File Title
1 UK govt. orders three-week lockdown to tackle virus
2 Study suggests men more likely to develop type 2 diabetes if they go through puberty early
3 Chatty kids do better at school
4 Hand-washing: a luxury millions of Yemenis can't afford
5 China's imported virus cases spike as fears grow of second wave
6 Europe eyes smartphone location data to stem virus spread
7 Old human cells rejuvenated with stem cell technology, research finds
8 Stroke: When the system fails for the second time
9 First patients enrolled in new clinical trial of possible COVID-19 treatments
10 UN: 85% of new infections, deaths coming from Europe and US
11 Britain urges public to respect coronavirus lockdown
12 UK 'plague village' offers lesson for a country under lockdown
13 Loss of smell could reveal hidden virus cases: experts
14 Public confident they can keep themselves safe during pandemic
15 Study: Coronavirus misperceptions widespread in early weeks
16 'But you don't look sick': How invisible illnesses like autoimmune disorders impact patient experience
17 Do-it-yourself medical devices and protective gear fuel battle against COVID-19
18 Myth busting: Setting the record straight on ibuprofen and COVID-19
19 Over-the-counter painkiller sales up after codeine rescheduling in Australia
20 Talking to yourself in the third person can promote healthier eating
21 Grocery shopping tips for the age of coronavirus
22 How do we protect ourselves at home during coronavirus? 4 questions answered
23 On the front lines: 'My first question every time I see a new patient now is: Could this be COVID-19?'
24 Scientists find new way to block cancer-causing HPV virus
25 Genomics study helps researchers better understand opioid epidemic
26 Stressed about COVID-19? Here's what can help
27 How can parents help children cope with COVID-19 disruptions?
28 Combined social distancing measures prove effective in reducing spread of COVID-19: research
29 Study shows key factors for reducing brain damage from cardiac arrest
30 Brain or muscles: Which do we lose first?
31 Can we really rely on people to isolate when they're told to? Experts explain
32 How families and roommates can effectively self-quarantine, self-isolate
33 We can 'shrink' the COVID-19 curve, rather than just flatten it
34 COVID-19: Experts issue first guidance on caring for critically ill patients and protecting doctors in ICUs
35 Teens who are bullied struggle with long-term mental health issues
36 In isolation, worries and stress are magnified
37 What to do when you get sick with COVID-19 (or anything else)
38 Researchers unveil framework for sharing clinical data in AI era
39 Online misinformation about COVID-19 can take many forms
40 How well do you know the back of your hand, really?
41 We're running out of time to use Endgame C to drive coronavirus infections down to zero
42 'Overjoyed': Leading health expert on New Zealand's coronavirus shutdown, the weeks ahead
43 Telemedicine reduces mental health burden of COVID-19
44 Traveling now is dangerous for you, anyone you encounter, and everyone in your destination
45 Milder symptoms and better prognosis in children with COVID-19
46 Antibiotics can limit body's ability to uptake analgesics
47 New estimates of excess mortality from COVID-19 suggest stronger suppression measures needed
48 Whole body ownership is not just the sum of each part of the body
49 Portable COVID-19 test could be rolled out in weeks
50 The consequences of selfishness: Ethical decision making is imperative in the coronavirus crisis
51 Tuberculosis: Scientists know a great deal, but there's still more to learn
52 No evidence that COVID-19 can be contracted from pets
53 Steps hospitals can take if coronavirus leads to a shortage of beds
54 The US is fast-tracking a coronavirus vaccine, but bypassing safety standards may not be worth the cost
55 Efficiency of non-invasive brain stimulation for memory improvement: Embracing the challenge
56 Can I get coronavirus from mail or package deliveries? Should I disinfect my phone?
57 'Social distancing'? Right now, we need social connections more than ever
58 Controverse viewpoints: Controlled drug trials in children
59 Higher daily step count linked with lower all-cause mortality
60 National study finds diets remain poor for most American children; disparities persist
61 More Americans recognizing importance of COVID-19 safety measures
62 The other side of COVID-19: Milder cases, healthy recovery
63 As coronavirus myths multiply, experts sort fact from fiction
64 Discovery that cells inject each other opens new line of attack on cancer
65 Mental health at risk for health care workers treating COVID-19
66 Can blood from coronavirus survivors treat the newly ill?
67 Russia has no 'clear picture' of extent of virus outbreak: official
68 The other pandemic: world urged to learn TB lessons
69 In Europe, retirement homes at risk from virus 'timebomb'
70 Lockdown can wait: Sweden goes its own way
71 10-year outcomes similar for H-IMRT, C-IMRT in prostate cancer
72 Beware fake COVID-19 cyber cures warns EU medicines agency
73 A molecule that directs neurons
74 Study shows commonly used mouthwash could make saliva significantly more acidic
75 Antibodies in the brain trigger epilepsy
76 Changing how we think about warm perception
77 Bacterial protein fragment kills lung cells in pulmonary fibrosis, study finds
78 New symptom tracking app aims to slow spread of coronavirus
79 IDSA issues recommendations for COVID-19 testing
80 Respiratory doctors urge governments to ensure free movement of essential medical supplies
81 Half of 65+ adults lack dental insurance; poll finds strong support for Medicare coverage
82 After heart attack, 51-year-old began singing a new tune
83 No evidence found for SARS-CoV-2 vertical transmission to fetus
84 Interleukin-1[beta] inhibition linked to reduced incidence of anemia
85 How many steps per day to lengthen your life?
86 Many drugs already approved by FDA may have promise against COVID-19
87 Modelling study estimates impact of physical distancing on reducing spread of COVID-19
88 Cannabis helps fight resistant bacteria
89 Past your bedtime? Inconsistency may increase risk to cardiovascular health
90 Obama's 2008 election improved mental health of black men, research shows
91 Study indicates vaporized cannabis creates drug-seeking behavior
92 Pentagon sees coronavirus crisis lasting several months
93 France sets up military field hospital to relieve virus-hit east
94 Tests for all? French doctor defies government on virus
95 Coronavirus reaches world heritage Galapagos Islands
96 Vacuum cleaner firm answers UK call to make ventilators
97 UC San Diego Health launches clinical trial to assess antiviral drug for COVID-19
98 Older people generally more emotionally healthy, better able to resist daily temptations
99 Wuhan study shows lying face down improves breathing in severe COVID-19
100 Distance to transplant center and likelihood of being considered for transplantation
101 Potential coronavirus treatment granted rare disease status
102 Regular tub bathing linked to lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease
103 Infections still responsible for one in five childhood deaths in England and Wales
104 Global surgical guidelines drive cut in post-surgery deaths: study
105 New hepatitis C cases down by almost 70% in HIV positive men in London and Brighton
106 HER2-targeted therapy trastuzumab deruxtecan shows early promise in patients with non-breast and non-gastric cancers
107 Trump requests virus test kits from South Korea: Seoul
108 Hubei residents rush to leave China virus epicentre as lockdown lifts
109 'Cacophony of coughing': Inside NYC's virus-besieged ERs
110 Three US sailors test positive for virus on aircraft carrier
111 Industry races to meet demand for ventilators