File Title
1 Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk
2 Scientists reveal brain tumors impact normally helpful cells
3 Americans brace for 'hardest, saddest' week of their lives (Update)
4 South Africa's TB, HIV history prepares it for virus testing
5 Coronavirus patients rush to join studies of Gilead drug
6 Virus scrapped your marathon? In Japan, there's an app for that
7 Apple to ship 1 mn face shields a week for medical workers
8 Using COVID-19 patient data to train machine learning models for healthcare
9 Project crowdsources sidelined scientists for COVID-19 research
10 Experts teaming up to evaluate protocol for reuse of N95 masks
11 Coronavirus misinformation and vaccine research among key priorities for public
12 Chinchona bark is not a 'cure' for COVID-19 and it could seriously harm those who take it
13 Germany to put all arrivals in 14-day quarantine
14 New insights into the genetic risk factors and disease pathways of multiple sclerosis
15 Online rapid-response COVID-19 training to help health professionals diagnose lung disease
16 Study: Girls' health can suffer in move to high school
17 Abused children and family, people with mental illness are more vulnerable in quarantine
18 Environmental engineers study fabrics, materials for face covers
19 A smart bra for detecting early-stage breast cancer
20 Study finds self-isolation would dramatically reduce ICU bed demand
21 Microbiologist explains the viruses that can wreak havoc globally
22 Hardware store parts transformed into virus-destroying devices
23 Scientists enhance new way to overcome resistance to targeted cancer treatments
24 Why some teens find it tough to social distance
25 Fecal transplants beat C. diff superbug 90% of the time
26 Dental pain? Reach for the anti-inflammatories, not the antibiotics
27 Johns Hopkins gets FDA OK to test blood therapies for COVID-19 patients
28 Couples should work as a team, make plans for the future during coronavirus lockdown, experts say
29 CDC urges all Americans to wear face masks as death count rises
30 Coronavirus may put ICU beds in short supply--but that doesn't mean the elderly shouldn't get them
31 False COVID-19 'cures' abound as multiple drugs are being tested, including head lice drug Ivermectin
32 Some U.S. coronavirus curves are starting to flatten
33 Why wear face masks in public? Here's what the research shows
34 Triple P COVID-19 online resource for parents to stay calm and in control
36 How viruses spread in Kenya's low-income areas, and what can be done to prevent it
37 Test vaccine elicits strong response to SARS-CoV-2 in mice
38 Researchers adapt coronavirus test without scarce materials
39 Building psychological resilience during times of stress
40 Vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19
41 Coronavirus has sped up Canada's adoption of telemedicine. Let's make that change permanent.
42 Identification of new factors important in maintaining lung function in the elderly
43 Simple, low-cost ventilator builds on available resuscitation bags
44 Covid19: a new automated test developed to detect the population by the tens of thousands
45 Turning colon cancer cells around
46 Medicare changes may increase access to TAVR
47 Neuroscientists find memory cells that help us interpret new situations
48 Bedroom air filters help asthmatic children breathe easier
49 'Smart toilet' monitors for signs of disease
50 Link between air pollution and corona mortality in Italy could be possible
51 Immunotherapy prior to surgery is effective in colon cancer
52 Study explores the effects of bilingualism on the developing brain
53 Wearing a face mask in shared public spaces could protect vulnerable people against coronavirus
54 Follow your gut: Newly identified digestive-brain axis controls food choice
55 New online tool helps researchers crowdsource, analyze COVID-19 stories
56 Ultrasound stimulation of periaqueductal gray induces defensive behaviors
57 US company poised to start COVID-19 vaccine safety test
58 Europe worries about virus timebomb in its prisons
59 Hydroxychloroquine can shorten time to recovery in COVID-19: study
60 Mission possible: Tips for safe grocery shopping during the pandemic
61 Model shows hep C-infected kidney transplants beneficial, cost-effective
62 School closures will force many U.S. health care workers to stay home
63 Covid-19 tool allows health leaders to plan for critical care surge
64 The human body as an electrical conductor, a new method of wireless power transfer
65 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation might aid in severe COVID-19
66 New algorithm aims to protect surgical team members against infection with COVID-19 virus
67 A trial to evaluate hydroxychloroquine to treat, prevent COVID-19
68 Testing remdesivir as a potential treatment for COVID-19
69 Shorter radiotherapy treatment for bowel cancer patients during COVID-19
70 Curbing the rising toll of adults with complex care needs
71 Scientist proposes clinical trials with low-dose rapamycin to protect elderly from COVID-19
72 Surgical masks good for most COVID-19 treatment
73 Autoimmunity-associated heart dilation tied to heart-failure risk in type 1 diabetes
74 Team develops novel radiopharmaceutical for the diagnosis of tumor-relevant transport proteins
75 Potential therapy for rare neurologic disease
76 Brown fat can burn energy in an unexpected way
77 Changes in brain attention may underlie autism
78 Outsmarting a virus
79 Mount Sinai launches COVID-19 app to track spread of virus across New York City
80 With coronavirus a threat, stop wearing contact lenses
81 Virus pain easing in Spain, Italy; UK braces for bleak days
82 General mask use OK where hand-washing, distancing hard: WHO
83 College students feeling the strain of coronavirus
84 Brain changes from multiple sclerosis may occur in preteens
85 How one patient's battle with COVID-19 changed U.S. testing protocols
86 Recent decline in heart attacks greater in men than women
87 For addicts in recovery, technology preserves bonds despite COVID-19 crisis
88 Atherosclerosis progresses rapidly in healthy people from the age of 40
89 Leaving its mark: How frailty impacts the blood
90 ATS publishes new guidance on COVID-19 management
91 A new antiviral drug heading into clinical trials offers hope for COVID-19 treatment
92 Chemists working on drugs to treat COVID-19
93 What to know about malaria drug and coronavirus treatment
94 Researchers unraveling role of fungi in early childhood dental health
95 Team has developed new system for combatting COVID-19 that can be used for other viruses
96 Doubts cast over accuracy of many popular fertility and pregnancy planning apps
97 Men pose more risk to other road users than women: study
98 Ride-hailing linked to more crashes for motorists and pedestrians
99 Researchers devise treatment that relieved depression in 90% of participants in small study
100 Overlapping buprenorphine therapy could help patients reduce opioid use without significant withdrawal symptoms
101 Students who listened to Beethoven during lecture--and in dreamland--did better on test
102 Potential early biomarker to track development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
103 As cases surge, 3 in 4 US hospitals already facing COVID-19
104 Modeling coronavirus: 'Uncertainty is the only certainty'
105 Japan declares state of emergency over coronavirus
106 'Dead city': Singapore closes workplaces in virus fight
107 US begins blood tests for coronavirus immunity: reports
108 COVID-19 expert explains what soap does to virus
109 The veil begins to lift on coronavirus