File Title
1 European vaccination survey shows wide variety of parents' opinions across UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany
2 Large population study links blood infection with certain bacteria to increased risk of colorectal cancer
3 ALMA reveals unusual composition of interstellar comet 2I/Borisov
4 WashU engineer awarded federal funding for rapid COVID-19 test
5 Rising carbon dioxide levels will change marine habitats and fish communities
6 Corona and air pollution: How does nitrogen dioxide impact fatalities?
7 Changes in snowmelt threaten farmers in western US
8 Early exposure to cannabis boosts young brains' sensitivity to cocaine, rodent study finds
9 Screen time for babies linked to higher risk of autism-like symptoms later in childhood
10 New tool helps predict risk of death, admission to long-term care for people with dementia
11 Researchers unveil electronics that mimic the human brain in efficient learning
12 Interventions boost abstinence, condom use for black teens
13 Origins of human language pathway in the brain at least 25 million years old
14 New therapeutic options for multiple sclerosis in sight
15 Neolithic genomes from modern-day Switzerland indicate parallel ancient societies
16 Turning on the 'off switch' in cancer cells
17 New high-throughput approach yields libraries of probes for immunological assays
18 Police training reduced complaints and use of force against civilians
19 Cholera studies reveal mechanisms of biofilm formation and hyperinfectivity
20 Early screening based on family history may have dramatic effects on colorectal cancer detection
21 Maternal hypertensive disorders may lead to mental health disorders in children
22 Advanced memory from advanced materials
23 Astronomers discover planet that never was
24 One-third of primary care physicians do not support the use of medications for treating opioid use disorders [plus additional topic]
25 Virtual reality makes empathy easier
26 Chocolate 'fingerprints' could confirm label claims
27 Latest findings from expanded research on Antarctic meteorology and climate
28 Scientists discover new features of molecular elevator
29 Milky Way could be catapulting stars into its outer halo, UCI astronomers say
30 Study suggests pets are not a major source of transmission of drug-resistant microbes to their owners
31 Study identifies last-line antibiotic resistance in humans and pet dog
32 Study reveals raw-type dog foods as a major source of multidrug-resistant bacteria that could potentially colonize humans
33 CSIRO unlocks new way to understand evolving strains of SARS-CoV-2
34 Death rates from prostate cancer predicted to decline overall in EU but rise in Poland
35 New macrolactone database could aid drug discovery, research
36 How cancer cells don their invisibility cloaks
37 Scientists shed new light on viral protein shell assembly
38 Tele-diabetes to manage new-onset diabetes during COVID-19 pandemic
39 Comprehensive tumour immunity map opens up immunotherapy to more patients
40 Human pregnancy is weird--new research adds to the mystery
41 Study finds Tai-Chi-based mindfulness training reduced core ADHD symptoms in children
42 International team develops new model to improve accuracy of storm surge analysis
43 North pole will be ice-free in summer
44 Study: Football offensive linemen should start plays upright to avoid hits to the head
45 HudsonAlpha plant genomics researchers surprised by cotton genome
46 How Tweets may influence substance abuse in youth
47 Expansion of world's cities creating 'new ecological niches' for infectious diseases
48 How do our cells respond to stress?
49 High-performance electrolyte solves battery puzzle
50 Present-day dogs defy the domestication syndrome
51 New hybrid material improves the performance of silicon in Li-ion batteries
52 Study shows glaucoma could be successfully treated with gene therapy
53 Engineers develop way to improve efficiency and heat tolerance of devices
54 Printed to find a cure
55 Coffee changes our sense of taste
56 Charismatic invasive species have an easier time settling into new habitats
57 Spanish scientists identify a biomarker that detects atherosclerosis before the appearance of symptoms
58 UB researchers create a low-cost ventilator for areas with limited means
59 New research reveals heavy cost of excessive drinking on people's decision making
60 Novel computational methods provide new insight into daytime alertness in people with sleep apnoea
61 Children face three times more air pollution during the school run
62 Milestone for the early detection of sepsis
63 Water replaces toxins: Green production of plastics
64 Keep children from hospital during crisis
65 Scientists explore using 'own' immune cells to target infectious diseases including COVID-19
66 A new biosensor for the COVID-19 virus
67 Developing human corneal tissue
68 Modelling wrinkling and buckling in materials that form the basis of flexible electronics
69 Scientists identify cause of leakiness in eye diseases
70 Antibodies could provide new treatment for OCD
71 AI to make dentists' work easier
72 Nutrient deficiency in tumor cells attracts cells that suppress the immune system
73 Welcome to the House of Slytherin: Salazar's pit viper, a new green pit viper from India
74 Reference genes are identified that are useful for genetic improvement in wheat
75 CRISPR helps identify potential Alzheimer's-related protein
76 Chiral crystals blowing off polarized spins: Phenomena detected without magnets
77 Cool down fast to advance quantum nanotechnology
78 How the brain recognizes change
79 New POP atomic clock design achieves state-of-the-art frequency stability
80 Terahertz science discloses the ultrafast photocarrier dynamics in carbon nanotubes
81 What helps couples weather financial storms
82 Return of 'the Blob' could intensify climate change impacts on Northeast Pacific fisheries
83 NEI researchers link age-related DNA modifications to susceptibility to eye disease
84 Lizards develop new 'love language'
85 New insight into how a genetic change increases the risk of schizophrenia
86 Organic memory devices show promise for flexible, wearable, personalized computing
87 Ultrasound-assisted molecule delivery looks to preserve blood for years
88 Pulse oximetry monitoring overused in infants with bronchiolitis
89 Nearly half of US breathing unhealthy air; record-breaking air pollution in nine cities
90 New ethane-munching microbes discovered at hot vents
91 TGF-[beta]-driven reduction of CYGB is associated with oxidative DNA damage of HSCs in NASH
92 Humble bug holds key to relieving millions of allergy sufferers in Europe
93 Plants control microbiome diversity inside leaves to promote health
94 Untangling untidy folds to understand diseases
95 COVID-19: Australian research offers hope as world struggles with ventilator shortage
96 Toxic cell atlas guides new therapies for neurodegeneration
97 Exercise restores youthful properties to muscle stem cells of old mice in Stanford study
98 Gene variant staves off Alzheimer's in some people, Stanford scientists find
99 UofL researchers describe possible mechanism for link between obesity and breast cancer
100 Why do so many pregnancies and in vitro fertilization attempts fail?
101 Ocular scientists advise contact lens and spectacles wearers during COVID-19 pandemic
102 Inhibition of sphingolipid metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases
103 Research provides new insights into menopause and weight gain
104 Exploring the link between education and climate change
105 Hospitalizations down once power plants retired coal or installed better emission controls
106 New formation theory explains the mysterious interstellar object 'Oumuamua
107 Large-scale analysis links glucose metabolism proteins to Alzheimer's disease biology
108 Mathematical modeling draws more accurate picture of coronavirus cases
109 Precipitation will be essential for plants to counteract global warming
110 The building blocks of gum disease
111 Milk allergy guidelines may cause overdiagnosis in babies and children
112 Seeing the light: MSU research finds new way novae light up the sky
113 New model finds countries should work together to control coronavirus, harmful species
114 Seeing the light: Astronomers find new way novae light up the sky
115 People with type 2 diabetes and heart disease may benefit from newer therapies
116 Australian study: Many home blood pressure monitors not validated for accuracy