File Title
1 Coronavirus delaying nonurgent medical procedures, leaving some patients anxious and in pain
2 Coronavirus patients can benefit from blood of the recovered, new study shows
3 China says no new deaths in coronavirus milestone
4 Successful MERS vaccine in mice may hold promise for COVID-19 vaccine
5 Britain set for 66,000 COVID-19 deaths, highest toll in Europe: study
6 Germany enlists Fitbits and smartwatches in virus battle
7 COVID-19: On average, only 6% of actual infections detected worldwide
8 How understanding the dynamics of yeast prions can shed light on neurodegenerative diseases
9 One-third of younger age groups in northwestern Sao Paulo lack antibodies against measles
10 Research reveals the lipid gradient that keeps your eyes wet
11 COVID-19: Evidence-based advice for health workers having difficult conversations about end of life
12 Coronavirus FAQs: Should I wear a mask? Can I get COVID-19 twice?
13 New app collects the sounds of COVID-19 for diagnostic research
14 Epidemiologist says COVID-19 may be more infectious than thought
15 Human skin suppresses inflammation after exposure to ultraviolet radiation
16 Filtration engineers offer advice on do-it-yourself face masks
17 Epidemiologist answers questions on COVID-19 ranging from grocery store visits to wearing masks and gloves
18 Physician explains why and when to wear a mask according to CDC guidelines
19 We need a better approach to studies that address health-related social needs
20 Why does COVID-19 kill some adults but barely affect children? Study aims to find out
21 COVID-19: Economist helps build 'contact tracing' app for Peru
22 How at-risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane?
23 Studying animal coronavirus defences is opening route to human treatments
24 Managing and understanding mental health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic
25 In fight against COVID-19, nurses face high-stakes decisions, moral distress
26 Recommendations for patients with diabetes during COVID-19 outbreak
27 Medicinal cannabis helps insomniacs sleep, small study claims
28 Interstate transmission of COVID-19 is now most urgent threat
29 Real-time research aims to support 'lost and anxious' young people through COVID-19 pandemic
30 Coronavirus modeling, impact on India's pandemic response
31 Investigating the impact of COVID-19 social restrictions on health and wellbeing
32 American Heart Association urges caution in putting med students on the frontline
33 To relieve a critical shortage, a way to test face masks
34 Coronavirus: Location-tracking apps could stop the disease
35 New evidence for the protective role of the microbiome in early life
36 How serotonin balances communication within the brain
37 Social distancing works: Here's the math
38 Keeping a healthy heart during COVID-19
39 Neuroscientist discusses fear and anxiety in the era of the coronavirus
40 The bar necessities: 5 ways to understand coronavirus graphs
41 Pilot study suggests promise of new approach to treat adults with autism and depression
42 Housing prescriptions improve health outcomes in children, anxiety and depression in adults
43 Researchers use social media chatter to show the spread of COVID-19
44 Releasing prisoners is not enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia's overcrowded cells
45 Can contact tracing apps save us from COVID-19?
46 ICU ventilators: What they are, how they work and why it's hard to make more
47 No, 5G radiation doesn't cause or spread the coronavirus. Saying it does is destructive
48 Beware of 'media overload' during coronavirus crisis, experts say
49 New practices improve stroke care
50 Survey tracks how North Carolina residents are changing behavior in pandemic
51 School closures play only a marginal role in containing COVID-19, new study says
52 Ancient Australian plant may help in production of COVID-19 vaccine
53 Pancreatic cancer blocked by disrupting cellular pH balance
54 Here is why you might be feeling tired while on lockdown
55 Can UV light help hospitals disinfect masks and gowns?
56 Researchers working on computational models to design ways to treat COVID-19
57 Lighting color and intensity affects sleep at nursing homes
58 Why time outdoors is crucial to your health, even during the coronavirus pandemic
59 Stuck at home with your partner? Look to retirees for how to make it work
60 Coronavirus isn't the end of 'childhood innocence,' but an opportunity to rethink children's rights
61 Hangover drug shows wider benefits in research
62 Children have very precise expectations about adults' communicative actions
63 Models of coronavirus underestimate the epidemic's peak and overestimate its duration
64 Red wine component mimics oestrogen to support healthy aging
65 More people are worried about food, friends and family than getting ill from Covid-19
66 A quick pivot turns an infectious disease class into timely education
67 Why clinical trials during disease outbreaks may need a new approach
68 Lymphoma's different route revealed
69 For older people and those with chronic health conditions, staying active at home is extra important
70 Young children find a parent's hug more calming than a stranger's
71 Celiac disease linked to increased risk of premature death
72 Majority of physicians report serious concerns about COVID-19
73 You're wearing a face mask: Are you wearing it correctly?
74 The importance of timing in restrictive confinement
75 Coronavirus: How to sleep better during the lockdown
76 Milk production declines due to heat stress in Northern China
77 Importance of following stay at home restrictions
78 Are you wearing your face mask properly? Many people aren't, coronavirus experts say
79 COVID-19: Mayo Clinic expert answers questions about masks after CDC updates its recommendation
80 Study suggests suicide attempt survivors have lower sensitivity to bodily signals
81 Calculating early warning scores before they reach hospital can help the sickest patients
82 Study redefines exi'STING' dogma of inflammatory mechanism
83 No need to steer clear of electric cars if you have a pacemaker
84 What cells does the novel coronavirus attack?
85 Can you get tested to see if you're immune to coronavirus and go back to work? Experts say it's not that simple.
86 How does COVID-19 affect the heart?
87 The immune system overreaction that can be fatal
88 Despite battling COVID-19, oncologist continues treating patients virtually
89 Cancer scientists aim to use protein power to stop tumor growth
90 Babies retain even detailed events during a nap
91 Protecting the elderly in long-term care facilities from the risks of COVID-19
92 One fortunate 90-year-old survived COVID-19, and offers hope
93 U.S. study finds COVID-19 seldom severe in kids
94 Risk score can predict long-term multiple sclerosis progression
95 Radiotherapy for prostate cancer adjusted during COVID-19
96 'Mod' E-cigarette users smoke more cigarettes one year later
97 Genetic testing does not enhance heart disease risk prediction
98 Prognosis poor for pediatric, adolescent patients with colon cancer
99 Early-life mortality risk higher in ART-conceived children
100 Pandemic puts health care workers' mental health on the line
101 What pregnant women with high blood pressure need to know about COVID-19
102 Q&A: Exercise is important for body, mind
103 Researchers suggest a special diet against asthma
104 Successful online management of COVID-19 infection
105 Common protein in skin can 'turn on' allergic itch
106 Artificial intelligence enables COVID-19 lung imaging analysis
107 Seeking COVID cures: Scientists find promising first step in antiviral treatment
108 Study demonstrates the need for immediate ICU care for severe COVID-19 pneumonia
109 China's virus pandemic epicenter Wuhan ends 76-day lockdown
110 Paris bans daytime jogging as virus deaths hit new high
111 EU to debate strategy to exit virus lockdown
112 Russia ready to start testing coronavirus vaccines on humans in June
113 Italy ponders how to exit crippling virus lockdown
114 Coronavirus intensive care--what is involved?
115 False memories of crime appear real when retold to others
116 Researchers assess bird flu virus subtypes in China