File Title
1 A new control material to prevent coronavirus test failures
2 U-bend offers layer of protection against COVID-19
3 COVID-19 poses particular challenges for nursing homes
4 Social distancing and exercise: Are active video games the solution?
5 Researchers already testing new treatments that harness antibodies from coronavirus survivors
6 House calls: Telehealth is taking on new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic
7 Is it safe to fly during the coronavirus pandemic?
8 FDA review of e-cigarettes is as critical as ever--any delay must be brief
9 Safer at home? What to do when home is not a safe space
10 Mental health organizations urge government to provide PPE to behavioral health professionals
11 Phone-based therapy beneficial for depression in Parkinson's disease
12 Eye and the scalpel: Ocular tumors easier to diagnose noninvasively
13 Website explains how hospitals can decontaminate and reuse N95 masks to fight COVID-19
14 Cocky kids: The four-year-olds with the same overconfidence as risk-taking bankers
15 How Snapchat, Instagram and others are teaching kids, Gen Z about coronavirus
16 A matter of trust: Coronavirus shows why we value expertise when it comes to our health
17 How coronavirus is changing the way we look after our teeth
18 Pandemic adds to challenge of caring for loved one with dementia
19 An expert's guide to fighting coronavirus stress
20 'Stress eating' while social distancing? Here are tips to avoid it
21 Seven expert tips for healthy eating while you're staying home
22 In crisis, people trust feelings over facts
23 Green light for trial study on using blood plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients
24 For necessary eye exams, a new breath shield protects patients and doctors
25 Managing our need for control during COVID-19
26 Putin extends coronavirus work shutdown as cases spike
27 Spain to track mobile phones in virus fight, pharmacists seek help
28 Here's how to combat the fear caused by a barrage of COVID-19 news
29 Paris hospitals turn to 3D printing to cover shortfalls
30 Senegal says hydroxychloroquine virus treatment is promising
31 350,000 EU citizens stranded by virus flown home
32 Engineer developing device that may be able to test for COVID-19
33 Revisiting the potential of using psychedelic drugs in psychiatry
34 Lifestyle changes could delay memory problems in old age, depending on our genes
35 WHO reiterates warning that kids are hit by coronavirus too
36 Under-fire UK govt. rushes to build field hospitals as virus death toll surges
37 Coronavirus overview: Here's the app you were looking for
38 Clinical trials investigate COVID-19 treatments
39 For stroke survivors, light physical activity linked to better daily function
40 Study suggests marijuana may impair female fertility
41 New treatment for childhood anxiety works by changing parent behavior
42 Guidelines developed for head and neck care during COVID-19
43 Burden of Clostridioides difficile infection down in the U.S.
44 Device that tracks location of nurses re-purposed to record patient mobility
45 In some cases, COVID-19 may harm the brain: study
46 Single mutation leads to big effects in autism-related gene
47 Eat healthy, move your body during pandemic
48 Coronavirus patients could suffer from post-intensive care syndrome. What is that?
49 New study suggests weight gain may reduce breast cancer risk
50 Natural sunscreen gene influences how we make vitamin D
51 Antibody tests key to ending COVID-19 lockdowns
52 COVID-19 and labour constraints: Recalling former health care workers not enough
53 COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise in first peer-reviewed research
54 Researchers find that nicotinamide may help treat fibrotic eye diseases and mitigate vision loss
55 Five things you need to know about mRNA vaccines
56 How to sleep when you can't stop thinking about coronavirus: Experts offer tips
57 Should you wear a mask at the grocery store? Coronavirus advice keeps changing
58 How much diabetes, smoking, and other risk factors worsen your coronavirus odds
59 Q&A: Poor lung health appears to play a role in deaths related to COVID-19
60 Tailoring an anti-cancer drug for optimal tumor cell killing
61 Study overturns 'snapshot' model of cell cycle in use since 1974
62 Starving pancreatic cancer of cysteine may kill tumor cells
63 New app could help panic attack sufferers manage anxiety during coronavirus pandemic
64 Drugs considered for COVID-19 can raise risk for dangerous abnormal heart rhythms
65 Trial drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissues
66 Checklist for emergency department team's COVID-19 surge
67 Muscle protein abundant in the heart plays key role in blood clotting during heart attack
68 Researchers find opioid prescriptions linked to obesity
69 Agonizing decisions being made in Spain's virus hot spots
70 Limited supply may scupper proposals to use antimalarials to ward off Covid-19
71 COPD linked to heightened risk of lung cancer in people who have never smoked
72 One size does not fit all: Not all men idolize Western ideals of muscularity
73 Coalition to accelerate research for COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries
74 Chilling concussed cells shows promise for full recovery
75 Responding to Covid-19: How to navigate a public health emergency legally and ethically
76 Gardening helps to grow positive body image
77 Study shows ICU patients with low-risk penicillin allergies can be tested and treated
78 Gut communicates with the entire brain through cross-talking neurons
79 Scientists show how parasitic infection causes seizures, psychiatric illness for some
80 Designing face shields to protect medical staff
81 Coronavirus survivor: 'In my blood, there may be answers'
82 NYC residents should cover face when in public, mayor says
83 Easter Island inhabitants turn to tradition to tackle virus troubles
84 Australians rally on social media to help virus healthcare workers
85 Isolated and afraid: How the pandemic is changing pregnancy
86 States demand ventilators as feds ration limited supply
87 Inequities arising from global restrictions on abortion access may be exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic
88 'Superheroes': Coronavirus survivors donate plasma hoping to heal the sick
89 Indigenous American ancestry may be associated with HER2-positive breast cancer
90 Germany enlists industrial giants for protective gear procurement
91 Virus crisis shines light on troubled North Africa health care
92 Pie in the sky: Aussie plane delivers pizza to locked-down outback
93 Ethiopia races to bolster ventilator stockpile for coronavirus fight
94 Germans to be fined up to 500 euros for breaking distancing rules
95 Germany's virus curbs are working, say experts
96 Europe's hospitals bow under the weight of coronavirus crush
97 Artificial intelligence to predict which COVID-19 patients need ventilators
98 New molecular mechanism that regulates the sentinel cells of the immune system
99 Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test to be deployed in hospitals
100 Stress disrupts our ability to plan ahead
101 Parenting in a pandemic: A child psychologist's 5 top tips
102 Opinion: Young people are anxious about coronavirus. Political leaders need to talk with them, not at them
103 A tale of two doctors and one groundbreaking cancer treatment
104 How important is speech in transmitting coronavirus?
105 Removing the novel coronavirus from the water cycle
106 Coronavirus cases are growing exponentially: Here's what that means
107 Potential link between COVID-19 and loss of smell, taste to be explored
108 Discrimination, governance, and trust in the age of COVID-19
109 Social scientists worldwide collaborate on COVID-19
110 Creating an early alert system for COVID-19
111 Network scientists identify 40 new drugs to test against COVID-19
112 Econometrics researcher's calculations illustrate why we should social distance
113 Research leads to pediatric labeling updates for doxycycline, clindamycin and caffeine citrate
114 Care for the caregiver in the age of coronavirus
115 People seek immediate solutions to cope with fear
116 Wyoming statewide survey shows serious impacts, deep concern for coronavirus
117 Less sleep in children who use devices before bed and who choose their own bedtimes
118 Psychologists to public: Here's how to stop touching your faces