications
49 Predictability of temporal networks quantified by an entropy-rate-based framework
50 Territorial short food supply chains foster food democracy and sustainability
51 Novel high-speed microscope captures brain neuroactivities
52 Reducing the risk to children's health in flood-prone areas of India
53 Novel 3D imaging technology makes fluorescence microscopy more efficient
54 Chinese scientists optimize strontium content to improve bioactive bone cement
55 Students often do not question online information
56 Researchers develop synthetic scaffolds to heal injured tendons and ligaments
57 Gene-network analysis is a valuable new tool for understanding Alzheimer's disease
58 Seeking sounds of superfluids
59 Traditional vegetable diet lowers the risk of premature babies
60 Supercomputing future wind power rise
61 Mindful yoga reduces testosterone by 29% in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
62 PTSD and moral injury linked to pregnancy complications
63 LAMA combination therapy more effective for COPD patients with exercise intolerance
64 A new species of black endemic iguanas in Caribbean is proposed for urgent conservation
65 Johns Hopkins experts publish 'guidebook' for blood plasma therapy
66 Development of attachable sticker-type rechargeable batteries
67 Flamingos form firm friendships
68 'Directing' evolution to identify potential drugs earlier in discovery
69 Predicting the evolution of genetic mutations
70 'A bad time to be alive': Study links ocean deoxygenation to ancient die-off
71 Is the Earth's inner core oscillating and translating anomalously?
72 Estuaries are warming at twice the rate of oceans and atmosphere
73 Diet may help preserve cognitive function
74 Technologies converge on interacting surfaces in protein complexes
75 Switching on a key cancer gene could provide first curative treatment for heart disease
76 Common disease prevention and cancer screening would benefit from genomic risk assessment
77 New study indicates exercise can help prevent liver cancer
78 More than a third of medical staff suffered insomnia during the COVID-19 epidemic in China
79 Solar power plants get help from satellites to predict cloud cover
80 Blood pressure awareness and control rates in Canadians are slipping alarmingly, particularly among women
81 Long spaceflights affect astronaut brain volume
82 Study points to evidence of stray dogs as possible origin of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
83 Spider venom key to pain relief without side-effects
84 Vulnerable cells armor themselves against infection by depleting surface cholesterol
85 Breaking the size and speed limit of modulators: The workhorses of the internet
86 NIH BRAIN Initiative tool helps researchers watch neural activity in 3D
87 Medicare coverage varies for transgender hormone therapies
88 Future Army vehicles could see an improvement in structural materials
89 'I saw you were online': How online status indicators shape our behavior
90 Illuminating the future of renewable energy
91 Heavy iron isotopes leaking from Earth's core
92 Fruit may mask taste of dark green vegetables in commercial baby foods
93 Tailoring treatment for triple-negative breast cancer
94 Could inhibiting the DPP4 enzyme help treat coronavirus?
95 Study finds remdesivir effective against a key enzyme of coronavirus that causes COVID-19
96 Super-charging drug development for COVID-19
97 Offshore oil and gas platforms release more methane than previously estimated
98 Tight spaces tip presence of petrochemicals
99 Cybersecurity, tech infrastructure requires international trust
100 When fathers are pregnant
101 New method created by Skoltech scientists will make doping tests quicker
102 NASA missions help reveal power of shock waves in nova explosion
103 Plant diversity in European forests is declining
104 Deadliest malaria strain protects itself from the immune system
105 Foxglove plants produce heart medicine; can science do it better?
106 Graphene heterostructures with black phosphorus, arsenic enable new infrared detectors
107 UCI-led team designs carbon nanostructure stronger than diamonds
108 Making big data processing more energy efficient using magnetic circuits
109 Cell membrane proteins imaged in 3D
110 New findings shed light on selective therapeutics for IDH1-mutated glioma
111 Chinese scientists determine structure of COVID-19 main protease and identify inhibitors
112 Future aerosol emission reductions will worsen atmospheric diffusion conditions in eastern China
113 Discovery of a drug to rescue winter depression-like behavior
114 A study at zoos shows that 42% of the animals were infected with the Toxoplasma gondii
115 Livestock and poultry farming should be the future focus of agricultural ammonia emissions control
116 Tech not hurting social skills of 'kids these days'
117 Origin of the first known interstellar object 'Oumuamua