File Title
1 One third of humanity under virus lockdown
2 Teeth serve as 'archive of life,' new research finds
3 Brake on immune activity identified, raising new possibilities for anticancer therapy
4 COVID-19 pandemic puts WHO back in hot seat
5 China lifting last controls in province at outbreak's center
6 Police struggle to enforce India's sweeping virus lockdown
7 Repurposing a drug for blood clots: A stopgap measure to treat respiratory distress in COVID-19
8 Will inequality worsen the toll of the pandemic in the U.S.?
9 Historian examines yellow fever outbreak in 19th-century New Orleans
10 Countries with weaker handwashing culture more exposed to COVID-19
11 Census undercount of Latinos could cost L.A. dearly in funds for critical health and social services
12 Now is not the time to ease social distancing measures, experts say
13 Immigrant detainees are at high risk for COVID-19
14 So many questions without answers: Welcome to the mind of a scientist
15 Researchers analyzing coronavirus genome to develop vaccine
16 Disaster response expert explains why the U.S. wasn't more prepared for the pandemic
17 'Social distancing' is only the first step toward stopping the COVID-19 pandemic
18 Comparing COVID-19 with H1N1 and other viral outbreaks
19 Why data is vital in the fight against COVID-19
20 Calculating contagion: Researchers examine social aspect of pathogen spread
21 Coping during coronavirus: Positive psychology tips from a happiness expert
22 Experts warn pandemic risks accentuating rural-urban health inequities
23 Patients with severe forms of coronavirus disease could offer clues to treatment
24 Nurse-scientist warns against reliance on gloves against coronavirus
25 Coronavirus might cause loss of smell--but it probably won't be permanent
26 Travel restrictions are most useful in the early and late phase of an epidemic: study
27 FDA: Insulin among drugs transitioned to biological products
28 What people with Parkinson's need to know about COVID-19
29 Cooking up a storm during coronavirus crisis? Store leftovers safely
30 COVID-19 infection likely worse for vapers, smokers
31 How tissues harm themselves during wound healing
32 Graphene for remote wound monitoring
33 Tuberculosis focus shifts to prevention amid coronavirus crisis
34 The YAP signal plays a crucial role in head-and-neck cancer onset
35 Handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device with potential for bedside scanning
36 Stockpiling can be social behavior, psychologist says
37 Coronavirus and you: How your personality affects how you cope, and what you can do about it
38 Researchers use open-source software to improve COVID-19 screening with AI
39 Preventing COVID-19 from becoming the 'new normal'
40 Why quarantines are so difficult to implement: Lessons from the 1800s
41 Greater social distancing could curb COVID-19 in 13 weeks: study
42 Improve balance by lightening up about posture
43 Repeat offenders' lifestyles may put them at higher risk of coronavirus
44 People with an intellectual disability vulnerable to adverse outcomes of COVID-19
45 Early-life hardship linked to decline in memory and thinking
46 Coronavirus: Urban parks can be a lifeline--if we respect lockdown rules
47 High-resolution PET/CT assesses brain stem function in patients with hearing impairment
48 Mother/infant skin-to-skin touch boosts baby's brain development and function
49 APA to states, insurers: Provide access to mental health care during COVID-19 crisis
50 Post-traumatic stress disorder-induced damage and dysfunction of visceral organs and brain
51 A study investigating genetic mechanisms underlying resistance to leishmaniasis
52 'Quiet kindness' can bolster well-being during coronavirus pandemic
53 Stockpile on sleep, not supermarket staples to protect from COVID-19
54 How to live well with stress--even in the coronavirus era
55 Q&A: During pandemic, stay connected in ways that don't increase infection risk
56 Postponing the Olympics is the right call: Curbing a pandemic matters more than money
57 How people with compromised immune systems are staying safe amid coronavirus
58 What happens to your body when your have COVID-19?
59 New imaging method sheds light on Alzheimer's disease
60 Lung cancer therapy may improve outcomes of metastatic brain cancer
61 Cellular protein shredders for the fight against cancer
62 What it means to be immunocompromised
63 Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus
64 Lung cancer trials supported by drug industry stronger
65 UN launches virus aid plan, says all of humanity at risk
66 Health researchers find solution to life-threatening side effect
67 How to take your temperature
68 Going stir crazy? Master these advanced cooking techniques from homemade pasta to macarons
69 Wash your hands after stroking your pet, say French experts
70 As the coronavirus outbreak evolves, so do the questions. A doctor answers a few of the newest concerns.
71 COVID-19: Exercise when ill; what's OK and what's not
72 COVID-19 questions answered by a Mayo Clinic expert
73 Scientists explain why new dangerous viruses are so hard to identify
74 Study shows how diligent we have to be to keep surfaces germ-free
75 To stay positive, live in the moment--but plan ahead
76 Paris region cuts public transport further in virus fight
77 Veterinarians donate vital supplies to coronavirus fight
78 Chicago uses hotels for quarantine to ease hospital demand
79 British study shows unknowns of COVID-19 spread
80 Diet, nutrition have profound effects on gut microbiome
81 Shortages hamper mass virus testing goals
82 Investigation of inherited mutations in autism spectrum disorder
83 Ten steps from Mayo Clinic's infection prevention and control team to minimize the spread of COVID-19
84 Cardiac injury linked to increased mortality in COVID-19
85 Thirty-six percent of available hospital beds unoccupied on typical day
86 Too much salt weakens the immune system
87 Using CRISPR to find muscular dystrophy treatments
88 Heat takes its toll on mental health
89 National health spending expected to increase through 2028
90 Labeling of cannabidiod products becoming a public health concern
91 Low risk of coronavirus spreading through tears
92 Analysis predicts purified fish oil could prevent thousands of cardiovascular events
93 Britons answer call for volunteer coronavirus force
94 Antimalarial drug no better than standard coronavirus care: study
95 More than 3 billion told to stay home worldwide over virus
96 Nigeria receives virus test kits from billionaire Jack Ma
97 Artificial intelligence model can detect COVID-19 on chest CT
98 Poll finds high anxiety in the time of coronavirus
99 Study: An aspirin a day does not keep dementia at bay
100 Those living in rural areas, uninsured or on Medicaid less likely to receive recommended lung cancer treatment
101 Ultrasound solves an important clinical problem in diagnosing arrhythmia
102 Combination creates powerful central memory T cells for cellular therapy
103 Crisis brings robots to medical frontline: researchers
104 Acupuncture can reduce migraine headaches
105 Concerns over 'exaggerated' study claims of AI outperforming doctors
106 Lipid helps heal the eye's frontline protection
107 Modelling study estimates impact of physical distancing measures on progression of COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan
108 Fake cures, risky rumours: virus misinformation hits home
109 Artificial intelligence may be pandemic day
110 Coronavirus could become seasonal: top US scientist
111 Asia virus latest: Thai state of emergency, Tokyo urged to stay home
112 Researchers explain how humanity has 'engineered a world ripe for pandemics'